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  1. It would be REAL tough to make a WW111 game.All the options for tech.would(imho)be VERY hard to include.Where would you draw the line as far as Nukes,Chemical and Biological weapons are concerned? WW1 does sound like a fun game but it might be a bit of a shocker to anyone who has only played WW11 games.The lack of quick moving units will take getting used to.
  2. I think xwormwood is right.Rocko your talking about A small war.WW3 would be a HUGE conventional war(I don't even know how long it could be sustained because of the MASSIVE cost)at first but once one side started to loose it would be(imho)if you don't stop I am taking the whole world with me.It would be kinda fun to just firing all your W.M.D.s just to see what happens.If you got the first strike in(now I sound like some of the idiots that were given the task to see if it is possible to win a nuclear war).
  3. It sounds like the Allied indstrial might will be the Axis demise.
  4. If this truley is the case about Germany then whynot jack-up Allied industrial might to its true level?Then it would be quite possible to simply overwhelm the Germans. Or do what SeaMonkey says about the A.A.features or when you start a game just have a rule or change it so you can only upgrade your Tac bombers to level 2 or even just level 1.
  5. Rambo I was reading earlier where you say you cant loose with the Germans.Ill bet I know one player who can defeat you.If your German air attack is un-stopable as you say then whynot try winning with a different strategy?See if there are multiple ways you can win with Germany.I would think it might get a little boring just trying the samething over & over again? As far as your overall posting go,I like them.You can get a little carried away as im sure we all have but hey im sure you mean no harm.You seem to like to tell it how it is.Imho there is nothing wrong with that.
  6. If you do ever try to attack Russia through the Caucasus without having either taken or have Turkey on your side then just going through Iran to attack Russia is REAL tough without level 2 motorization.A Para.and strong Tac.bomber presence is a real plus.Of course an H.Q.is a must.
  7. I guess I shouldnt be commenting to much yet about this game since I cant freakin-well play it yet because because my computer has ISSUES.
  8. Remember a low strength unit can be wiped out by single fighter-bomber so it is also wise to note where and what L.R.the enemy planes are at.
  9. SeaMonkey what you say makes total sense but imho the A.A.upgrade for ground units should be seperate(Im guessing this would create a programing issue?).Heavy weapons for inf.included all aspects of their defensive and offensive capabilities against various ground targets.I would think you would need a seperate upgrade all together?Im also hoping this would include armoured units.They need it the most. As far as the whole tac-bomber fighter-fighter idea(it is more realistic)but then you would get into if the fighter-bombers are attacked by enemy fighters do the fighter-bombers have to drop their bombs instantly or face total destruction(having a couple of 500 or 1000lb bombs under their belly would make them pretty helpless against a fighter attack).I guess you could program it so you had the option?
  10. The best way to avoid that problem is try as best you can to not let you elite units go below 10 before re-enforcing.
  11. Xwormwood you cant choose where the unit embarks from.I mentioned this before and I hope its fixed in the Global game and is a patch for these games.I guess the only way to''choose''where the unit embarks from is to place ships in all the other tiles possible that you dont want the unit to embark from and leave open only the spot where you do want it to embark from.
  12. david12345 I used to play Third Reich ALOT.I have the computer game.The A.I.is one of the worst I have ever seen.Its actually possible to beat Russia in two turns.
  13. Imho if fuel(oil)is added into the game and has the effct it really did then the Axis are going to be in VERY big trouble.The Allies GROSSLY outproduced them.Japan would be in the most trouble.The oil they did capture they couldnt get alot of the benefits because they hadnt near the shipping to move the oil back to Japan to refine it.They also didnt have near enough refinerys even if they did manage to have the tankers to move the oil.
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