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    Actually no, but a long story there. Some other time.
  2. pfft crane shmane - there is so much potential for Sadr. The map has to be correct to scale though, not like in the long walk home.
  3. I'm working on Sadr city, but it will be a while, it is freakin huge.
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    The state of CMSF2

    Steve you just got the man shaft. You are just supposed to take it. Skewered is not exactly the right word.
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    True story I used to sing that real loud outside a window that had guys inside meeting with the parole board. Yeah I was an ass.
  6. To Save Bastogne is a good read on the southern portion of the Bulge for the units of the 28th ID. While they did get overrun, they fought hard and German tactical capability certainly showed issues here as well. If the Allies had read the attack better things might have gone differently, but considering how long it took to form a full assessment and how long these units were essentially left to themselves, they cost the German army critical time. You can repeat that with the stand at St Vith which has it's own highly regarded study of armor on the defense. It used to be available free but is only $1.99 on Amazon. https://www.amazon.com/Battle-Vith-Belgium-17-23-December-ebook/dp/B0176RGR1A/ref=sr_1_2?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1533854823&sr=1-2&keywords=armor+in+the+defense&dpID=51mtZGz8T1L&preST=_SX342_QL70_&dpSrc=srch
  7. Modern in the way every gaming company lists modern titles. You are free to apply your definition.
  8. It may help to keep in mind the artillery preponderance the US had available particularly in the North and the western overall better use of their artillery. Add to that the deficiencies in rapidly formed ill trained units and you have a full recipe for failure. Even the green units the US deployed (99th ID for example) were still pretty well trained. Having some veterans distributed throughout a unit doesn't make up for poor unit cohesion and training experience. As to the earlier statement about German artillery keeping up with the advance, I think that one is well documented. The road network simply just wasn't capable of supporting what the Germans were trying to do especially considering their opponent was far more mobile and could move units around the periphery of the battle. The German advantage in mobility was long since gone rendering them into the role of the western armies the last time they tried an attack in the Ardennes. On the other hand there are instances where the Germans did fight very well defensively including local counterattacks. Large scale not so much. This book is a good account of the 272nd VG division that fought very well in the Huertgen. https://www.amazon.com/Victory-Beyond-Their-Grasp-Volks-Grenadier/dp/0977756327/ref=sr_1_2?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1533844202&sr=1-2&keywords=victory+was+beyond+their+grasp
  9. That BF is very good at coming up with possible locations of flashpoints ignores the fact that they aren’t actually trying to predict or replicate them. The back story for Syria is completely fictional and as they have said repeatedly is not meant at all to represent the current battles. If they wanted that they could just as easily have made it into an Iraq war game. As to CMBS it is again fictional, but in the meantime Russia actually did invade Ukraine. It is however still a fictional game. Suggesting they design the game around potential actual flashpoints ignores that has never been their design modus operandi. it does beg the question as to what any other modern title might be based on. The safe option would be . . . wait for it . . . . . Fulda Gap!
  10. Yeah CM just doesn’t really do that well. It is one of the pet peeves for urban engagements.
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    CMSF2 New Belligerent ?

    This morning I watched a possibly rabid possum in front of the house. It was stumbling in circles clearly having motor function issues. I thought "gee that looks faintly familiar" then stumbled in circles trying to go back into the house. (screaming at the possum to get off my lawn!) Congratulations on retirement, am getting close, but that is only making me more short tempered and irritable that I am close but not yet there. meanwhile our bathroom is being renovated so yeah that shower thing is a bit of an issue. I do not however skip meals! Food is just too good a thing.
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    IED Mechanics?

    They are. multiple kinds etc. They are a potential tactical nightmare if used well, but are not 100% reliable. It is not based on blast command, in fact there are multiple ways to activate and use. You can set it to go off on the approach of any enemy or target a specific enemy. VBIEDs will generally just go off when in proximity to any enemy if there are still in a good state and not freakin out over a hail of lead.
  13. sburke

    IED Mechanics?

    whew, yeah this is worthy of a thread in itself. I'd actually have to mess around to get all those details. I know generally how they work, but there are a lot of specifics there regarding triggerman, costs etc that would need some time and effort. definitely worth documenting though. Regarding ECM no there is no feedback and there are few vehicles with that capability. (however if you select it you do get information as to whether it is malfunctioning - whether that is due to ECM or simple failure I don't think you know - but again there are few vehicles that even have ECM in game which I am sure will be a topic thread of it's own) No IED can be "disarmed" however you can destroy a VBIED and triggermen. The triggerman in a VBIED is not the driver so yes, but typically there isn't much need of distinction. If the driver is getting shot, more than likely so is the triggerman and they likely aren't close enough to target. When it works thought the effect is about what one would expect. Generally the triggerman should go into the vehicle, reason for this is fairly obvious, you want the triggerman to see what the driver sees. It doesn't help if your triggerman can't see that the vehicle is passing a target if it doesn't have LOS. Also I expect reliability is going to be an issue, the triggerman has a distance factor from which they can detonate. I have never tried detonating a VBIED remotely so am not sure it will even work, but if so I expect the reliability factor would make it not very desirable..
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    Early War

    Fearsome tank commanders!!! Imagine them exiting that damaged tank with a pistol!
  15. would you stop knowing an entire squad of heavily armed Marines was back there and knew which way you went? Red Bull gives you wings! Jihad footwear incorporated. Designed to allow fighters to out run the crusader dogs! Wonder if they need disclaimer info in the commercial to prevent Sharia court lawsuits?
  16. Like this? This is the last shot in the CMSF Marines screenshot gallery. Check out the look on the MG guy. I just love this pic. The uncon by the way escaped. The shooter missed. I think this is a Jihad commercial for Converse. The shot itself is from the @George MC scenario Circle the Wagons. And it is in movie mode @Bil Hardenberger no mods
  17. sburke

    Early War

    yeah that is one hell of a link
  18. sburke

    Battle Packs?

    I don't think they have been, but they may have different answers. Vehicle packs require BF, battlepacks not necessarily other than some designer has to come to agreement to do it. If they do, it isn't necessarily something I think BF plans per se. So the answer to a battlepack - no, yes, maybe.... Vehicle packs I doubt simply because as noted they have so much else on their plate and the plan WAS to get CMSF up to CM 4.0 period (with a lot less effort). Then again considering the bone Steve tossed in another thread about how well the original went in terms of sales, one never knows. I would bet a CM nationality pack of Russia and France would sell really well.
  19. Last time someone said that to me it cost me 7 1/2 months, run @L0ckAndL0ad!!!
  20. sburke

    Early War

    why? It is funny. Not like you are making us watch the link before I get to something else that I had wanted to see. If I was forced to watch an ad for American Idol before then yeah you'd need to apologize!
  21. sburke

    No onmap Mortars for red forces?

    Yeah the entire website is a work in progress as noted in a different thread.
  22. for those like me that weren't sure where to find em https://www.battlefront.com/shock-force-2/cmsf2-base-game/?tab=screens
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    Early War

    It's a LEGO version, been posted before somewhere.
  24. sburke

    CMSF2 New Belligerent ?

    There are some changes in behavior when you do dismounted vehicles and that sort of thing between CMSF and CMBS as an example. It is spelled out in a thread somewhere. It is a very specific use case, but it is different.
  25. sburke

    Next Korean war is coming close...

    only 2 this time so it is the axle of evil. They've been downgraded