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  1. It surely is cause those would be a perfect addition to our games...
  2. Dan Dare

    License key for 4.0 Upgrade

    Great, it works!!!! Merry Christmas everyone!!!!
  3. Dan Dare

    Some things for 4.0

    that is essential for recreation of a task force or Kampfgruppe......someday...someway...
  4. Dan Dare

    CMRT module. A rough estimate will do.

    ough...you have just ruin the rest of 2015 for me...you *******!!!!
  5. Dan Dare

    I think we must take Berlin today

    you are a dreamer...
  6. so Battlefront...any news about the CMRT module?
  7. Dan Dare

    PBEM games crashing at 26%

    hurry up boys...it is weekend already!!!!!
  8. Dan Dare

    No KV-1 tanks?

    Mr Battlefront, Will santa bring us, "ostfront lovers", something this xmas? Tell us something please (not just about Kv's) thank you in advance Dan
  9. Dan Dare

    No KV-1 tanks?

    just not rigth
  10. Mord, ialso noticed that...231 ac unselectable except by its icon...but..if the game is in orders phase i could select it as usual....only happens while the action or replay phase...but...i noticed it in cmbn 3.01!!!!!!. busy days for me so i havent install the cmrt patch yet.
  11. Dan Dare

    CMBN - Vehicles Issues

    nope... my issue is a much more incredible kind of weirdness...some pziv (pzivh latest and g late if i recall correctly) change the model of the tank for another (the french mini instead of model G) or change for the At bunker (75mm AT Bunker instead of model H, but only when closing up the view). will try to reinstall everything next week and hope it comes to what it should be...
  12. Dan Dare

    problem with shadows

    nvidia quadro k2000m on my laptop and ati/amd in my desktop, both with same problem. I use to play with shadows off to get rid of the flickering... but as soon as a tank brew up becomes the dark on the rest of the tanks ... and and also bright, i.e.- dark turret and brigth body.... It appears to only affects some tanks, depending on their position so most feasible a lighting issue... but others, as if ramdomly, just get brighter even if far away. It seems as if depends also from with height i was looking them, the lesser the height the lesser the effect. as i play mainly with the germans i can't tell for sure if it affect the russians, but my feeling is not... could that come from the modeling?. as you see mostly are mere feelings but just for the sake of my contribution to the cause
  13. Dan Dare

    Captured T-34s

    Mr Battlefront I hate to disagree with you. Not being a fluent english speeking person is a barrier for a debate with arguments I know you know...but.- a) ppsh is not the tokarev, 7.63 ammo was available in great quantities the quantities of captured ppsh were huge. It was formaly introduced as mp717® and even manuals were printed. it was the "second most common" smg in heer usage c) of those captured, some 10.000 were rechambered to 9mm, and so becoming the mp41, being most of them to equip the wss. d) The heer had an endemic shortage of smg. the authorized quantities were suspectly always "not enough" or "in need of replacement" in front line units. e) mp43 passed througt the ban of hitler due to the high need of smg in the Heer, and this even with a brend new cartridge. f) Even Finland bougth 7.63 ammo from germany...and ordered the fabrication of more than 1 million of the mauser cartridge for using their captured ppsh (funny, cause the ppsh was suposed to be a copy of the suomi) nevertheless, I do understand that having 2 smg ammo will delay the game...as happened before with the stg44 in cmbn, so I hope that your "Use was probably..." and "My sense is..." is a freudian slip and you keep open a window for the ppsh to come in cmrt finally.