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  1. sburke

    Blasting and Walls

    known issue and previously reported. All you need to do is click on the way point and hit blast and it will stay red. If you search there is a previous thread on this.
  2. Management always breeds more management.
  3. sburke

    Map Selection Problem

    Whew glad you found it as I was stumped... which admittedly is easy, but still
  4. sburke

    Uncons not using ieds or vbieds.

    Well that seems goofy LOL. However I am glad because if you have a bunch of IEDs trying to find the triggerman would be a mess. 😎
  5. sburke

    A Plea to Developers

    Actually there have been complaints about it. Depending on the map and AI plans you find the AI gets stuck and commits a weak attack. Folks tend to design around that but in an urban map your options are really limited and vehicles have a real hard time pathing. Vineyards are another area of complaint. Same issue.
  6. Unescorted armor just isn't the way to go...
  7. sburke

    Map Selection Problem

    I think you'd have to provide the exact selections you made to identify why it limited the selection. Mark is the Keeper of the Secret Book of Knowledge on QBs. So you don't like Brits eh?
  8. sburke

    Uncons not using ieds or vbieds.

    interesting, haven't tried that yet.
  9. sburke

    A Plea to Developers

    You are still missing the main point. Once you allow a heavy armor vehicle to breach a wall, it will always breach a wall. Essentially that means MOUT maps with armor would become obsolete (and a lot of other maps) because the armor would always be running over walls and eventually be immobilized. You HAVE to understand interaction of single player AI with any suggestion. Just because something could be added doesn't mean it should be added if it causes significant other issues in the game. but yeah I do get ragey myself when something I know could be done in RL can't be done in game, but that is true for every single game out there.
  10. sburke

    A Plea to Developers

    You seem to be under the impression that BF has no contact with folks in the military. You are... well way off. Quite a few of the beta testers have done service and Steve has a whole other set of contacts. In addition your own observations for example on the issue of AAVs has been countered on your other post by no less than someone who served in armor. CM is designed with some very severe limitations mostly caused by the sheer size of action spots and a wish to not kill the player with micro managing. A few of us have commented about the problem of troops going prone for example in wheatfields. Makes it really hard to use actual tactics there. If you want a really realistic game that conforms to actual battlefield experience I suggest you go dig a trench in your yard. Then move to some other yard and do the same thing again. Do that a lot over the next month or so then open the game and fight one battle and start over. (that is a joke ) Seriously I do understand some of your frustrations, many of us do. There are limits though as to what can be done in the engine and while BF continually looks for ways to enhance it, their priority list of items doesn't likely match yours (or mine for that matter )
  11. sburke

    A Plea to Developers

    Not true. During the Normandy invasion they were using Michelin maps and once the breakout occurred they were largely off the grid of the maps they were provided. Spot on about the proximity item there though. That being said I think a lot of us would like some adjustment to arty capabilities- keep in mind in any wish list however is they have to work to some degree for the AI as well. Most of the requests I see these days do not take into account most folks are still playing single player and that obviates a lot of issues for BF as to good game design versus RL requests. They do conflict frequently. For example the OP posted again on an AAV breaking down walls ignoring responses on his other thread that in game that would mean heavy vehicles constantly hitting high walls and immobilizing (not to mention the one tanker who responded and said no way does he want his tank being used as a battering ram.)
  12. sburke

    Uncons not using ieds or vbieds.

    His OP was the enemy having IEDs. His second post seems to be tinkering in the editor to see if he can fix it... KUDOS to opening the editor!!! @zigzag109 There are some caveats, LOS being the key one and then having the right type of triggerman (cell versus wired etc). The biggest issue with them and a major reason not to have them in QBs as an enemy as if the placement is wrong they won't do anything. Only an actual created scenario is going to have a decent chance of setting them correctly. Next issue is going to be visibility. IEDs at night are mostly a waste of time. Abu Susah if I recall correctly is set for like 5am. It is a difficult scenario for the AI to use IEDs (heck it is tough for a player if visibility is poor). You can try altering the time to later in the day, but that will also make your units more visible. The AI will use them, I have done a lot of messing with them, but they are far from foolproof especially when it comes to the AI. If the triggerman gets suppressed at all the chances of them activating the IED are slim to none.
  13. sburke

    Afghanistan Mod Pack

    Yeah I think it is created to show the effect of the mod.
  14. The 101st continues it's fight in Aleppo working alongside units of the Free Syria militia ambushing a Syrian Gov't armored car patrol.
  15. sburke

    Afghanistan Mod Pack

    I am not sure I would admit to knowing those kinds of details....
  16. blah blah blah. Screenshots, get some!!! Rakkasan urban assault compliments of @IICptMillerII and a certain map...
  17. Is that noted anywhere so it could be turned in to BF? I don’t recall hearing about it when I was testing TOC, but could be I burned out those particular brain cells.
  18. As I noted above I have made multiple purchases in that time and yet I have not had an issue..... and the number if you had stopped to read Steve's posts is significantly above the numbers you noted. Instead of 50% it seems it is likely closer to <1%. So with a better amount of supporting data would you now assume it is more likely coincidental?
  19. sburke

    Afghanistan Mod Pack

    nice work! Likely AKD is just busy. Give him a bit, I am pretty sure he'd be interested.
  20. sburke

    Minefield Mayhem....

    I didn't even know there were mines (I turn off all the objectives and landmarks most of the game as I don't like all that writing in view...seems I lucked out there) , I drove right past I used the ramps to position my M1s and wrecked everything in site before attempting to go through the highway.
  21. sburke

    AAV inaccuracy....

    routinely? I don't know for sure one way or the other but it isn't my impression that it was routinely done at all. Either way I don't see it changing. The same would then apply for every heavy vehicle. I have heard of tanks occasionally doing it as well, not necessarily being happy about it but doing it). It has been debated on here before and the Armor guys seem to think it is not something they'd particularly want to do often. That is from a limited pool of responses though. Honestly I think the AI issues would be more the reason BF would object.
  22. sburke

    Mech Airborne and BMP-3 missing

    they are under special forces. At least in the scenario editor.
  23. You are making decisions from too small a sample base. Yes it looks from the posts like something, but it is all information in a vacuum. I purchased multiple copies of CMSF2 on my CC and no issues. What you don't see here as Steve noted is the folks not having an issue posting. Your call as to what you are comfortable with, but if you saw 3 accidents in a row involving a red car would that make you never purchase a red car?
  24. sburke

    Multicam 3rd Infantry Division

    This has the added advantage of aligning the uniform mod to the UI so a single mod tag covers both