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  1. Seems like the only time the Javelin shows is when the guy with it is kneeling. I wonder if it is only ready to be fired from that position and if it takes some time to ready it for fire from the prone position.
  2. Wow, 16 missions. It's like an entire game in itself. Here are a couple of screenshots with units looking like they should have Javelins but don't. Maybe it is the formation causing this.
  3. Good thing about virtual pixelletters is the copy/paste function. 500 done in the blink of an eye.
  4. Thanks for the campaign, have looked forward to it. One question about the first mission - no spoiler. Should Javelin-teams always have a physical Javelin weapon shown graphically on the pixeltruppen? I have four teams, but only one shows a Javelin. Bug? Edit: Also, how many missions in the campaign?
  5. Nicely done. Are the uniforms a mod as well? Seems different from what I've seen before.
  6. Another guess - what if the bug has something to do with the engine rendering the tank moving on/under the bridge and gets "confused" about where it is supposed to go. So my question is - has anyone had the bug happen when not having the camera on the bridge? I might set up an extensive test in the editor. I have a scenario project on hold because of this bug and really want to see it squashed once and for all.
  7. My pet theory of why this happens is about waypoints, speed and facing. It is worth noting that it never happens with infantry which is has fixed waypoints on action spots. A bridge is basically a second playing field on top of another. So when the tank tries to move underneath it "slippes through the cracks" and teleport to the bridge or moves across the bridge and starts to "rubber band" or fall through it. This might be caused if waypoints are plotted a certain way, if the tank just marginally changes its facing when moving ahead and the speed migh excacerbate this behaviour. My impression
  8. I urge anyone who encounters this to keep a save and forward it to tech support so we can finally get rid of this emming fekking bug.
  9. That is an integrated card - right? No other graphics card? If one, make sure the game runs on it and not the integrated one. If only an integrated card, you might be out of luck, but better check with tech support on that (open a ticket).
  10. How about that - I was just going to post the same question. Saw a documentary about Goodwood with interviews with some of the unit commanders and thought that the operation would be interesting to make scenarios for, including large scale tank action. Colossal Crack is a lot of fun, but more could for sure be made. In time maybe...
  11. If the Schwimmwagen gets hit, will it sink (including the partisans) 💀?
  12. I had a look and a few might work as menu/splash screen. I might do one in the future, maybe if we get any Scheldt scenarios/module.
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