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  1. As a non-native speaker I have never understood that idiomatic phrase. Please explain, I hear it a lot.
  2. Isn't also the sun's position in the sky and where it rises/sets also modelled? It is cool that the moon shows the accurate phase in night battles. So it begs the question if out pixeltruppen fights worse on a full moon night 🌚
  3. Cool Any chance for some info on what the campaigns will deal with? How many scenarios? And QB maps? And master maps? And the meaning of life while we're at it
  4. Excellent idea. In muddy conditions (and sometimes in better conditions) all it takes is just a wee bit off road and you bog down. And then movement paths for vehicles behind adjust, go off road and bog down as well. Ugh...
  5. That was probably the fallen angel. You’ve been seduced by a dark force 👹
  6. One needs to be careful with pop smoke because it can go wrong. The smoke grenade is always thrown by the leader of the squad/team. If he faces in another direction when the face/pop smoke command is given, there is a risk that he won't be facing in the right direction when the pop smoke command kicks in and he will toss it in the wrong direction. This is more likely to happen if under fire. In that case pop smoke can be cancelled completely as well.
  7. Maybe the windshield acts like the gun shield on German halftracks? I know nothing about engines but I guess it will take several hits to make it stop completely and it will run, albeit poorly, until then.
  8. Thank god for that passion. Far too few companies are driven by sincere passion and are just chasing big bucks. Look at what's happening in the triple-A game business, with companies like EA and Activision using microtransactions to monetize their games to death.
  9. My problem with camera 4, which I use a lot, is that I frequently misread terrain completely. I underestimate elevation changes and sometimes even think it slopes in another direction than it does. For me a more three dimensional feel for the terrain in higher camera modes is something that would add much to the game. Fancy LOS features/tools and such I agree can provide too much information and ruin "fog of war". But what about the modern titles? Wouldn't a commander have very detailed satelite information about the terrain most of the time?
  10. It would be great to better see elevation changes, even subtle ones, on higher cameras. The change between camera 2 and 3 is big in how I can read the terrain. I wonder if CM could use the rendering tech of Google Maps on iPad (don't know what it is called). Its 3D mode is excellent. Also, Command Ops 2 has great LOS and terrain elevation tools.
  11. What happens if you start using ammo, is it replenished or not?
  12. In Swedish ostrich is "struts" and a bouquet of flowers are gathered in a cone like shape which is "strut" in Swedish. Pretty similar.
  13. I had no idea that they are not available in warrior mode. Remember having trouble with them in my Rittersprung scenario and not understanding why they didn't show up sometimes. It makes it important to remember when writing the scenario briefing to mention that the ammo will be distributed if playing on warrior mode and below.
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