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  1. Got to add my name to the list of folks receiving the message, although it's occurring more than once a day on my computer.
  2. Very fast download this time. Game's installed and looks to be working fine. Congrats to BF for another great game!
  3. To resolve this permanently, I went to the advanced properties for the shortcut and set to always run as administrator.
  4. The reboot didn't work, but I did get the game to run without reactivation. I right clicked on the app-icon and selected "run as administrator." The game started normally. Pretty weird; I have no idea what could have caused this. Edit: I can't run the game from an icon pinned to the taskbar any longer. And If I want to run it from the start menu or programs, I have to select "run as administrator each time."
  5. This has apparently occurred in the last 24 hours. When I click on the star-icon, I don't go the game. Rather, I get the play now/buy now screen. I have no clue as to how this may have occurred. The only changes that I can recall in the computer, today, are an update to Microsoft Silverlight and an aborted attempt to install a National Geographic Map program. Suggestions? My game configuration is CMBN with the Commonwealth Forces layered over it. OS is Win 7, completely updated.
  6. You have to run CMD as an administrator. Right-click on the CMD shortcut, and select "run as administrator" from the menu.
  7. There's at least one aspect that is gonna prove a tad dicey. Windows XP can be hard to configure for AHCI, and that's the mode that you'd want to have the SSD in. Beyond that, a lot of PC-makers, Dell for instance, are doing everything that they can to kill off XP. The result will be that you won't have good driver support from them. BTW, I ran dual-boot Vista/XP systems in my home for several years. The thing that finally pushed me away from that solution was the AHCI issue, and it's impact on the ability to use TRIM to maintain the SSD. The compromise that I've turned to is to simply maintain two computers, one for WinXP and another for Win7.
  8. Will the CF module silence the haters, or will the "cult-war" on BF go on forever?
  9. So, I took a shot at implementing the instructions cited below and had some interesting results: First, the load time was a fraction of what it was before enabling the "3GB switch." However, there were a couple of oddities that became apparent more or less immediately. 1) The level of graphical detail seemed less; I should have taken some pictures. I wouldn't think that upping the memory would have this effect, unless the memory in question was being appropriated from the display adapter. Phil probably has some thoughts about this, as his understanding of the technology is profoundly greater than my own. 2) Mouse/cursor function seemed a little unwieldy. It seemed to be "slewing" rather more than I was comfortable with. In fact, it was so pronounced that it was hard at times to use the mouse with the precision that most gamers would prefer. I'd certainly be interested in hearing about the experience of others with Phil's "Windows 3GB VA field mod!" Edit: System Specs Processor - E8600 3.3 Ghz Memory - 4GB DDR2/1066 Video Card - Nvidia GF 285GTX Storage - Intel 160 GB SATA2 SSD Sound - CL XFi Ti Fatality Pro OS - Windows 7 Home Premium 32-bit
  10. Thanks. Now, let me enter "Hamlet-mode," not necessarily to trouble Phil, who is an honorable man, but to elaborate on my dilemma for "Princes" who might be similarly situated... I actually have several options in pursuing better performance for CMBN: 1) I can pursue the option that Phil has described above, and to which I've posted the Windows command prompt code. This seems like contrivance to me, but if it works, damn the King! 2) I can pull two 2 x 2 GB RAM modules out of my XP box, slip them into the Windows 7 box in which CMBN/CF is installed, and then reinstall Win7 as 64-bit. The downside to this is that I'll spend much of my day on software configuration. And, of course, I'll use up one of my game activations! 3) I can eschew meddling with the p35/e6600/8800gtx and p45/e8500/285gtx machines and buy something that was built from the ground-up as a Win7 64-bit system, i5 or i7, with gigglely-gigs of RAM, perhaps. It is true that both of the systems are as yet powerful, in their own right, but Ophelia is whispering in my ear, "your HRH, more cores, you must have more cores!" Ah, the slings and arrows!
  11. Is this what you're talking about: To enable the 3GB switch on Windows Vista™ or Windows 7: Right-click Command Prompt in the Accessories program group of the Start menu. Click Run as Administrator. At the command prompt, enter "bcdedit /set IncreaseUserVa 3072" Restart the computer. To disable the 3GB switch: Right-click on Command Prompt in the Accessories program group of the Start menu. Click Run as Administrator. At the command prompt, enter "bcdedit /deletevalue IncreaseUserVa" Restart the computer.
  12. I've been reading the different threads on this topic and find myself somewhat confused by what's being suggested. I suspect that's because the numbers being talked about are "4 GB RAM" for 64-bit OS and "3 GB RAM" for 32-bit OS. A common hardware configuration for current systems is a 32-bit installation of Windows XP/7 with 4 GB of physical RAM that's limited to using only 3 GB of what's installed. Question: are we discussing reserving 3 or 4 GB for the game, or removing the 3 GB addressing limitation for a 32-bit OS?
  13. At one point last night, I thought that my game had locked-up when I attempted to save a game. After several minutes, I went off to the kitchen to get a snack. When I returned, perhaps ten minutes after initiating the process, the SAV had resolved and I could continue playing. I'd also note that the game takes a LONG time to load in many of the scenarios.
  14. This is the best game in the series thus far. By series, I mean CM2 (so as not to start a row).
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