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  1. @JonS are the PBEM files internally compressed? If not how small do they get if you compress them e.g. with zip or 7zip?
  2. Yeah, thanks all for the help! It worked, I tried first inputing Google's address (1st line is GOOGLE SUMMER OF CODES STUDENT ) and that did it. Finally downloading.
  3. Maybe these aren't rounds falling too short but reflecting of the tank hunter, but I don't know.
  4. Lt. Smash I don't have these addons myself, but what do you mean with printer-friendly? Do you have a pdf manual for the Marines addon? 1) No --> then nevermind 2) Yes, but it has ugly borders like http://imagebin.org/132573 In the case of 2 there are programs that can crop pdfs, like the command line tool pdfcrop for Linux where you can manually define the margins.
  5. Hi there, I was trying to buy CMSF Brits, yet my payment order was declined. A solution is described here [1] though I still want to ask here so that I don't do anything wrong. The credit card I was trying to use was send to me by google because of my participation in Google Summer of Code. Yet Google registered all the credit cards they send to the participants to their company address in the USA. Does that mean that I should enter that address -- despite me living not there -- when registering? I'd also prefer to use that card instead of registering on paypal, since I live in a land having EUR as currency and on that card are USD I could save some fees. [1] http://www.battlefront.com/helpdesk/index.php?_m=knowledgebase&_a=viewarticle&kbarticleid=178
  6. I guess after that many rounds the front of the MG is gleaming in copper. Man I remember pointless hours wasted by cleaning that crap of the successors. Or, wait, did they use copper as mantle back then?
  7. I have not played CMSF yet -- like old weaponary more -- but imo c3k you miss the point. If there were 13 soldiers with distance of 10m between each other that does not mean 120m! In generaly soldiers move offset when patrolling (i.e. not clear if and where the enemy is). So suppose we took your 10m on a 5m wide rode. This would mean a stretch of 104m, if the road was 7m wide it would be a stretch of 86m. And other than that in cities things get more cramped and dangerous, there is no way around that. A squad does not spread out 100m in a city if under attack. That way there are more dangers when being attacked by HE but less places attacks can come from. On the rest, well I am not sure how many soldiers the US uses on attacking cities of a certain size, but I suppose the multitude of field manuals out there could give an answer, though I do not have time to read them.
  8. Interesting Jason, by giving some people what you think they are asking for, you betray everything people fought for to reach democrazy, human rights and completly ignore enlightment. And in the end it could turn out that you are as evil as the evil you wanted to destroy. That to morals ... To recur I think only few people were "evil" before they joined the SS. I believe that they (or at least their actions) "became evil". I guess the today still popular believe "I'm just doing my job." or "I'm just doing what I'm told to do" helped them on their "mutation". The thought that all Nazis, all Germans are "evil" is simply naive and makes you look like a "Übermensch", like you would be immune to manipulation. PS.: Everything here is my opinion, but that should be obvious.
  9. @Shmavis, there is no doubt that many crimes were commited in the occupied areas so later also Italy, like in Boves where Peiper ordered that a whole village with all inhabitants who did not flight into the fields (so old and ill people) were killed. That was called "anti-partisan measures". Or the Grand Hotel in Meina ... What I find more interesting allthough is how you become such "monsters". I doubt that everyone commiting crimes was "evil" per se. I believe that the whole surrounding (superiors, military setting ....) supported the transformation. That has nothing to do that many/some (no clue) of the real Nazis still think the same way. We call them "Ewiggestrige" (stick-in-the-mud) here. It's also interesting, why people from Estonia, the Netherlands, France, Italy, Croatia etc. joined the SS (about half of the Waffen-SS members were not Germans!). One of the last fightes in Berlin were fought by the SS-Division "Charlemagne" (Nr. 33) ... @Pandur, now this explains your nickname ...
  10. So you mean that it was not coincidence that Holocaust happened in Germany? Do you think Germans like war by nature? Do you think - like Roosevelt - that Germans have to be extinguished? It's interesting after all that experiments like the Milgram experiment show that humans are in general influenceable by people with a certain "authority". And no, this is no try to underestimate the crimes that were commited, but only a try to show that few people are "immune" to such actions themselves.
  11. That's not true. Fact is that every member of the police was under the command of Himmler. Even if they did not want to, otherwise they would not be member of the police anymore. And that is why so many war crimes have been comitted by police officers, as they were under the command of the SS. Only few people stood up against this (also at that time!) actions against the law. One of the few SS members who helped Jews was Adolf Zündler. Klaus Hornig refused (and forbid it for his subordinates) to shoot Jews as it was against the "Militärstrafgesetzbuch" §47 (following an illegal order --> if you knew that the order was illegal you comitted a crime) It is indeed questionable if they could have done more to help, but still they helped. I also doubt that most of the people joining the voluntarily had a clue what awaited them. Yet this has nothing to do with the crimes many members of the SS commited. I think important would be to know what you call a Nazi. What is a Nazi for you? A member of the NSDAP? A person livening in Germany at that time ...? Anyway there were members of the NSDAP who were against those movements (the person you will know is Oskar Schindler), some worked with the resistance, but yes many simply profited of their membership and did nothing (I won't comment on their possibilites here) to help. @Pandur you do know that "jews" (people who felt as Germans, who fought in the 1st World War and were honoured ... that was not important, important was that one of your grandparents was jew ... etc. considering that Judaism is a religion it is interesting that you were still considered a jew, even if you did not practise your religion) weren't the only people who were "hunted" at that time. Also people with other political views (between 1933-1938 especially social democrats and communists were inhabitants of the KZs), minorities (like homosexuals, gypsies, people with disabilities) ... You do know that in Germany there were relative few pogroms against jews up to 1933, compared with Russia. Anitsemitism was very common at that time and is in some places still now. [ May 18, 2006, 01:41 AM: Message edited by: mat69 ]
  12. I know it is older but I could not let this stand! This is not true! Germany broke the peace treaty They occupied the Rheinland-area that was supposed to be a demilitarized zone. They introduced compulsory military service (despite the fact that this was not allowed and that there troop strength was limited to 100.000), started rearming (otherwise there would not have been so many tanks, guns ... because they were not allowed to have/produce tanks and heavy artilliery). They started rearming the marine ... The annexation of Austria was also forbidden. They also occupied The Czech Rebuplic. So they "broke" many treaties! Yet France, UK and the other allies did not react. So please get some information before you post such rubbish! Oh just spotted that John D Salt posted nearly the same thing. You do know that Iran is allowed to use atomic energy for civil projects? Iran (beside Pakistan, India and Israel) signed the NPT, so other signator countries are encouraged to HELP Iran in their efforts for a nuclear plant. Do you also know, that the real leader in Iran is The Supreme Leader of Iran Ali Khamenei who also controlls the army? Ahmadinejad's yickel-yak is just a way to detract from his broken election pledges. And in fact there aren't ANY proves at the moment that Iran is workign on an atomic bomb. So another War of aggression? [ April 25, 2006, 07:41 AM: Message edited by: mat69 ]
  13. I'm pretty sorry, but I wrote false numbers in the post above. I corrected them now (64 instead of 62, 128 instead of 124 and so on ...)
  14. Here you go: http://www.battlefront.com/discuss/ultimatebb.php?ubb=get_topic;f=30;t=004199 That is what David I meant with and I will bump the thread for you. so that this old thread is easier to find for you.
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