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  1. Russia is not testing but has a huge increase in “pneumonia” cases...
  2. These were manufactured stand-off screens. http://www.tankarchives.ca/2014/06/panzerfaust-protection.html
  3. Average Joe does not understand math. Maybe someone less average will need to make some decisions.
  4. You don’t have to do that. Just got a full case of survival juice delivered. That’s probably a better question for an economist, if you are talking about supplies of food or household goods. Don’t be an ass and hoard face masks or toilet paper or bottled water ffs.
  5. The change to organize 1x SMG in each rifle company was made in mid 1943. All the rifle companies in current version have larger numbers of SMGs than the shtat provides for seeded throughout the rifle company. With this fix, they will be concentrated in an SMG Platoon and rifle platoons will have the authorized shtat allocation of SMGs. Note that the 43 and 44 rifle battalion orgs are really not earlier and later orgs, but rather the full shtat authorized org (from Dec 42 with changes through mid 43) for the "43" battalion and a more typical reduced org for 1944-45 (not a new shtat) for the "44" org. In 1944-45, the Red Army was short of men, not SMGs.
  6. KETF works more like old-school shrapnel, bursting well before the intended target and discharging sub-projectiles in a cone forward, whereas ABM in game is treated as AB-HE, a standard HE round timed to burst over the target that is just as effective against a target behind the burst as it is against one in front (well, in reality its not quite so simple, but that is the effect in game). KETF really needs a unique treatment in the code, sort of like delayed action canister.
  7. This. You would need to generate a huge amount of data to determine if differences in spotting were due to the calling unit or just normal variation in the drone spotting. AFAIK, there is no underlying reason in the game that would generate a difference.
  8. This is stationary accuracy, correct? The early Stryker RWS was not stabilized.
  9. The many schemes for reduction complicate the discussion, but this is really about the "43" full strength org. Even if it was not typical, I believe some units were brought up to strength before important operations. See discussion on reduced schemes here:
  10. A report that might have some bearing on this: http://www.tankarchives.ca/2018/02/dp-in-combat.html
  11. Some info on APCR performance: https://www.tankarchives.ca/2019/12/apcr-and-heat-instructions.html
  12. There were still KVs in use on the Eastern Front in summer 1944.
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