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  1. Googles? Wait they are wearing google glasses? I thought they were night vision!
  2. If this one is the one on the vid that has food and spare parts in the wreckages of ships...... can’t say I ever heard a sub salvaging spare parts from a wreck.
  3. Typically the sunset sunrise is based on actual times. What that means for Ukraine in June through August Ahh here you go 2017 https://www.timeanddate.com/sun/ukraine/kyiv?month=8&year=2017
  4. we may not be referring to the same gamey tactics. I'll see if I can dig up the reference
  5. If my recollection is right (and it certainly might not be) it had to do with some extremely gamey tactics.
  6. My pixeltruppen with their unit patches would beg to differ.
  7. yeah that is another reason campaigns don't normally excite me as much. I can't swap units in if I want to try something else.
  8. Oh man yeah tell me about it. In working on CMSF2 I would grit my teeth as soon as I started adding water knowing there was a good chance I’d start having to check elevations all over the the map and then start messing with bridges.
  9. yeah, the ww2 games are great, but I don't think they have the same leeway to design things of this nature. Non conventional warfare inspires non conventional design maybe? Whatever the reason am loving the crop of stuff coming up.
  10. one suggestion for immersion. Pick an actual unit and name it such in the editor. One of the only issues with campaigns is you can't edit them to add stuff like mod tags etc so whatever is put in by the creator is it. Whenever I mess with something I typically try to actually assign a real BN in the editor versus a generic "1st Battalion".
  11. If you are asking about the patch, that is something only BF can address. If you are asking about the campaigns, it is simply effort. Campaigns are generally done by the testers. Campaigns in general are always a lot of work requiring a lot of time, in this case it is additional work as in light of the changes from CMSF to CMSF2 some of the specific scenarios have to be completely revamped etc. In short everyone is really busy. Really really busy. CMSF campaigns to do, patch testing, modules with their testing and scenario/campaign creation. I know folks feel like they haven't seen new material in a bit. Personally I think what will happen is we'll hit a sudden point where all this stuff gets released in pretty close time frames then folks will complain about which they should look at first. when it rains....
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