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      Special Upgrade 4 Tech Tips   12/27/2016

      Hi all! Now that Upgrade 4 is out and about in large quantities we have now discovered a few SNAFUs that happen out in the scary, real world that is home computing.  Fortunately the rate of problems is extremely small and so far most are easily worked around.  We've identified a few issues that have similar causes which we have clear instructions for work arounds here they are: 1.  CMRT Windows customers need to re-license their original key.  This is a result of improvements to the licensing system which CMBN, CMBS, and CMFB are already using.  To do this launch CMRT with the Upgrade and the first time enter your Engine 4 key.  Exit and then use the "Activate New Products" shortcut in your CMRT folder, then enter your Engine 3 license key.  That should do the trick. 2.  CMRT and CMBN MacOS customers have a similar situation as #2, however the "Activate New Products" is inside the Documents folder in their respective CM folders.  For CMBN you have to go through the process described above for each of your license keys.  There is no special order to follow. 3.  For CMBS and CMFB customers, you need to use the Activate New Products shortcut and enter your Upgrade 4 key.  If you launch the game and see a screen that says "LICENSE FAILURE: Base Game 4.0 is required." that is an indication you haven't yet gone through that procedure.  Provided you had a properly functioning copy before installing the Upgrade, that should be all you need to do.  If in the future you have to install from scratch on a new system you'll need to do the same procedure for both your original license key and your Upgrade 4.0 key. 4.  There's always a weird one and here it is.  A few Windows users are not getting "Activate New Products" shortcuts created during installation.  Apparently anti-virus software is preventing the installer from doing its job.  This might not be a problem right now, but it will prove to be an issue at some point in the future.  The solution is to create your own shortcut using the following steps: Disable your anti-virus software before you do anything. Go to your Desktop, right click on the Desktop itself, select NEW->SHORTCUT, use BROWSE to locate the CM EXE that you are trying to fix. The location is then written out. After it type in a single space and then paste this:


      Click NEXT and give your new Shortcut a name (doesn't matter what). Confirm that and you're done. Double click on the new Shortcut and you should be prompted to license whatever it is you need to license. At this time we have not identified any issues that have not been worked around.  Let's hope it stays that way Steve
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      Forum Reorganization   10/12/2017

      We've reorganized our Combat Mission Forums to reflect the fact that most of you are now running Engine 4 and that means you're all using the same basic code.  Because of that, there's no good reason to have the discussion about Combat Mission spread out over 5 separate sets of Forums.  There is now one General Discussion area with Tech Support and Scenario/Mod Tips sub forums.  The Family specific Tech Support Forums have been moved to a new CM2 Archives area and frozen in place. You might also notice we dropped the "x" from distinguishing between the first generation of CM games and the second.  The "x" was reluctantly adopted back in 2005 or so because at the time we had the original three CM games on European store shelves entitled CM1, CM2, and CM3 (CMBO, CMBB, and CMAK).  We didn't want to cause confusion so we added the "x".  Time has moved on and we have to, so the "x" is now gone from our public vocabulary as it has been from our private vocabulary for quite a while already.  Side note, Charles *NEVER* used the "x" so now we're all speaking the same language as him.  Which is important since he is the one programming them


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  1. My favorite: M4A3E2 “Jumbo” upgraded with 76mm, relocated M2 for loader, M1919 for commander and M3 .50 cal (1000rpm) in coax position.
  2. Same from all aspect angles, or have they just become better at shooting the occupants / achieving penetrations through the (too large) embrasure? Would be great if some day we could get a proper MG fighting bunker:
  3. Plenty of .50s mounted in the Zaloga's Armored Attack 1944 and Armored Victory 1945. Not a careful analysis, but I'd guess half or more.
  4. Russian army under equipped?

    Seems photo is actually T-80BVM.
  5. You can make recon a scenario objective, both through attainment of physical objectives and points for spotting enemy units. Not an often used option by scenario designers, however.
  6. How accurate *is* CMBS?

    Note, those are weight simulators, not appliqué armor or ERA. But yes, SEPv3 does include improvements to the front armor array. ERA is not tied to the SEPv3 upgrade and can be added to any mark as needed. SEPv3 is a done deal and already in production. ERA is not a proposed / future upgrade, but a kit that can be installed as needed. Photo in thread above is of tankers installing the kit on a Abrams that has just arrived in Europe. Whether or not the Army is training to put ERA on tanks in Europe solely for urban contingencies, I don't know.
  7. M60 MBT Modifications Opinions

    Or get hits on cupola...
  8. How accurate *is* CMBS?

    Israel lost quite a few tanks to ATGMs in 2006. Israel put Trophy on tanks. Trophy defeated ATGMs.
  9. Ammo Sharing with Off-Map Units?

    Interesting, probably a bug, but perhaps something intentional. It is not often that you have units in the same section / platoon arriving separately to join a stationary unit.
  10. This is probably a TO&E bug that got baked into the scenario. edit: nevermind, it is bug with the 250/9 when purchased through the Single Vehicles menu in the editor. Will report. That said, it is only supposed to have about 2k rds, so that ammo will simply be removed, not reassigned to the vehicle.
  11. Nope, 66mm are HE grenades. The AT grenades are shown separately by icon in the special equipment panel. Your example team has 3x HE-frag rifle grenades and 1x AT grenade (M9A1). I think there is only one 3D model, however, and it is the M9A1. Ammunition in the special equipment panel is not shown in the squad ammo counter and vice versa.
  12. The "66mm" rifle grenades are this: (Actually 57mm) Or this: (actual diameter? maybe 66mm)
  13. If a spotting round is fired with significant error, then the next round and the one after do not have significant corrections toward the intended target, cancel the mission. The FO is not seeing the spotting rounds. Basically, if spotting rounds are not correcting and you let the mission continue, you are saying go ahead and try fire for effect with error.