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  1. Good lord, someone is having a bad hair day.
  2. yeah someone is having a bad day, maybe he should eat a candy bar or sumfink
  3. Also trying Flickr. Photobucket besides charging is just a pain.
  4. The tiles were used in lieu of roads because I hate zig zag roads....
  5. These were released with Steve's okay to one person who was working on a campaign a while back but never posted anywhere else by me. They were always intended to be part of the module.
  6. your game engine will be the same, you just won't have access to the content of R2V though (and don't quote me on this) there was discussion about being able to access in PBEM. Elvis could more appropriately answer that. Basically the way it works is you both download the exact same game. Their license however activates the R2V module material and yours does not.
  7. BF makes a very deliberate effort to insure you are not obligated to purchase any module you decide not to. It really complicates work on ToE and scenario design as you have to make sure the module is self contained and does not require anything beyond the base game so no BF doesn't consider it "disloyalty" In fact they go through a lot of effort to insure you have the option.
  8. I would pay for that! What? I take it back!! Lawyer!!!! Sorry.
  9. To be fair that isn't an engine upgrade issue per se - it is an object issue. Semantics maybe but Tank riders require specific coding of the object. That would require more effort and cost. Are we willing to pay for that? Me not so much. I honestly don't even use that much (hell won't do it with halftracks ) as the combat ranges in the game are not typically where that would be used with one exception and that exception was the very reason they even bothered with it.- Russia
  10. you have a point, but you'll need to take that up with BF. Pricing is exclusively their domain and rationale.
  11. nah it will eventually bite you.There are 3 R2V 210 files c, d and e. Contact the helpdesk and they can sort you out. 210 itself has a,b and c.
  12. Not necessarily impossible, but not one BF is willing to prioritize. Sorry if that doesn't make folks all warm and fuzzy, but reality is sometimes freakin harsh. It isn't impossible that I could win the lottery, but as a friend says- the lottery is a tax on the math impaired.
  13. Hmm I'll have to remember that...... Says another Philly boy. No Cheesesteak for you!!
  14. yeah and to note our French tester representative was pretty upset. We all were looking forward to that one, but sadly it didn't make the cut.
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