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  1. If Usa is so bad, why are they so many people trying to get here and start a new life. Granted I wish we could live in a world where people could live in peace and comfort. But you have those out there who want to controls others. Treat there woman as property, we did abolish slavery here. And I live in the south. I support Isarel and there right to live in peace. But that won't happen either with the dum s**ts living around them. I do enjoy visiting Eroupe, but it's only there past I enjoy. I wish the US would get out of the UN, It's a joke. And I do get tired of our boys dieing to help out 3rd world countries. It's hard to feel bad for those in Africa or here in the states dieing of Aids, just keep it in your pants. And I never have figued out why when some of the Victors when, it's rape and steal everthing they can. Personally I am proud of our Military and the way most handle themselves. But I some times wonder if I was there would I be as humble there. Since you can see your buddies killed by men who have no right to be considered soldiers but as murderers and cowards. I work with my hands and enjoyed what I worked for. As far as blaming indivuals. One should blame the dead heads who follow these guys. These leaders are not voted for, they take there power with power. There are several ways of dieing, but you should be able to die in a honorable way. I do not wish to insult any on this forum. So if I do I will apology for that. But get rid of the bashing. Last note, we are a rich country, but we made it with people from other countries with nothing but grit to make something.
  2. Granted more work is needed for both. This is only a opinion. I really would have like to see a larger map and smaller units. Any time you play a grand scale strategy game like this. Units seem to be to strong or to weak. I really do miss playing some of the old map games of the late 70's and early 80's. I really would like to see something of the nature of that again. Where you can build standard Divisions or nasty SS divisions. I know there is a editor there and map maker to do this. But with life, I have a business to run and no time to play with map making. Hell some times I don't even have time to play. Players should point out what they would like to have changed or corrected. But it's just a game, HC and Blashy have and sounds like, devoted a lot of there time to making this. Hopefully they are paid well for this, and the abuse they recieve. I hate to think they have other jobs as well to take care of there family. All I can say is keep on working on the games. And if I feel the game is not worth what I paid for, so what. I have lost more money in the casinos. Anyway be good and be safe.
  3. Blashy you seem like a nice chap. But don't blow democracy away. It is a nice system to live by. You won't get shot by the goverment for speaking your mind. As far as failures, you mention the Romans. As I recall, they began to fail when they fail to run a democracy and went to totalitarian empire. The Greeks failed by being conqured. As I alway believe it's not the best system to enjoy. But if one comes up, I will go there. JJ really should calm down. This is only a game. I don't believe anyone here plays this game wearing a Nazi unifrom.
  4. Male, 46, Houston,Texas USA. 2nd marraige. looks I got it right this time. Favorite anything, as long it's from Texas
  5. Be glad it's a free world. Opinion's can't get you shot. Unless you live in North Korea or any other rat hole like it. Iran. Damn, Now I am bashing countries.
  6. Okay it's late. But to bad mouth any game when compared to playing AI is dum. War games have been design from years back to be played player verses player. I can only remember 1 or 2 games that where played by yourself. And we not talking about the closet game. Any way the game looks fine and does need some tweaking to inprove. But I believe that the new patches will solve some of these problems. As for playing the AI. I think you will never have a game that will be really challenging for the long haul. If you don't want to be on the play by mail league and post loses. Than find players who play off the board. There are really a lot of nice guys out there that play for the fun of it. Play by mail is not bad. Now in my case my work has really loaded me up. My turns have been really been bad on getting them back in a timely manner. And to those they do understand. Any way to the design team. I think you did a find job of putting out a good game. And with patches these problems will be solved. Any way, it not like the old box or bag game you purchased, if it sucked, it was you as is. NO PATCHES.
  7. I understand your point. But the cost in SC2 is you have to rebuild this unit in a friendly jump. As far as being scattered, this only slow the unit from doing there job on time. The D-day landings I believe again proved that point. Now they can have another penalty applied to them. But loses you are replacing men and materials. As pointed out be some one this tiles represent 50 klicks. And yes the rules do say you take a heavy loses in any terrain but clear. The real loses for para is after they land and if they are cut off. Then it's ugly.
  8. Paratroopers have been used for reinforcing areas. And I don't believe that if dropped into a friendly area you should lose 40% of your troops. If that was the case no person with any intelligenace would have been a trooper. And just because you are landing in a city square. If under your control areas could have been cleared for them. I don't believe our d-day landings suffered 40% loses. And that was in hostle landings. I would think this should be reconsidered. As far as a mobile unit, there are enough restriction to keep it limited. Lord knows they can't jump into US from France.
  9. This topic needs to be deleted. If they have a problem with each other they need another forum or way of communicate. Or they can meet behind a theater with pistols drawn. Or we could have a IQ test to keep these areas of discussion off this forum. And what it was design for the game play, not for kicks.
  10. NO not from air. I don't know how big the guns the French had there. But some of the shows I have seen, they were not large. I was thinking more of the lines of German artillary and there tanks with the accuracy they had to take out the fort guns. Maybe it might had been a little early for that. But if you look into the Pacific war air and large guns were used to take out bunkers. Now as for D-day, we must have missed the targets.
  11. Entrench units are ugly to run up against. But with new weapons and the mobility of troops. Entrench means this is where you die. Look at Iraq wars. They died by the thousands sitting in there entrenchments.
  12. I really don't why any one should be apologetic for what the Nazi's did or would have done. When you review what Japan did, no better. Except bleeding hearts make excuses for there behavior.Because of there old ways. And a lot of people have misgivings of Stalin being a good heart when in fact he murder millons as well. And since the end of WW2, we still have genocide wars going on. Some say is there right, or there religion to do this. And in todays Tv's or satallite commucations s**t still happens. So what Germany may have tried or not tried. No one will know for sure. We should be grateful at least we did stop them. What we should be ashamed of, is whet we have not done since WW2. Blaming the goverment for there lack of response is our fault. When people can do whats right and have a few idiots out say the majority wants. Want attention, feel needed, I am sure Cindy the worst mother ever to live in a while could help you. As far as religious quotes. I tired of them, since those who say them are the one's you should watch out for. And all I wanted was to see any new advice on game. Where's my rum and coke
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