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  1. I hesitate to say that the problem is fixed, but I have now played the first two scenarios of the Marine campaign with some saves but without ANY crashes. I am set on "Balanced" but I think what cracked it was the download you suggested. I am at a loss to understand why I can have played this game to fruition many times and yet suddenly I need a new download. It doesn't make sense to me, but then again I don't claim to be any kind of computer expert. Anyway my thanks again, to those of you who puzzled this one. I wonder how many other customers have bought a game that requires Parches to make it current and have then found their hardware to be deficient? But it works, many thanks :-)
  2. I did the download. I have completed the first scenario without crashes. Later this week I will run the second and third. Fingers crossed.
  3. The date on your ATI/AMD Radeon Catalyst driver suggests that it may be a version 9.8 or 9.9. Both of those had crashing problems with CMSF, though it is interesting that you are only seeing problems with the latest patch. I can't remember if those particular Catalysts could cause an 'insufficient memory' error. However it is also possible to get that error regardless of the video driver that is installed. The texture memory management problem of the 9.4 - 9.9 Catalysts would usually crash CMSF without an error dialog box (if I recall correctly); usually within 5 -20 minutes of play. Assuming you have a 64-bit version of Windows 7, you may want to try the following utility to determine if your laptop can use the AMD-provided Catalyst driver (many laptops cannot): Windows Vista/7/8 64-bit Catalyst 13.1 Utility If this utility determines that your laptop can use the AMD-provided 13.1 Catalyst it will download it and you can install it. >>> I have done so thanks. When you were testing each upgrade step, were you replaying the same battle/campaign (and mission if it was a campaign) or were you 'progressing' through and these were different actions with each upgrade ? In other words were you testing the exact same thing each time before you got your 'insufficient memory' error ? >>> I was playing the same mission from the two campaigns. I never got far enough to move on to the respective second missions. I think another thing that somewhat minimizes the 'insufficient memory' error is using a lower '3D Texture Quality' and '3D Model Quality' setting. Typically 'Balanced' should be a good setting. I'm not sure if there are benefits to going to an even lower video quality or not. These settings don't resolve most of the 'insufficient memory' errors, but they are worth trying. >>> I don't think I have much time free this week but I will try the game again and then if I have problems, change the 3D settings and try again, again! >>> Many thanks.
  4. Well I discovered by accident that I had not deleted the final save. So I did so and can now get into the games. But both the US army and Marine campaign first scenario crash and even if I have saved it means re-doing the turn all over again.
  5. The driver is an ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3400 dated 17/08/2009. I clicked on update but the computer assures me it is the latest :-( (If this wasn't such a good game I'd have given up weeks ago!!!)
  6. First I uninstalled EVERTYHING from Battle front. Then I re-downloaded and installed the Marines and CMSF bundle. I ran a three D screen for about an hour without crashed. Then I played the first scenario for about 40 minutes of game time. Without crashes. I downloaded the first patch and did the above. I downloaded all the other patches repeating the exercise of leaving the screen alone and then playing the game. With all the patches installed the first crash came with 20 minutes to go in the first scenario. Interestingly enough the computer reported “Insufficient memory. I went to C drive 86 saved games and deleted all but the last one. With 16 minutes to go the computer crashed and locked me out of everything. I cannot even access the other options like Quick battles. I deleted the final save but am still locked out. I have not had time to sort out the other suggestions in your e-mail but will try to do some of it later today. ………………. When I load the CD a graphic of the front of the “box” appears on the screen with four options. (I think they are Run, Play, Install or something like that.) The Install Option is greyed out and cannot be used.
  7. I've given up. The game now crashes almost every turn. I've deleted EVERYTHING from Battlefront, including Normandy. I have the CD I originally bought. When that loads the "Install" option does not light up. There is no request for a licence key nor can I find it anyway.
  8. Well it's still crashing. I can open the saved games and make saves. I have played the first Marine scenario (again!) and completed it (Total Victory <g>) I have gone into program files 86 and deleted all the saved games but the last two in the theory if one of them is corrupt I'll be killing it. (Yes, I know little about computers and nothing about programming , nor do I care.) I'll carry on playing it this week.
  9. I found the saved games in "Program files" and deleted them all. Hmm, now the game runs. I can save games and the first say ten minutes I had no crash. If this has, gulp, cured it, can games I save in the future become corrupted? Fingers crossed. Oh btw, I ran Battle for Normandy without problem. (Don't like it though <g>)
  10. First. Thanks for the Admin tip although I'm not sure it works for see below. A real time game doesn#t seem to crash although I only ran it for about five minutes. I saved it and then tried to go back to the save. Now I can't access that save or any other. I then ran a battle which didn#t crash but I saved it and couldn't get back. So I can't access any saved games now. The windows report says that the game encountered a problem and windows will close the program and let me know if a solution is available. There has been no solution of course. I have looked out my hard copy of the CMSF game I bought when it first came out and am thinking of uninstalling everything and running the CD. Oh, I have no idea what cards I have set up but could probably find out if you think that will help. The game ran perfectly until this past week after a pause of maybe a year of not playing. No alterations to the hardware of the computer have taken place since then. I don't think it can be a hardware issue since the game ran fine originally with the same hardware as last week. I cannot find the computer storage of the saved games. If I could I'd delete them all.
  11. This game is now unplayable. The brand new download will not open saved games if I simply "Open" it. If I right click and open as an "administrator" it will access saved games. Then however it crashes every turn.
  12. Crashed again. Third marine scenario. About the third minute watching the action. Saves are working. Bleughhh
  13. Well this is weird. The game is running and the save function is working and it hasn't crashed. YIPPEEE! I don't know what I did. I looked for the old saved games and couldn't find them although I found old Normandy saves (that game crashes too btw <g>) So, for want of some action to take I looked up all the programs under Battlefront as listed in the Windows 7 Start button, All programs. I RIGHT clicked on the program and opened the game as an Administrator and the computer asked me if I wanted to allow BF to make changes to my computer. I said yes and its running. The only saved games showing are 1 - 6 that I have just saved in these last few minutes. If I try to open the games with a LEFT click I don't get asked that security question but I then can't get into Saved games and the computer crashed. I don't know what I did but I don't really think it matters. I'm a bit grateful and if you have a young daughter or sister I will marry her and care for her for the rest of her life - or alternatively sacrificed a small animal to you. Please tell me you seem to have solved it?
  14. >>>>First of all I appreciate the efforts you're making :-) It is frustrating to be having problems with a game (and incidentally I have only three games on my computer and two of them are yours!) that I have played and enjoyed since it was first produced. What is causing these current problems I obviously, have no idea. >>> I regret I don't understand this,, but I'll go have a look. Ciao.
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