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  1. So many negatives thoughts about CMBN...very exciting and think battlefront did a helluva job considering the resources they have...Good thing the germans ran out of russian prisoners of war, old men and teenagers to throw at us.
  2. The detail is definitely impressive and some of the new sounds are very exciting! I have a question why does the 37mm gun mounted in the stuart tank have a different report than the same gun in CMAK? Also, how do I get my shermans across these charming little bridges in the norman country side without the germans shooting holes in me?
  3. Alright, I got it to work... *sigh* Runs a little slow on my system, but looks very cool! :-)
  4. Demo downloads and installs but the game won't launch due to some missing dll file. I'm not going to be QA for you guys who developed this game, I expect the game to at least start. Very dissappointing...
  5. Always with the negative vibes???? That's the line after Moriarty says: "what if the AINT there?" Mark, Have you checked out ToW? It runs way to slow on my computer... Charlie
  6. Nobody said nothin about locking horns with tigers..... Charlie
  7. You've been pre-ordered for 3 years? :eek: Diehard player...lol
  8. Anybody else here having issues with Lt Vigirito? He's the 81mm spotter - I had a screen shot but this basically explains it: "Jesus, vigirello! your bombs are coming down on our heads!"
  9. John, Some terrific color pics on the site you supplie - great reference for modeling. Thanks, Charlie
  10. I've played this a couple of times - allied and then axis. I was a bit disappointed playing this as the soviets, as usual, the axis AI is not very good. Playing against the soviet AI was better so you axis players should really enjoy this! Lots of tanks however, if you have a slow system you will spend some time waiting. Handling the panthers takes some experience as they are quite vulnerable on the flanks. All in all, a challenging scenario for the axis player - be prepared to take substantial to heavy tank losses. Cheers
  11. Not sure if this is where to ask this but here goes...one thing I've noticed as many others have as well is the graphics quality of the ground in relation to vehicles, houses, trees, etc. What I mean is, there are some awesome graphical representations in this game like for example, a panther or tig however, the vehicle sits on a boring landscape that does not show tire tracks, track tracks, etc. Is this going to be improved on or fixed?
  12. That is very interesting - I've never seen that pic before! Apparently, there WAS some truth to a 90 millimeter being fitted to a sherman chasis which is what Oddball was trying to simulate...
  13. You know...I used to wonder what Donald Sutherland's problem really was in that movie, but after playing a few Bocaage scenerios (AND with Fireflys) I thoroughly understand now - and Gavin Macleod's concerns about running into more tigers in the future was well justified. ...this is just an ordinary 76 millimeter but we add this extension and the krauts think like...maybe it's a 90 millimeter :eek: Did anyone really try this with any of our tanks?
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