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  1. Scenario Organizer worked well, thanks a lot. I'll play the missions as single battles and send all units lost earlier back to leave the map. Or does the opposition also receive all units they lost earlier?
  2. Thanks a lot for the help. I'll first try the Scenario Organizer. If that doesn't work I'll ask for the save files.
  3. By some dumb mistake my CMBN folder got deleted. Due to that event I lost all my save files, most importantly my current save from "Die letzte Hoffnung" campaign. I've been able to restore some files with undelete, but they seem to be corrupted. Would anyone be able to take a look at one of the files to see why they don't work with my new installation of CMBN (patched to 1.01, I believe I had 1.01 before that as well). Alternatively, would anyone be willing to provide me with a savegame from that campaign at the start of the final battle, with forces at good strength? Thanks for your help, you're my "letzte Hoffnung"...
  4. Hi Schrullenhaft, is there any way to see how many activations are left? And how do I add further activations after 365 days have passed? Regards Tom
  5. I have noticed that infantry models disappear if my camera position moves more than 400-600m away from them even though they should still be visible given their size. My graphics settings are pretty low due to playing on a laptop. However, I have tried playing around with the settings and have not been able to get the models to show further away. Is there a setting that changes the visible range for graphic models?
  6. Just to let you know, there are probably a lot more silent observers like me enjoying this than you think. I find those AARs very entertaining but haven't seen the need to write messages in the thread. Please keep the show going!
  7. Can't open it either. There's a thread in the CMAK forum, but no explanation there, either.
  8. None of those, the M1114 HMMWV w/ Mk19 GL
  9. "Beautiful screenshot key" that turns off all ?s, unit bases, icons and "Pause" text.
  10. I wish it were so, but I think you cheered so much that you forgot to read the whole message. They won't start implementing it before some time next year
  11. Nicht Moon und auch nur noch 6 Wochen lang, aber "Bescheid", das ist ja lustig.
  12. I'm never really sure about irony in posts so I've got to ask: Are you kidding? To me the German versions of CM games have created more problems than they solved.
  13. As far as I understood it the maps for the CMBB battles will be a set of human made tiles instead of generated maps like the ones in QBs right now. My guess is that the campaign designer or a campaign generator could just put together the strategic map from those predefined tiles. I could be mistaken, though.
  14. I don't think the yellow areas are objectives. They are just suggestions how to assault the town. At the end of the scenario, the green objective zones are what counts.
  15. I'm not sure if you meant dismounting troops from their transport, e.g. an infantry group from a Stryker or if you want to make a unit leave the vehicle it is driving, e.g. make an FO team leave their own UAZ. The former is solved by the above answers, but I'm wondering if the latter is possible at all.
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