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  1. A close friend of mine is of Maroccan descent and she works as a translator and is fluent in Arabic. Maybe I can ask her to do her best impression of a male aggressive warrior. She is awfully nice IRL so it might be a stretch.
  2. Just to be on the safe side, check spam folder which might contain email with download link. Otherwise file a ticket with help desk who will help you out.
  3. Cheers mate! I think uploads to CMMODS is disabled now while finial touches are made by Bootie.
  4. South African forces seem to lack any voice sounds like various expressions but also artillery call in/response commands.
  5. Can it be replicated? Please post video and keep a save file.
  6. Are your C D two partitions of the same drive or a hybrid SSD drive? Or is your D an external drive? Trying to avoid the problems you had once the download is finished.
  7. I actually got two identical emails, so maybe something is awry.
  8. If you read the patch notes it says "Mojo included" so get going
  9. Yay! Got the email and am trying to download, but the speed is non-existent so far Hurry, hurry...⚡ Edit: @BFCElvis the name of the files are not clear which is for PC and which is for Mac - maybe change that. I assume .rar is for PC.
  10. This is how it was announced (and when) to the repository: Perhaps the only way to tell is to unpack the campaigns and compare in the editor to tell. Or if the campaign maker provides more info. Don't know who made it.
  11. Starting to be unsure what makes windows set dates for files that have been downloaded or transferred from a previous hard drive - but I have "creation date" 4/9/2016 and "last change made" 5/21/2013. I used to have the habit of always downloading all community made content when released so I would assume that the v2 is the latest one. Maybe there is a hint in the designer notes in the campaign?
  12. The file name for what I assume is the updated campaign is "Troina v2" and file dates can change over time for other reasons (depending on where you found them). Anywho, here is the link for anyone who want it and @Swant : https://www.dropbox.com/s/cztr2dzf2fyf2kv/Troina v2.cam?dl=0
  13. Wasn't there another thread on this just a couple of weeks ago? Maybe it contains some info or if it was finally concluded to be a bug.
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