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  1. You will need to wait for next module for Waffen SS, but elements fo 16. SS will be available in the Anzio timeframe.
  2. The 81mm and 60mm mortars for the Stryker Battalion are still in the most recent TO&E. The recon battalion is a bit different.
  3. Yes in CMBS; CMSF/II not explicitly so, but perhaps it is given a lot of leeway. Might need to look at that if there is zero suppression. But there are all sorts of guidelines for utililizing earlier non-CS munitions from buildings, so it is never simply yes / no.
  4. I believe the plan is to either upgun or replace the Bradley. Replacement would have larger caliber.
  5. Mr. Kennedy's site is back, but still in the process of rebuilding! www.bayonetstrength.uk
  6. Well, the fake machine guns make me wonder...
  7. That might be weight simulator for tests.
  8. 1. 12 Stummels per armored panzergrenadier battalion is correct. Now we could delve into the particulars of the HG division at various times, but this was the authorized org. 2. The Stummels should not have FJ uniform, but the same HG uniform as all the other crews in the battalion. 3. FJ helmets do belong on the Marder crews in the Panzerjäger Battalion under Luftwaffe Airborne. This was an FJ division asset. There were also Corps-level FJ StuG units in Italy, but the one in game under Luftwaffe Armor is HG Division's StuG battalion. The FJ Corps StuG battalion/s in Italy mostly used Italian StuGs anyway, IIRC. 4. Glider M1919A4 uniform bug confirmed. 5. Call for fire without a radio is not a bug, but a limitation of the design.
  9. 12 is correct, both on paper and at times in practice. Six in heavy company, two in each panzergrenadier company.
  10. The core problem here is that it does not interact well with the player as god problem and the map as contained arena problem. Drive one guy in a Jeep fast down the road and he will probably die, but you’ll know exactly where to place your indirect fire.
  11. It was supposed to move from Infantry-only to Mech Infantry, but seems it got lost along the way.
  12. Excalibur does does have full fusing options, but there is no reason for only Excalibur to have all three options.
  13. “Armor” should read “penetration.” It is actually a poor choice against armor since there are no true anti-armor artillery rounds in game, and a near miss from a ground burst should be more damaging than a shell that buries into ground before bursting. Note: it is possible that the armor selection does nothing in game. Might be worth testing against some multi-story buildings and seeing if the setting leads to shells penetrating more often to lower floors.
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