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  1. sburke

    CMSF2 Release Update

    Check your spam folder if you dont see it there open a help desk ticket
  2. sburke

    License failure problem on install

    Open a help desk ticket. There are several threads assisting others through the activation process. If none of that helps, the help desk has been getting people set up really darn quick.
  3. Lol the first time I saw that I actually did start to submit it as a bug, then reopened the scenario to look and went wtf? Couple more tests and I finally caught it wasn’t permanent.
  4. I have actually seen this in other ditches so I am not sure it is an issue so much of them having been fences as much as what the game thinks a ditch is. and yeah would have been neat to have these for MG......oooh Charles...….
  5. sburke


    Excuse me, Egon, you said crossing the streams was bad Great story there and hats off to you guys for giving that Lt something good to remember the day for.
  6. Thx man, DL'd just not sure how soon I'll get to it - roadtrip starting tomorrow.
  7. out of range or at least out of LOF. Terrain Analysis.... Bil has been beating it into our stubborn heads.
  8. sburke

    How to install mods?

    Yeah I don't have that. What the heck are you up to Mord?
  9. sburke


    Have you read Army of None yet? https://www.gatesnotes.com/Books/Army-of-None?WT.mc_id=12_03_2018_10_EOYBooks2018ArmyofNone_BG-media_&WT.tsrc=BGmedia
  10. sburke


    I'll let a Marine speak to it, but I think it is more a reflection of the role of the AAV platoon versus the Stryker and Bradley being inherently part of those Company and platoon units.
  11. sburke


    heh yeah I asked about that a while back. Seems the AAVs carry reloads only. Something to keep in mind playing Marines. That is the one area they come up short. Seems it really is ToE for them. *scratches head*
  12. yeah sounds like a simple (hehe - meaning it is Steve's problem ) ToE item to fix. Submitted
  13. John I'd suggest letting this go. First off accusing the moderator of deliberately trying to find an excuse to ban you is a really strong allegation. Especially if you take no ownership of just why they might feel that way if in fact they did. As someone who has posted in the past in frustration and sarcasm in response to some of your posts I had to ask myself as to why I was letting your stuff get to me so much. Yeah they were over the top and ridiculous, but I had no rational reason for feeling I HAD to reply. So for a while I just set your stuff to ignore. I don't like doing that, it smacks too much of censorship but frankly for my own piece of mind I needed some distance from the sheer amount of stuff you spew out there. Once in a while there is a decent nugget, but most of it feels like you are just spamming the forum. If you would try and put yourself in our position - Ask yourself this honestly - does anyone else at all post to the degree you do of extraneous information that we somehow find interesting on the internet that is not specifically related to Combat Mission? Not just occasional stuff but sometimes multiple threads per day. If you had someone coming up all day to bug you with odd stuff they found all day on the internet, do you think after a while you might ask them to stop?