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  1. Thank you for the info. Now I won't feel compelled to spend my leave sitting on BFC hitting f5!
  2. Alpaca, alpaca, alpaca

  3. That varies unit to unit. The units that I have deployed with (4-64 AR and 3-15 IN, 4BDE, 3ID) used the "arms room" concept. We had enough M150 and M68 for each squad leader to tailor his squad how he saw fit. If I wanted to I could have have run nothing but M150s or M68s or a mix of the two. Additionally we had EOTech, Leupold MK4 CQ/T and Trijicon RX30s. I can't think of anytime since 2004 that I have not had ample variety of optics, lights and lasers available. I would hope BFC is basing the optic availability off of the current MToE.
  4. I agree. The textures look awful. I really hope they get sorted out.
  5. After about 10 tries, my solution involved the scenario editor and an M7.
  6. Are we taking bets on whether or not this sorts out the Tiger II's textures?
  7. Thanks for the support, guys. I should be home in a matter of weeks and I plan on getting my mod on after I settle back in. Bil's icons came out great and really lend add to the atmosphere. Thanks again.
  8. Thanks for updating this, I've been kicking the idea around but have been way too busy.
  9. I'm digging the half face half flag, very CMBOish
  10. I think that may be a graphic card issue. I noticed at lower settings the lines are more visible. You could try switching the MOLLE textures as described HERE. Good luck.
  11. You know what's awesome? You have yet to refute any of my points. All of those quotes are out of context. Well played, sir. Do you work for MSNBC or Fox? -OUT.
  12. And you are incapable of having an insult free argument. Grow up. btw, feel free to look me up if you ever end up in GA.
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