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  1. Yes, victory screen has to be .bmp format (24 bit), so don’t change anything.
  2. You can't change the name or the file format. Have you had any other mods work?
  3. Yes, remake, please! I loved that game. Played it a couple of years ago and with some updated graphics and campaigns it would be an instabuy for sure.
  4. Another good way to get people's attention is to use "@"+username (a list appears). That way they will be notified that they are mentioned in a thread even if they haven't posted in it.
  5. @111thGameBn Don't give up on Italy just yet. Many mountain regions in Italy are arid with few trees which is very much possible to do in CMFI. Just look at the Polish campaign in GL and "Ramparts of the Pallikoi" in the base game. @Combatintman is the main problem the elevation itself or the sheer number of set elevation points? Would load be less if "unneccessary" elevation points are eliminated?
  6. Does Graviteam games have the same free camera that can jump all over the battlefield without affecting performance. Doing that on the fly would take a lot of calculations, even if a lot is done beforehand - or? @Bulletpoint never have played Graviteam games, but can you elaborate on "more realistic ballistics than CM"?
  7. In the top image, are those hit decals on buildings? New feature?
  8. You could have received a corrupted save from your oppo. Extremely rare but happens. Ask your oppo to redo his turn and see if that works.
  9. Just a wild guess here, but here goes: in the game we can see all enemy tank hits with hit decals, in the war only knocked out tanks left behind could be studied. Not all knocked out tanks were photographed and not all photographs remain to be studied. Perhaps a lot of tanks with gun barrel damage were salvaged and repaired? Are there records of what tank repairs were made, would be interesting in this matter. But perhaps there is a limitation in the engine for the kind of grazing shot a hit straight to the front would be. The incoming shell hits the barrel at a very shallow angle so maybe it doesn't take much for it to skim off the surface and continue. Perhaps the engine detects contact and penetration is calculated making the barrel susceptible to full penetrations?
  10. @mjkerner Very nice mod indeed. Top notch. Are tank destroyer crews meant to have djellebas though? Using the dusty version.
  11. I remember "Indigenes" as one of the first war movies that I really felt was authentic but those were the days before I was really into the history of WWII. IIRC, the movie made then French president Mitterand cry and soon after he implemented a law assuring war pensions for soldiers from former colonies which they previously were denied. Outstanding mod @mjkerner - just tried the "dusty" version and will look at the other ones later on.
  12. Many computers come with a lot of "bloatware", so check again just to make sure.
  13. Ok, so one key for the game and all modules then? Do you have any sound improving software? There are known issues, for example with Nahemic for MSI laptops, which causes the game to crash on launch. I have had that and disabling/removing the program resolved my issue.
  14. If I remember correctly when I installed I had missed one license key which was with a CMBN purchase at the same time (engine update probably). So carefully check your purchase history. Edit: I also installed from the all-in-one file.
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