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  1. Hello names Hector. i live in Puerto Rico and you may know what hurricane Maria did to our beautiful island. We have no power only 3 hours a day, and as a CM fan had really missed playing. I had a little problem with the game installation since they were downloaded (i had the cds also) and tried to contact battlefront but was hard with no internet so I managed to get on for a bit and found a phone number and called Steve whom I really dont know who he is but he answered. I want to say Thanks for the conversation we had. He offered to help and eventhough I got everything working offline after, it was refreshing to hear he was available to help. I really appreciate his gesture and will continue to support Battlefront knowing that behind this company are great and caring people. Again Thanks Steve . Hector
  2. I would like to play, but I m not an expert, so if you are still willing add me steam id nitetrain . I can play saturdays
  3. I dont post much but I really have to jump in and also say thanks. I remember the good old cmbb,cmak and wow BF has really come a long way with great releases of the Cm series, I am a very happy customer that will continue to support Bf . Also the community is a smart fun group of players. I am looking forward to getting into the pbem scene soon !! Keep up the great work
  4. Merry Christmas to all,,,Feliz 2013 !!!!
  5. I think most of us are busy with Italy until the update,,At least I am....
  6. When I am back home I let you all know,,,be nice to play under the shade of a palm tree I have in the back of my home
  7. ty for the name references,,,in school i was *hector connector the garbage collector* funny kids lol...and theFightingSeabee,,,My mom was from Vieques, and I have a house about an hour from the port of fajardo. I plan on going back to live there when my body has had enough winters. So who knows what can happen! When you get the money you can stop by .
  8. Thank you battlefront. I used to play many strategy games from Command and conquer to men of war. Lots of money was spent on many rts games. But you spoiled me. After purchasing The new CB series I can no longer play any other rts game.(more money saved to purchase all new cb stuff ) There are many great games out there,,,but I just cannot enjoy them like before . The cb series is so different,and so close to really being there its just incredible. I enjoy playing realtime,,the camera as close to the ground possible as if I were there with the troops. Its even great to get your butt kicked in this game lol. I am playing as much as I can trying to learn so I can soon play against some of the great players here. I read the aar's and really enjoy them alot. I have to say thanks to BF and all the great wargamers who are part of this community. I am not a grog like most here but I enjoy the game and hope to play and make friends here. Oh yeah and my english isn't perfect,,I am 54,was born in Puerto Rico,,,raised in brooklyn NY, worked and got married in Puerto rico ,and now live in Holyoke Ma with my wife,kids and grandkids..just so you can know me better, Thanks Hector
  9. Mine arrived today also,,,love the manual larger letters and the spiral binding. Very Satisfied customer,, ty BF
  10. Dragging waypoints cool, toned down greenery cool,New ui cool,,even the activation part was cool,,only one problem know is how we "gonna git" time enough to play both games ???
  11. I know many have also. I am just happy I could finally do it, just have to wait a bit (I hope) until released. I hope to get into the pbem scene soon. I am practicing against the ai and my son who I got involved and is playing the demo with me. Many great players here but I can at least be cannon fodder for you guys .. Thank Battlefront for the great games,service and for bringing together such a great group of people together,,!!!
  12. Thanks for the aar,really enjoy them. Keep 'em comin'
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