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  1. You are The Man Now i would like to add a small detail to t-55 skin A white shield with symbol of key on it
  2. If You want water install Pacifics Fighters lol, this is the one good aspect of that game
  3. rofl never could write correctly german words lol
  4. to get up own morale for example lol
  5. siecher ist siecher , said Dr. Manlicher and invented Das Maschinegewehr - kill them all , just for a case
  6. Could You share Your mission on rapidshare.de or similar webdrive ? Would be great to play it , not only watch
  7. I used to play FB - AEP, when PF was released i9 said ' Thats enough 'best sim ever' for me' and i got back to old Il-2 sturmovik from 2001. But when i was playing FB mainly i flew D9 44, painted on toxic green color With 100% of fuel it flies the same perfectly as 5 kg large brick...but when somebody gets hit by that kind of brick... On this plane i usually cant shot down more than two planes per hour , but from other side nobody can catch me too
  8. then at begining of mission go to driver station, release mountain brake, and accelerate to medium speed, then switch to other station and issue order 'go'. That way when u will back to driver station tank wont stop
  9. Yea, especially when two Leos turn turrets in your direction
  10. В ваших руках дополнение к игре «Танк Т-72: Балканы в огне»..... We are giving in your hands addon for game T-72 Balkans in Fire. 20 new missions , 10 missions for multiplayer and 10 for single player ( or 20 for single and 10 for multi - cannot understand well, i know russian language a bit but not so good to inderstand everything_
  11. http://games.iddk.ru/gm/38/ Why nobody (yes , talking about You Moon ) told me that something like this exists
  12. Mobility.. maybe comparing with t34, and shermans. Realy big adventage of t55 is powerfull cannon, very acurate, and small front profile. In fight, you have to be in move all the time, stopping only for few seconds needed to aim and open fire. Weakest point of t55 is between first and second wheel, so better do not expose sides to enemy.
  13. And i would like to know how i could change players tank in mission. I can use mission editor , on very basic level - i can add enemy tannk , and link it to existing AI module. I tried the same with players tank but it didnt work
  14. I have to read about that M-84. I guess it is similar tank to polish PT-91
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