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  1. No sir, I call that (I’ll ignore for the moment your ignorance of ingredients) AMBROSIA
  2. Well I do agree an escalation to Hitler was extreme, but an escalation to a nude Emrys...well that is something else entirely! 😁
  3. I was hit through PayPal. Pretty much your only real protection is to monitor your accounts closely and have it send alerts for transactions above a self defined threshold.
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    I downloaded the same file. Not to take away too much from the amount of work but there are a lot of repeats.
  5. sburke


    Well for one craft has gotten better. If you look at a lot of the early scenarios map making skills have grown, the newer titles have more complicated terrain, new AI plan capabilities etc etc It isn't apples to apples to compare CMSF1 especially early period with later titles.
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    Part of the problem with having multiple titles is work will be split. How do the figures add up in general for all titles?
  7. Fine. Okay how about this - a statue of Emrys ON your front lawn posing WITH a bunch of Assyrians! How about THAT!!
  8. my last issue was someone who hacked me through paypal so they showed up as transaction payments to a paypal acct. Erwin just look for anything you know you didn't purchase. Call you provider to identify and they'll help you address the issue. Also ask about security. You can have your card notify and look for approval on purchases before it will accept them.
  9. damn I think it is time I check mine. Wonder if this is a m issue with the provider or someone who works for the provider assuming it is them.
  10. no there really isn't a trigger, just a capability. Any cell IED guy can activate any cell IED as long as they have los for it. The units that come with the ied guy purchased are not usable only by that guy. Theoretically you could purchase an IED and then 25 guys who could activate it.
  11. You should see my wish list. It is no better than anyone else’s in regards to making on BFs list. I want gun barrels on tanks to not be able to poke though buildings. I want flavor items to act like regular objects so a traffic barrier is essentially the same as a wall. I want,....I want... the moon.
  12. sburke

    Where is the 2.01 Patch?

    Well imagine Emrys doing a video with millennials trying to do carved stone tablets! Or “remember when we had to get our own meat by hunting wooly mammoths with spears?!”
  13. Yeah there are specific cases to accomodate the AI. It has some unfortunate knock off effects but short of developing an absolutely human interaction capable AI......
  14. sburke

    Where is the 2.01 Patch?

    Just to be clear I myself never made any claim to respectability.
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    That is actually a pretty interesting idea. I’d buy it, but then again I am not afraid to play in the editor to create stuff even if it is just for me. Developing a product with no user content is something I expect Steve would say “you are crazy” to, but yeah I am a bit crazy that way.
  16. Nope. CM does not have a “weapons malfunction” feature that causes casualties. It does have friendly fire at certain calibers though. That is kind of a malfunction. 😁 You’d need a save to go back and find cause.
  17. sburke

    Where is the 2.01 Patch?

    Try this freakin hysterical. Best part is them “resetting by lifting the handset” I thought I was gonna piss myself every time they did that
  18. Guess we are still going down this road. Okay let’s ask this then. How about if it were a statue of Hitler? All statues are not equal, all locations for said statues are not equal. It is a very subjective discussion that has to be in context for it to be worthwhile. A general discussion of whether or not a statue should or should not stand has to be predicated on something real. The erection of statues post civil war was not about historical relevance but political intent. If we were talking a stature for the surrender at Appomattox I doubt there would be much debate. The point of the civil war statues is looking at WHEN they were built tells us more about them than what the statue itself is. Of the some 1500 civil war monuments most were built from 1890 to 1930. From a historians perspective then, the fact that they are civil war statues is less important than historically what is going on from 1890 to 1930. That is the point of the debate. So you have a couple things going on here that are relevant. 1 monuments cost money. They don’t produce a return so it was unlikely that these statues would go up until there was an econonmic resurgence in the south 2 civil war veterans are starting to die off and it is natural for folks to want to remember an event that had the greatest impact on their lives 3 Jim Crow - need I say more? those 3 options mean different things to different portions of our society and reflect on our priorities. White folks have a view of those statues and the civil war conflict. Black folks have a view of those statues and Jim Crow. They are both to some degree true. Our ability to appreciate the difference in those views and show some empathy for alternative perspectives is one thing. Being manipulated by particular views that have their own political agenda is a whole other issue. Those weren’t historical society members marching with tiki torches in Charlottesville. At the same time those tiki toting morons do not speak generally for folks interested in civil war history.
  19. The Ukrainians likely differ with you on that. 😎
  20. sburke

    Where is the 2.01 Patch?

    I bet that is a secret clue for the Russian Front 1942!!!!
  21. What is tho amuthing about … bigguth dickuth...
  22. sburke

    How does this work?

    Always best to start with the helpdesk... and I say that because to answer your question I had to go there... I frankly wasn't sure I'd remember it correctly https://battlefront.mojohelpdesk.com/help/article/127908 There may be a shorter variant if you bought v3 and can use the all in one installer. Best bet is to actually check with the helpdesk and they can confirm for you. If that is the case I think you just redownload and apply your v3 activation. One of these will get your version updated. The monitor is likely a whole other issue, I would run that by the helpdesk as well though a kind soul here who is familiar with that issue might have an answer for you.
  23. No they were models. C'mon Ian keep up
  24. One what... wait don't answer that, this is a family friendly site.