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      Special Upgrade 4 Tech Tips   12/27/2016

      Hi all! Now that Upgrade 4 is out and about in large quantities we have now discovered a few SNAFUs that happen out in the scary, real world that is home computing.  Fortunately the rate of problems is extremely small and so far most are easily worked around.  We've identified a few issues that have similar causes which we have clear instructions for work arounds here they are: 1.  CMRT Windows customers need to re-license their original key.  This is a result of improvements to the licensing system which CMBN, CMBS, and CMFB are already using.  To do this launch CMRT with the Upgrade and the first time enter your Engine 4 key.  Exit and then use the "Activate New Products" shortcut in your CMRT folder, then enter your Engine 3 license key.  That should do the trick. 2.  CMRT and CMBN MacOS customers have a similar situation as #2, however the "Activate New Products" is inside the Documents folder in their respective CM folders.  For CMBN you have to go through the process described above for each of your license keys.  There is no special order to follow. 3.  For CMBS and CMFB customers, you need to use the Activate New Products shortcut and enter your Upgrade 4 key.  If you launch the game and see a screen that says "LICENSE FAILURE: Base Game 4.0 is required." that is an indication you haven't yet gone through that procedure.  Provided you had a properly functioning copy before installing the Upgrade, that should be all you need to do.  If in the future you have to install from scratch on a new system you'll need to do the same procedure for both your original license key and your Upgrade 4.0 key. 4.  There's always a weird one and here it is.  A few Windows users are not getting "Activate New Products" shortcuts created during installation.  Apparently anti-virus software is preventing the installer from doing its job.  This might not be a problem right now, but it will prove to be an issue at some point in the future.  The solution is to create your own shortcut using the following steps: Disable your anti-virus software before you do anything. Go to your Desktop, right click on the Desktop itself, select NEW->SHORTCUT, use BROWSE to locate the CM EXE that you are trying to fix. The location is then written out. After it type in a single space and then paste this:


      Click NEXT and give your new Shortcut a name (doesn't matter what). Confirm that and you're done. Double click on the new Shortcut and you should be prompted to license whatever it is you need to license. At this time we have not identified any issues that have not been worked around.  Let's hope it stays that way Steve


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  1. put another way. Reality bites
  2. true to a degree, but I was seeing some similar behavior in MG in what I think was then 3.0. I watched squads of guys start bailing out of a building when 82mm mortars were dropping on the roof. They'd run outside and then start dropping like flies from mortar rounds.
  3. The data that has been provided has nothing to do with tree bursts. The behavior is the same regardless of surrounding terrain. As AKD noted above the question is more about what should be the AI reaction. This isn't a new topic, just one that got tweaked recently based on suggestions/requests to deal with other situations where the AI just sits there and let's you plink them with a mortar. There are actually situations where you would want the AI to have this behavior. They just aren't getting the same attention as the impact overall seems to be more negative than positive. It also isn't entirely new. In developing the scenario Frosty Welcome for the MG module I was frustrated by how easy it was to cause the Brits holding the schoolhouse to just bail out into the street. (in reality was a heavily fortified position that held out for quite a while). That well predates 4.0. I think the tweaks just made it more apparent. I suspect there isn't an easy answer for the AI in single player mode to know what to do when. The more variables attached to an AI decision tree, the higher the likelihood we will always find something that really messes with your game. I have tested against on map mortars and the behavior is pretty much the same.
  4. warning Will Robinson warning watch how far you go with this as it may end up with a thread lock
  5. Interesting idea, a sandbox in effect. Problem for BF is they still need to develop all the ToEs and art . Still it solves trying to come up with game story lines. Pick a year and start creating the ToEs and art, do a couple different insurgent models and presto, the player can create whatever they want. They haven't shown much interest in that, but it is a real stretch to come up with story lines now that involve heavy US units being positioned anywhere.
  6. I can access so I suspect it was a provider issue. As far as I know BF is not revamping the site
  7. Nothing works optimally all the time. Hence my statement about circumstances. However that being said I have rarely had the occupants of a room survive and defeat a blast assault. One thing I have learned to do is have a team positioned outside as they will tend to get any survivors before they can react. The issue with not entering is that the period of time you have where the blast recipients are stunned does not last long. You either act right away to take advantage of it or you find another way to deal with the threat.
  8. Yes actually I do as they will typically slaughter the stunned occupants inside, depends on the exact circumstances as to when it makes sense to move in or not.
  9. what he said - CMFB came out in April last year. The upgrade in October and if my memory cells are functional ( I make no claim they are, but IF they are) the full installer was updated in November. If you open a ticket with BF and they see the sale date I am pretty certain they will rectify it for you which you could have done right away but that must be the kind of advanced behavior that only a team of NSA / Chinese hackers could perform. </sarcasm>
  10. It is as the sheer wanton brutality of blowing up teddy bears that was supposed to induce fear in western minds. I mean where does it stop? The Paddingtons, Bernsteins, Wiinine the pooh?! The horror!
  11. Thanks LLF, time to clean the damn pc monitor of coffee . . Again
  12. Happy Birthday, you don't look a day over 9!
  13. Yeah it could be specific to the whole issue of targeting a building if you can't see the ground tile.