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  1. akd


    In Texas, anything can be fried. Anything... http://mentalfloss.com/article/31488/25-deep-fried-foods-texas-state-fair
  2. Sure on that Bil? At one time during CMBS development the decals were basically the same diameter as the penetrators, but this was clearly wrong.
  3. Spotting is weighted by facing, not by target arcs. The only affect of a target arc on spotting is to set the unit’s facing. This makes sense as the order is not intended for controlling observation, but controlling fire. Caveat: on moving vehicles with weapon stations that can pivot, setting a target arc away from the direction of travel does modify spotting.
  4. akd

    CMRT Module 1 Bones

    Yes, anything that is in CMFB you will almost certainly see in RT module (trying to think of an exception and not coming up with anything), along with additional vehicles and units (as Steve already mentioned above).
  5. Artkin

    new pic -rep

  6. Not as a platoon support element with dedicated crew, but kept in reserve for reissue to squads. M249 and M27 can be swapped out without need for additional personnel or logistics burden.
  7. akd

    Reduction of Ghouta

    On to Yarmouk...
  8. akd

    Russian army under equipped?

    Seems “Terminator” will be in this year’s parade: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=QUwgJemgSKs
  9. Gebirgsjäger textures are WIP. Above is standard Heer infantry textures.
  10. You are confusing war games and wargames. (Really though, there is no clear definition. Here they clearly mean games about the Second World War.)
  11. Wargamer published a list of the best WW2 strategy and wargames, but did not include any CM titles. The locals revolted and now there is a V2 of the list with CM at the top. https://www.wargamer.com/articles/best-ww2-strategy-games-war-games/
  12. akd

    Stryker vs Bradley

    More road than pothole, so yes, above average.
  13. akd

    New Russian vehicles

    Probably not unless BFC decides to do a 2025 vehicle pack* or something. Same for JLTV, AMPV, SCOUT SV, etc. *this would actually be pretty cool and probably popular.