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  1. yeah that is gonna be bad. Mortality rates escalate badly for those with health conditions. Take a look at the numbers for Louisiana compared to NY etc.
  2. Mikeyd can correct me but I don’t think he was insinuating anything just suggesting someone who was a Nazi in 1944 was in a somewhat different position of knowing exactly what that meant versus those who espouse that view now. To bring that back to the OP I wouldn’t mind turning a 203mm howitzer on some of those folks. 😝
  3. Yeah whatever the Nazis did doesn't excuse atrocities on the other side. You either stand for morality or you don't. You can't stand for morality on just one side.
  4. The problem with ideas like the infrastructure bill being discussed is - you can't put people back to work until they can actually go back to work 😜 In terms of poverty. What figures are you using to say "few"? Granted yes figures on China are different but I think your perception is clouded in some mis information. China has a larger problem not with folks living in the country side as peasants but the migration labor they have internally. These are the folks they kicked out of Beijing during the Olympics to hide them. Same thing we do here when folks don't want to be reminded of the problem. The number of people living on the edge in America is quite high. We use terms like Gig economy about millennials not feeling tied to a job as if that is somehow this positive new way of looking at work.. How do they do that? By living off their parents and eating up their retirement. They tossed numbers around about record employment before this hit but what they didn't say was how they decided the terms for those figures - people having to hold on to 2 jobs to survive, not counting folks who had given up looking for work etc. My next door neighbor was evicted from her home in January. Can't fault the landlord, she was a terrible tenant, but she is 75 and clearly has some issues processing normal behavior. She has been living on the street (yeah I see the car every day) now in her car for 3 months.
  5. Yeah and @Holien agreed that just attacking China for the virus is stupid and unhelpful. The issue is more the response of that gov’t and its accountability just as I think Trump and Fox News should be accountable for spreading false information and contributing to the problem being far worse. Interestingly there are suggestions that Fox News is quietly reviewing their exposure to being sued for the way they have spread false information and impacted communities and individuals. and this far right s**t has got to be addressed. One guy was planning on targeting a hospital. And then this ahole this morning https://www.yahoo.com/gma/engineer-tried-crash-train-usns-mercy-los-angeles-233500380--abc-news-topstories.html send some of these aholes to Guantanamo for terrorism.
  6. We’ll see what kind of political will exists but there is pressure to hold China accountable for the level of misinformation and how that influenced the pandemic preparedness levels. I think a lot of companies tied to a supply chain there are reviewing options as well. do I expect much, not really. Not as long as money is still the primary factor in decision making.
  7. as opposed to depriving their children of their Grandfather? The 80 year olds going back to work isn't going to save the economy. The 20-50's maybe. Either way anyone going back to soon risks crashing our healthcare system increasing the deaths etc. Let's all just behave with a little restraint and see what the recommendations are from our medical community. They will pay the price of us not following their guidelines. All well and good for that grandfather to say that but what he doesn't say is all those healthcare workers now have to accept the risk to them and their families of him boldly volunteering his own risk.
  8. As of last week 40 people in my company had been diagnosed positive. 2 were in ICU. Yep totally fake news and not really happening. I'll let their families know it is all hype. The only really fake news so far is China's figures. The United States already has more fatalities than what China has admitted to. Anyone who thinks their numbers are even remotely close to what the true figure is ….. Come to think of it, I don't know anyone older than 90 so God must have created all humans sometime around 90 years ago.
  9. Watch it or your new nickname is gonna be Erwin Kettler or mini Kettler, Kettler lite.
  10. For anyone still on the fence about how deadly this virus can be and how quickly it can overwhelm healthcare services this is an interesting read. https://www.yahoo.com/news/days-funeral-georgia-town-coronavirus-123120318.html
  11. Well I finally recovered, picked myself up off the floor and bandaged my head where I hit it on the counter when I fainted upon seeing this. Mord you are DA MAN.
  12. No idea. Been a bit swamped lately. My team in IT manages all the remote telecom and video capability so to say things are busy is a bit of an understatement 🤪
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