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  1. I had to post this. I have never seen 1 tank take out 4 targets with 1 shell. SU-85 vs 3 x Puma and 1 x 250/9
  2. My CC was also compromised 3-5 days after I bought CMSF2 but in this day and age, it is to be expected at some time in your financial life. I think it probably is connected but I do not blame Battlefront, I blame the scumbags who think it is a thrill to steal. As there are so may possible points of contact on the internet, I use a VPN so I do not think it is the Battlefront to my computer connection but rather after the purchase. I specifically have a separate CC with only a $500 limit so they will not get rich off of me. I do my Netflix, Britbox, CraveTV and all my Amazon on it so it does not have much room to steal from me. What I find annoying is that my bank will never tell me where or which business my card was compromised at, though many times it is not the business' fault. The funny thing is that Visa saw something odd and put a hold on my card when they noticed I was subscribing to Match.com. My wife got a laugh out of that. Then someone tried to buy petrol in Chicago and I am 2100 kms away. Visa seems to know me more than I know myself.
  3. Artkin, Worked like a charm. I did not see it as I was confusing my documents directory with my programs x86 directory. Thanks Jason
  4. I bought the upgrade/Battle-Pack for CMBS and have it installed (says version v2.10 in start screen when I launch) but when I go to play the scenarios themselves (I see 6 in battles), they are greyed out it says I need to buy the Battle-Pack which I just did. How do I activate the Battle-Pack? When I launch, there is no activation screen that I have seen previously when I bought other Modules/Vehicle-P/Battle-Pack). Jason
  5. I have the same problem but this is usually due to my VPN location. I change to a different location (say Chicago vs Seattle) and I gain access. Jason
  6. I have to 2nd Macisle's list with one addition. Korea 1950-1953 Battle of France 1940 Barbarossa/Eastern Front 41-43 North African Campaign 40-43
  7. Steve, Just for clarification - You mentioned in the first post here that it is - CMFB 1.02 - then Engine 4.0 - then a late war module for CMFB? I read in a previous post that it was going to be either a late war module for either CMFI or CMRT that would be the next major project. Did you just get your CMs mixed up?
  8. Yes, a heads up would be very helpful. I was scheduling my one day of the week that I go in at night to get caught up on emails and it was nice to have you playing in the background. A pleasant distraction. Thanks - Jason
  9. Sorry *Streams not Steams. Lack of food making me drowzy.
  10. I just noticed that Chris is not steaming any more and it says that the channel is on hiatus. Is there any reason or just that we are awaiting the next CM release? Just curious as I always enjoyed them. Jason
  11. I at least found another computer that I had hooked up to Dropbox so did download the patch and could install it. The MG problem (continually grayed out) seems to be also affecting the Hetzer. Even with the patch.
  12. I have links to both the forum and the website. I am attempting to download the 1.01 patch for CMFB. The forum page will load but the main website will not load, it keeps timing out.. I have disabled Peerblock (which can cause issues with some sites) but need to keep my VPN on. So why does the main website block my VPN but the forum does not? I am just needing the direct link to the patch but that also times out. Is there anyway to get to the main page without needing to remove my VPN (and why does a VPN cause issues in the first place)? Jason
  13. I noticed 2 strange things going on while playing Custer's Last Stand. 1. US Machine Gun team behind a wall The gunner was to the side of the machine gun and the gun was firing while the trooper was beside it in a firing position. 2. Units stuck trying to ride tank (even though entire unit is a rider) I had a glitch where I loaded some troops up as riders but then the tank could not do anything and neither could the rider unit (or the command unit also as rider). I could not get the riders off, I could not move the tank. I tried to force the units off (by bailing etc.) but these were greyed out. I tried putting a move order on both the tank and the riding commander but neither would move and I could not issue any orders to the one stuck unit. I have two saved game files but they are to big to attach here. Jason
  14. I am getting the blistering speed of 120KB/s. and I have a package where I can consistently get 6MB/s usually. Oh well, I guess I will go back to playing the Road to Minsk (CMRT) for the next few days. So while I am waiting to download and play this for the next few months, what is next on the horizon?
  15. So what setting do I need to set in order for the units to exit the map from an exit point in a quick battle? Is there one? I do like your idea of creating scenarios but I wish there was more of a hybrid - reinforcements or a set of fixed units in a QB game. Say have an infantry only battle which you would pick your units (or have the computer do it) but have a tank platoon arrive 5-10 minutes in. This way, you could avoid the computer picking a terrible set of units (like all tanks or all infantry) and still have more of a balanced force. Or alternatively, have a max percentage that the computer can use towards each category.
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