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  1. sburke

    Original SF

    contact the helpdesk, they can sort you out.
  2. sburke

    How to get the discount?

    exactly. Order what you want and then go to the my accounts page/my orders and get your activation key for CMSF1. You will need that to activate CMSF2.
  3. sburke

    Can't launch

    well it looks like the repub administration is doing red bull instead trying to cram as much in as they can before the governor goes. and @IanL it wasn't that long ago I finally deleted my Cmx1 codes
  4. sburke

    Can't launch

    Pffft too cold, California. Which makes me wonder how many pot farms are going up in all the wildfires we are having.
  5. sburke

    CMSF2 Release Update

    @CrackSabbath now that handle made me laugh out loud. 👍
  6. Yeah to ian’s point, iron mode is the best for really getting a picture on a units view of what it knows both friendly and enemy units for me this also helps in understanding the C2 situation in that you know explicitly who is in visual range. I use it exclusively, but some folks don’t realky like it.
  7. sburke

    Can't launch

    Y’all need to visit here. 😎
  8. sburke

    Better Load Times

    Answered in another thread by Steve, has to do with CMFB covering multiple seasons, you have artwork for regular, muddy and snow conditions winter uniforms etc. if you really want it smaller it would mean CMFB only having snow condition and winter clothing battles. Be careful what you wish for.
  9. More likely they just tried to get some sleep but you can connect to Steve directly and ask.
  10. Not sure what you mean. All modules are availble the only thing pending is the actual campaigns associated. The originals still work but BF is updating them to CM 4.0 standards. In your case you can not purchase the big bundle upgrade and get the NATO module under the upgrade option. It only works if you had purchased it prior under CMSF1 and that window closed a while back. The NATO module would have to be purchased under the regular games section for Shock Force 2.
  11. Wouldn’t worry about game issues, you are modding not fixing 😉 if and when those corrections happpen they would automatically work with the mod.
  12. Cool work, will you be posting to cmmods?
  13. sburke

    CMSF2 Release Update

    I've sent a note to Steve to give a heads up in case something is stuck in the system
  14. sburke

    Can't launch

    Good lord, Keep calm and stay away from the big red button. 1 You need the base game activation if you are purchasing the upgrade 2. if you don't have your activation code BF can help you sort it out and have already done so for quite a few people. 3. a big ass meteor is coming so you better hope someone is on the helpdesk as you only have a couple days left to platy the game.
  15. sburke

    VBIEDs in QBs

    yeah inherently the QB selection is a compromise or rather a ****load of compromises. There are simply too many variables to fit neatly into the drop down options and as a result......
  16. sburke

    Afghanistan - The Current Situation

    Red Bull... no it really isn't your friend or giving you wings.
  17. Hmm I think that is a question for BF. The base game should only be $25 to you, but there isn't a bundle of strictly the modules. Straight price for all 3 would be $105, but it is worth asking BF if there is a module bundle for all 3 modules.
  18. sburke

    CMSF2 Release Update

    you need the CMx1 Base game key, if you don't have open a ticket with the helpdesk. they have been sorting through users with this issue, no worries they will get you fixed up.
  19. @Armorgunner it is clear now what you were looking at and what you are looking for. The UI as others have noted is not at the level of detail you are looking for. Best bet is to look at real world info. BF is very particular about modeling, maybe not so good at presenting that info in a user format. 😛 play around with them and the differences should be clear.
  20. Yeah I pretty much ignore that info section in the UI. It isn’t graded enough to really show you true values.
  21. sburke

    CMSF2 Release Update

    Remember if you are purchasing the upgrade option then you will need your cmsf1 key to activate CMSF2
  22. sburke

    Can't launch

    Yeah decent point. on the other hand I know of another vendor recently who decided to force a password reset, sent an email notifying folks that promptly went to a spam folder and the homepage gave no mention of it. 😁😎
  23. sburke

    CMSF2 Release Update

    Suggest going to help desk if you have not gotten the email.
  24. sburke

    A Thank You to Battlefront

    Hands down my favorite title
  25. sburke

    Can't launch

    Not sure what you mean by that. Maintaining logins and passwords is a fact of life these days. Social media, email, other apps. BF isn't doing anything different than the rest of your connected life.