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  1. rocketman

    CMFI Rome to Victory Bones

    I thought back to the first thread a long time agomby ChrisND about the module and thought it mentioned the Greek. Guess I was too lazy to check 😶
  2. rocketman

    CMFI Rome to Victory Bones

    Will we see Greek forces in "Rome to Victory"?
  3. rocketman

    Mine flails

    First scenario (Gold Beach landing) of the For King and Country campaign, and Battle Pack's Hobart's Funnies IIRC.
  4. One small idea - what would it look like if there is a slight shade framing the outlines of the portraits to make them look indented in the UI? Compare to the other "boxes" of JuJu's interface and all icons etc look like they are indented and "below" the surface of the UI.
  5. These will most surely get on my "must have mods"-list. Awesome looking and thanks for devoting all that time refining them
  6. rocketman

    The state of CMSF2

    The book is a good read too.
  7. rocketman

    [Released] Rittersprung (H2H only)

    Also perhaps keep the US bunkers as they are a terrain feature of the Siegfried Line.
  8. rocketman

    [Released] Rittersprung (H2H only)

    As the maker of the scenario I thought I should pitch in. When I posted in the forum about making the scenario someone asked if there would be a quick battle version and I said that it wasn't part of my plan. But feel free to make one as long as I get credit for the map. Apart from what said above you might consider changing both set up zones and objectives depending on if it intendet to be a probe, attack or meeting engagement. I can envision a interesting battle being two not to big forces doing recon and "hide and seek" kind of scenario.
  9. Now let’s get those stretch goals in place as well, they seem awesome. It closes on aug 24th.
  10. Thank you sir! You just made my day - heck, even my week 🤩
  11. rocketman

    New Website status update

    Great that the new home for Battlefront has been built. Looks good so far given that it is WIP. One thing that carried over from the old one that I would like changed if possible and that is the list of previous purchases/orders. I can't for the world remember which game I purchased when, so if possible have products listed so I immediately know which one to click on. I like the header with screenshots. Very inviting for new customers
  12. rocketman

    I Don't Read the Dev Updates BINGO!

    "WOOT WOOT" loot crates in CM 🏆 😎
  13. rocketman

    Fortified Map?

    ”Bunkers burning” perhaps?
  14. In the official screenshots for the game - is that final infantry graphics?