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  1. rocketman

    game crashes after some time playing

    To me, assuming from the screenshots I've seen, with this mod you get a more high contrast look than stock shaders on. Is that so?
  2. As a Swedish native speaker, I wouldn't use overpower as the best synonym as that would be something like "överväldiga", to have superior fighting power over the enemy, to overwhelm him. "Put out of combatable condition" seems just right to me.
  3. rocketman

    bailing out of an AT gun

    Putting a grenade in the barrel did the trick.
  4. rocketman

    bailing out of an AT gun

    I also seem to recall that Steve once said about the issue that AT gun crews usually spiked the gun when abandoning it.
  5. rocketman

    They meant september of next year!

    😂 Love the blue kid's round-house kick - killer blow!
  6. True. One thing to keep in mind is that we as players have knowledge about everything that goes on on the battlefield, but the individual pixeldude doesn't. So we might think they are stupid for running out of a building while under fire (leaving cover) and into a back street where a waiting enemy tank mowes them down. They did something under duress to try to save their hides but didn't know about the tank. I find the self preservation aspect to be key to realism in the game, but it can be frustrating at times. Though, if it was too real we might have battles where a huge force all of a sudden surrenders, and that won't make for a fun game. So a balance is definitely needed.
  7. rocketman

    Improvement suggestions

    I like this idea. I often forget and waste ammo
  8. rocketman

    Shock Force 2 Beta Showcase Video

    But what does it sound like? Chirp, chirp ... ?
  9. rocketman

    Shock Force 2 Beta Showcase Video

    Nice video - looks like it will be a great game. Would be interesting to see a "side by side"-comparison with SF1. One thing though, can we please have some new background sounds? Chirping birds in a desert setting just doesn't feel right.
  10. rocketman

    Sd.Kfz 251s: Not just battle taxis

    A very good tip indeed @domfluff never crossed my mind to use it that way. Still learning after all these years...
  11. rocketman

    game crashes after some time playing

    I've had some problems with my mouse scrollwheel for quite some time and tried to solve it by turning of energy saving settings in the Device Manager for it. While at it I turned of energy saving settings also for keyboard, USB hubs and whatnot. I have yet to be able to reproduce a crash since doing so. Since the problem with crashes seem to have with mouser/keyboard input this might be a solution? So those having these crashes please try it. Note that it is in the Device Manager and not the "cog wheel"/Settings tab. While thinking of this problem and that some have solved it by turning shaders off, I wonder if a crash can be triggered by letting the game play for some time and then turning shaders on? Furthermore, one bug I have had since FB was released is that some scenarios/saves always start with shaders off despite having them on in the options.
  12. rocketman

    game crashes after some time playing

    I will try some things first and then revert to the old one. Has BFC started to pin down the problem and is it likely to be solved in the next patch? I'm worried what an unfixed problem will do to the CMSF2 release. Hopefully there will be an influx of new players and a lot of interest generated. If the first thing these new customers face is to install old drivers, there is a danger of it getting a bad rep. We don't want that. I guess those who have been with the series a long time are more tolerant. Just my 2 cents.
  13. rocketman

    game crashes after some time playing

    Updated to this driver and had a crash after that.
  14. rocketman

    game crashes after some time playing

    I haven't tried that yet. In some ways shaders are essential as the graphics look dull without them.
  15. rocketman

    game crashes after some time playing

    I just joined the club of crashes after playing a while 😫☹️😡 This under Nvidia 399.24 and GTX 970M. Will update now to 411.63.