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  1. ahem, as a telecom engineer I object. Telecom is primarily audio and has nothing to do with illiteracy. Blame spell check, texting and social media for it if you want.
  2. The difference is BF would not just have to create things that seem to be something but aren't. They'd actually have to do far more work than just modding images. Let em get out the stuff we are already waiting for and can mod that rather than adding more onto their pile that they will never get to. CMRT's module is gonna rock and I am not even that huge a fan of eastern front... well in comparison to others anyway.
  3. The road map is aaaarrrgggggghhhhhhhhhh RIP sburke you did provide a good meal for the hounds. At least they didn’t feed me to the pigs like they do in Deadwood
  4. have you opened a ticket yet with the helpdesk? that really is your best route.
  5. only way I know to do this is you create a location for exit. Launch the scenario to play, move the army crew to the exit area, move the marine crew to the vehicle. when you hit the big red button say goodbye to the army. You can't save the scenario in the editor with them moved. They just go back to the vehicle when you launch the battle. There are some oddballs items about vehicles as well. If you do this with the Mk 19 equipped Humvee, if your team exits the vehicle during the scenario, the vehicle is immediately dead. If you do it with the M2 Humvee you lose the M2.
  6. Because it is the internet. Extreme responses are a requirement for participation according to the fine print.
  7. The reality is there isn't really a separation of RT vs Wego. Steve has gone and explained some of that prior but the short of it is you won't see them changing the format.
  8. watch it there sonny, I'm not quite dead yet. And get off my grass mod.
  9. you were clear. You are also participating in a thread of discussion that is some of the same litany about BF's pace of release. In your particular instance as I noted it was the pace of release only of one particular family. I get that is the only family you care about but as part of this discussion I thought it noteworthy that yes you have waited a while for a CMRT module, however that has no real bearing on BF's overall release rate. Doesn't help you much as those other releases aren't of interest and yeah that would suck. Hopefully the CMRT module isn't very far off.
  10. That is irrelevant for the doomsayers who think just because BF is taking a little longer to release a module that suddenly they are in danger of going out of business. And the fact is that prior to the new engine they only released 3 games so I'd said they actually are correct. As to your comment on the module, you weigh BFs business only on the modules of the Family you are interested in. That's fine, but for folks like me the release of CMSF2 upgraded to Engine 2 far outweighs that. It's all subjective. Problem is everyone assumes their subjective view is the reality for BF's business.
  11. It was 3 years between CMAK and CMSF. You guys really need to maintain some perspective on real history on BF release rates rather than what you might desire the rate to be.
  12. wrong forum for those games - you may want to just open a ticket with BF.
  13. Basically there will be no gossip. If and when there is anything to say it will come direct from Steve. No one else who might know anything would be authorized to say. Speculation you will hear plenty of on these boards. Fun but not based in anything other than possible wish lists etc.
  14. Take your time, the quality is worth the wait.
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