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  1. Ah, well I assumed Russia had something similar to SADARM, SMArt, BONUS 155mm rounds, but perhaps not. Regardless, I would assume that is the class of weapon they are referencing.
  2. Sub-munitions deployed by 152mm artillery,
  3. For August to September 1944, SA Armoured Regiment 44A allows for 2x IBs per squadron and 1x troop of Sherman IIAs. For October 1944 on, SA Armoured Regiment has 2x IBs per squadron HQ standard, allows you to replace all 75mm Shermans in regiment except in 4th troop with Sherman IIAs, and allows 4th troop to be Fireflies. Disagree with above chart that says SA 6th Division should hold no fireflies in Spring '45 as I have actual 15th AG returns showing 12x ICs in the division in April '45. It's not perfect as it doesn't allow for nuanced transition like 2x IIA troops, 1x 75mm troop and 1x Firefly troops, but otherwise captures everything you describe above. I see you are copy-pasting from this old axis history post: https://forum.axishistory.com/viewtopic.php?t=92903 Unfortunately, neither that nor other information I've seen posted provides any good information on how common use of SS smocks was in the division in Italy.
  4. Don’t have access to game right now, but Hetzer should only be available in Heer Infantry —> Panzerjager Battalion, so check Heer infantry single vehicles. These were removed during development as there is no evidence of either being used in Italy. Not sure what you mean by “fortification selection” for T32 mountain gun. Bug with single vehicle purchase which has been reported. They are crewed appropriately in the Kangaroo formation.
  5. That is correct, at least for Stuart Recces in formations.
  6. The front of the Archer and the driver position is opposite the gun muzzle.
  7. I bet an intrepid modder could do something reasonable with the 1st FFD trenchcoat model.
  8. oops, missed that. seems it got recycled as new elsewhere.
  9. No idea, but uploaded directly.
  10. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ATOM_(IFV) Back to APS: Arena-M field trials on T-72B3.
  11. Das Reich has 29 "Masch. Karabiner 43/1" on their Feb. 1, 1944 return, but the following returns for March and April have no such listing. Yes, I was aware of this order for a trial organization (but above offers some additional detail), but still have no evidence for which, if any, units used such an org in Normandy. That said, you can "mine" something pretty close out of the September Panzer Brigade panzergrenadier battalion. Doesn't have the rifles, but some headcount manipulation and specialist teams additions can get you even closer.
  12. 2nd Panzer and 1st SS PD LSSAH don't show any on their returns at this time. LSSAH had 120 "M.Pi.43" on their return for 31 December, 1943, but these are gone on later returns.
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