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  1. Agree with above. I couldn't stand more than 10 minutes of it. Didn't help that muzzle flashes looked like CGI add ons.
  2. rocketman

    Editor Trick/hack.

    I tried using shallow ford at a higher elevation than water tiles and it worked in one direction, but as soon as I changed direction it broke. @sonar, if you place more tiles perpendicular to the ones in the screenshot (makin a "+" shape), does it still work?
  3. Yay! Looking forward to this as I'm getting the game not having played the original.
  4. I play CM the vast majority of my gaming time and G-sync isn't the deal breaker. But it is a nice feature for other games like Project Cars and the occasional FPS. Interesting that Civ map scrolling is aided. I have been on the fence for that game. Maybe I'll pick it up in the Steam summer sale that is coming up.
  5. You're probably right about the fluctuating framerates. If it only temporarily drops to 0 FPS, then perhaps G-sync identifies that as no frame rendered and it causes the screen to for a microsecond go black i.e. flicker. Does it flicker if relatively little action on screen and no panning with the camera? I think I use adaptive refresh, but have to check that.
  6. That's encouraging As I mentioned I'm unsure about what GPU and CPU contribute with when scaling up. I have an i7-6700HQ @2,6 Ghz. @PIATpunk what do you run? My impression of G-sync is that the display will never show a frame that hasn't been fully rendered, thus making screen tearing "impossible". Wouldn't that apply to any frame rate? I see screen tear on occasion in CM.
  7. Thanks for the advice, but a 40 inch would be way too big where I have my PC. Wouldn't want to sit close to one that big either. I prefer high res but not on too large screen. That way I find things look the best. I didn't know though that the price difference was that large.
  8. The map thing is related if you want to make scenarios as well as the book itself.
  9. @Aragorn2002: what level of detail are the maps which I understand come as a seperat booklet?
  10. rocketman

    [Released] Rittersprung (H2H only)

    I looked through some of my present PBEMs and there is a variation in save file size but nothing really dramatic, and even with huge scenarios like "Hot time in Hatten" the saves are never bigger than 50MB. So saves larger than 110MB seems like something extraordinary. One thought: will the same turn, with the same commands and the same settings always yield exactly the same save file size - no matter which computer it is played on? If we can identify instances when save file size grows beyond what is expected, then that might be an explanation for CTDs? Fizou, is the save file size huge for your oppo also?
  11. rocketman

    [Released] Rittersprung (H2H only)

    Interesting with increasing save file size. From what I remember from all the PBEM games I've played is that once you're beyond the set up phase the save file size remains just about the same. I really wonder what makes up file size, as you stated previously is that there were rather fewer units now than at the start so fewer units, orders, combat - if anything, the size should decrease. Another wild, wild guess - are there any units on any of the bridges, or ordered to move across one? Bridges still cause buggy behaviour but mosty during playback and not CTD but all guesses are worth looking at. I hate the idea that my scenario would be unplayable to the end especially as I'm working on an even bigger one.
  12. rocketman

    A long delayed update

    The dephts of her soul and complexity of character is the main lure.
  13. rocketman

    A long delayed update

    Would she mind sending a copy of her project? Hint, hint, hint...I'm quite far into a scenario project (huge) that centers on the Courseulles-sur-Mer part of Juno where the Canadians landed. Was inspired by Mark Zuehlke's Juno trilogy that I'm sure you got her.
  14. rocketman

    [Released] Rittersprung (H2H only)

    AFAIK the computing of the turn is always done by one of the players in a PBEM. The other one goes to save immediately. Does the CTD happen at the same point in the computation of the turn? Take a look at the savefile - is it much larger than the previous ones? I had one playtester complaining that the save was almost 120 MB which it shouldn't. I don't know if BFC are interested in having a look at saves that causes CTD, I hope so. Try reaching out to tech support. One more thing to try; for one turn both players issue no commands at all. Maybe the crash is associated with something like that (wild guess though...). Edit: one more thing, there was a Win 10 update recently, maybe that effed things up?
  15. rocketman

    [Released] Rittersprung (H2H only)

    I'm gald you both enjoy the scenario but a CTD is most unfortunate. The scenario was tested to its end and I got continuous feedback and made incremental changes. Nothing that should cause the crash. There are no reinforcement due that turn either. Since it is a H2H scenario try to redo the previous turn. Did you or your oppo plan a lot of movement/combat previous to the crash? Try playing the turn on lower graphics settings and with no other programs running. If it still crashes, send me or someone else the turn to see if it crashes on other PCs. Have you or your oppo had problems with large scenarios before? There is always the risk of a corrupt save file also and that would necessitate going back a few turns. I really hope that you'll find a way to proceed now that you've played for so long. Let me know how it works out and what the solution was if you find one.