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  1. Ruin city sky box? Yay for rubbled walls +1
  2. @Freyr Oakenshield I agree completely with above statement. The game series has been the bargain of my life. And if you, like me, take a dive into the editor and start to make scenarios or just test stuff, then there are hundreds and hundreds of hours of additional value.
  3. Thanks man, really appreciate the mods! I like that vehicle too - nothing beats the "thumping" of AA guns 💥💥💥
  4. On the other hand, you knew that they were only two broken guys, maybe the AI suspected something else? But I tend to agree, it uses arty more as a reflex than careful planning and doesn't cancel barrages that obviously won't do much damage.
  5. I thought space lobsters where the sworn enemy of the brand spanking new US Space Force.
  6. Which is the next seal - space lobsters?
  7. The closest I have is II Batallion from Fallschirmjäger-Regiment 9 commanded by Major Siegfried Taubert. Maybe the Stoumont battle in the Peiper campaign can provide some answers too?
  8. It should be an easy test in the editor for someone who feels up to it. Just plop down a company of pixeltruppen and drop a huge WP mission on them and count the casualties.
  9. The WP cloud is grey while smoke is white. At least in R2V and stock textures.
  10. I don't think I have ever seen it cause any casualties other than when the mortar round lands right on the pixeltruppen, like being killed by the shell itself rather than the WP.
  11. Maybe not a bug but an engine/model restriction, but the Beretta M38 should eject cartridges to the left and not to the right. Not exactly a game breaker 🙃
  12. So the faust 60 has a sight for 80m 😯 Is it possible to extend max range and get hits in game?
  13. Tanks can do that IRL but in CM they get immobilized on rocky ground in very dry conditions.
  14. I'm experiencing modular building texture issues since R2V was released. I have both modules and have installed via the master download. Here are some examples: Moving the camera changes the texture from solid wall to empty texture. Different texture from inside and outside the same building. Moving the camera changes the texture from solid wall so that a door appears. No way of knowing which is the "true" texture. Different texture from inside and outside the same building. Window textures broken and door solid from one side but not the other. Window textures broken but not all levels, only the occupied one (compare to above where all levels are broken). Comparison between outside and inside of the same building - door appears/disappears and different broken window textures. Anyone else seeing this? I have no building mods (are there any for FI even?).
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