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  1. 2 hours would be a terrible way to demo a complex game like CM.
  2. That’s after all the Cheeto dust was wiped off.
  3. MikeyD found the missing m1892 texture in his couch cushions. Here you go: M1892pistolart.rar
  4. I bet @MikeyD has a texture he could share. Admittly information is slim, but we could find no evidence this MG was used by Indian divisions in Italy. They seem to have been fairly uniformly equipped along standard British lines.
  5. That's probably because many Volkssturm officers were local party officials, but there was no Volkssturm officer uniform.
  6. This is from Hitler’s Last Levy: The Volkssturm 1944-45: I can’t find any explanation for this, but indeed most photographs have the later-pattern bands in that position. Perhaps given that it was in the national colors, they were afraid it would be confused with Nazi Party armbands? The early-pattern white armbands, however, seem to have been almost universally worn on the upper arm.
  7. There are many photos as well. I posted one above, but I see on my other device it is not displaying for some reason. I will try again: Some more: My conclusion would be that neither position is "correct." Both were used in various circumstances.
  8. There are quite a few examples of the VS bands worn low on the sleeve as seen in game:
  9. Some new kit on parade (rehearsal): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KQBMqlmW8n0&feature=emb_title
  10. That is what was used against Soleimani in Baghdad. Nothing new here.
  11. IIRC, regardless of sensor available, stationary infantry cannot be spotted past 800m, which is a bit silly for modern era, I think. If they move, they can be spotted, and sensors like LRAS3 will spot them much faster.
  12. In reality, the observer must be unbuttoned to use the LRAS3, and I think it is same in game.
  13. Before they setup game for new OS to use documents folder for saves, etc., creating a "Z" folder in the data folder was the way to use mod files and make sure they load after stock data files. MODS folder works the same and uses the same rule (MODS overwrites data and folders within MODS overwrite each other in alpha-numeric order).
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