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    Black Lines and White Pixels?

    If you recently bought the bundle there are no additional patches. This is more likely a video performance issue. Open a helpdesk ticket, it can't hurt and may provide additional info you might not necessarily get here on the self help forum. You can post here your computer system specs as well. Processor, graphics card Ram etc etc That would get you more specific replies
  2. c'mon guys this is a screenshot thread. This back and forth over a bunch of mods that may not even work is getting old on top of proliferating across multiple forums. Here is my solution. Whoever wants it send a prepaid return envelope to Erwin with a USB external drive. He can copy it and drop it in the mail. Otherwise some day Erwin will go to UK with a hard drive to meet up with Bootie. They will meet in a pub, get wildly drunk and lose said hard drive. End of story.
  3. sburke

    Current state of CMSF 2

    The only things not updated are some of the campaigns. US and Marine campaigns are done, the others to follow. They take time but are coming. The original campaigns will still play.
  4. sburke

    Fortress Italy bugs

    I looked in several games CMRT, CMFI, CMFB. All have the same behavior. As to stance will need to look.
  5. get rid of the casualty crosses, make for better video
  6. sburke

    Daily Challenge

    He's Canadian, he doesn't know English.
  7. sburke

    Daily Challenge

    Heirloom Tomato does not sound like the kind of farmer with a shotgun. More like some tie dyed stoner. Hmm maybe I should go hang out there...
  8. sburke

    Fortress Italy bugs

    Possibly. Will definitely take a look.
  9. sburke

    Daily Challenge

    Well he is Canadian. An American would be more apt to go directly to fire arms.
  10. sburke

    Daily Challenge

    Geez for being so old, you are a slow learner. Obviously he doesn’t want the young man dating his daughter.
  11. sburke

    Fortress Italy bugs

    Regarding this one I will need to check. If behavior is consistent I am not sure it is a bug. The question may simply be what is the function of the “open” command and is it applicable here. If it isn’t applicable then no it isn’t a bug.
  12. sburke

    Fortress Italy bugs

    We who? My understanding it is a decision with a rationale provided above. I can not open a ticket without evidence it is wrong. What I can and have done is taken it to the beta team for discussion. It is by no means a closed discussion. Just too early and the feedback above was one initial comment.
  13. sburke

    Fortress Italy bugs

    For definition sake it is not a bug. It may be a wrong decision, but it was decision. A bug is something not intended. For this to move forward the best option would be if someone could provide an actual pic from the HG division to show they are wrong or provide some other data form that will definitively show what it should be.
  14. I can hear that guys thought “wtf just happened? Oh my god it is safe, I didn’t spill my beer”
  15. For what it is worth we actually have a pretty good recycling effort here. Then again I live in the area of the liberal hell spawn - California. We also have multiple cans for disposal. It isn’t exactly a huge effort and to your point the cost of not doing it is severe. I would have thought most people on this planet could understand by now that recycling is actually a smart thing to be doing. Reducing the number of pick ups would seem to be more of the problem not the recycling effort. Frankly what bothered me more in London when walking to the office was avoiding the puke around Piccadilly Circus in the early morning. Recycling in a different less useful form.
  16. sburke

    USMC Helmets and Gear

    I'll be hitting the ground in Delhi on your B day. I'll get food poisoning in your honor- how's that for friendship and commitment? Funny when I was in my 20s I was resigned to the fact that I was sure I'd never make 40. Turns out the best part of my life has been post 45.
  17. sburke

    The next patch...

    not until it is released.. which should be "soon".
  18. sburke

    USMC Helmets and Gear

    Is that what the TV narrator means when they refer to a hearty breakfast?
  19. sburke

    Fortress Italy bugs

    Feedback below. Question - what is your Impression of what the uniform should be? The only place for a Stummel in the Luftwaffe OOB in Italy would be in the Hermann Göring Panzer Grenadier Division which I believe has its own uniforms in game.
  20. sburke


    me too... THE COLD WAR
  21. Marines, Army. y'all suck at posting screenies Here ya go. Bull Co on a night time raid in Sadr City Target Neutralized The Mahdi Army stirs. RPG attacks hitting the Slat armor on the Strykers Light em up!!
  22. sburke

    Red Thunder bugs

    rotflmao well done Just to give you a heads up Ian is asking the questions to sort through what we know we can just submit and those which take more nuance. When you first started posting CMFI items they were really straightforward issues a simple pic would show. You have now ventured into grognard discussion. It is way over my head and that becomes a sticking point. I can't submit stuff that I have no idea if it is valid or not. That may take some discussion. ToE is one of those things. I am trying to figure out how to separate these into ones we know we can just submit and those that may take some discussion before they become an actual ticket. For the moment I'll focus on the CMFI post and try to put up a status for the ones that are in.
  23. Very cool. Probably the best I could come up with is maybe a bar stool at the local pub or sumfink. Yep that is where that old Burke dude sat day in and day out eating all our peanuts while nursing a single goddamn beer all night... unless someone else was buying of course.