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  1. sburke

    New Review

    Yeah that first section was actually funny as hell. Probably unnecessary but I enjoyed it a lot as a bit of fun poking at the doom sayers.
  2. agreed. getting increasingly frustrated with folks not being able to stay civil and at least relatively within the realm of what the original post was for.
  3. sburke

    New EW options needed perhaps?

    Well considering there is no detail just a one liner that could even mean US own opfor doing the attack in answer to the question posted in the subject. 1 it is out of scope for the timeline 2 there is no data to actually do anything with to say what the effect should be so no I’d say there is no new option to consider adding. When they do a title based in say 2020 however this is gonna be a weird game. “My autonomous drone tank just got hacked and is attacking my own guys” 😫
  4. sburke


    The A10 has shown survivability in a theater much different than CMBS. Whether it would fare so well there is another question. As to helicopters their use so far is also not indicative as the theater decisions are based on different functional roles. One interesting item in the US military review of the Iraq war (see general forum thread for document link). There are major concerns with the military deep strike theory for heliborne aircraft. The failed attack on the Medina division was a major eye opener about a lot of things that were brought up in NTC. Proliferation of cellular communications and low tech options to hinder strategy. In the attack on the Medina division the original plan was scrubbed due to airspace considerations from the 101st and the new plan had them cruising over urban areas well after the suppressive fires had been lifted and after the enemy was alert. Good read.
  5. sburke

    "safe" to start playing US campaigns?

    We live to serve you oh king. Dilly dilly.
  6. sburke

    "safe" to start playing US campaigns?

    This is still not contributing other than to try and provoke an argument where right now none exists. The OP has been answered. You could simply follow your own advice here and create your own ignore list.
  7. sburke

    "safe" to start playing US campaigns?

    You didn’t have to add this to continue that argument. Just let it go. The OP has been answered. As to non stock campaigns that is entirely up to the original creator as to whether that will update or not and has nothing to do with the OP which was specific about concern on any impending patches.
  8. sburke

    "safe" to start playing US campaigns?

    Sheesh good lord how a simple question can get so far out of whack @The_MonkeyKing as noted there are a couple done and the patch was for some specific items. At the moment there ar no further corrections for any campaigns just the revised versions for the British and NATO campaigns. Your choice as to how important you think it is to wait or not, but the Marine and base campaigns are done products as far as BF is concerned. The others to follow as they are wrapped up. Not sure what other imminent large patches you may be thinking about but as far as I know there are none.
  9. Guys this is really inappropriate. Deliberately trying to provoke for controversy is not particularly welcome. I’d suggest cutting it out before Steve decides to hand out some time outs.
  10. sburke

    NATO Units????

    maybe an enterprising modder can do them as UN vehicles
  11. The last Soviet soldiers left https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1989_in_Afghanistan
  12. sburke

    Afghanistan - The Current Situation

    Meanwhile on Pakistan's other front. 37 Indian soldiers are killed by a suicide bomber. https://news.yahoo.com/attack-kills-12-soldiers-indian-kashmir-002710652.html