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  1. Welcome to the forum. On some laptops there is an integral graphics card as well which Combat Mission for some reason defaults to. So make sure the "real" graphics card is dedicated to the games.
  2. Now you made me curious - what is the setting of the campaign? I haven't made any campaigns, but could you make the victory settings (points) on the easy side so that the player can progress to the next scenario, but as feedback to you know what the real settings would be and if they would have made it. Also play to meet the harder target, but progress nonetheless. Did that make sense?
  3. Thank you sir. More content is always a good thing. Now I just need to find infinite game time...how is the clone business going - any progress
  4. There were some topics about this a while ago so search the forum. IIRC it could be helped by avoiding some specific graphics setting so check those threads out.
  5. Will look into that - forgot about Goodreads. I tend to ask in wargaming forums as I know I will get both good advice on the read, but also if it makes a good source for scenario making (yes Monte Cassino Master Map I'm looking at you 😎).
  6. Thanks, but that was more of a description than a review, or was it hidden somewhere in the link?
  7. Anyone read Monte Cassino: A German View by Rudolf Bohmler? I've had my eyes on it and want to know if it is a good read or just a glorification of Fallschirmjäger heroism?
  8. @usgubgubYou clearly like making maps so keep at it and you will improve. I find using overlays an increadible help. First, because it is a real map it will produce something that looks real. I find it hard to just make something up that looks authentic. Second, it speeds things up a lot. Even the pros rotate the overlay before making a map so roads line up as good as possible, but every map of a real location will include approximations and compromises. There are a lot of period topographic maps out there, for example I could find one on Leonforte that you tried your hand at. If you need help with Photoshop to create an overlay to work with I'm sure someone will come along and help. I could if you ask nicely 😃 Leonforte map: http://digitalarchive.mcmaster.ca/islandora/object/macrepo%3A84267
  9. And even a Swedish accent of a British accent (some actors are Swedes as is the director). Terrific series. I am glad they did not try a phony russian accent.
  10. Have you tried mapmaking in the editor? If not, it is a lot of fun. Seeing an area coming to life in 3d is quite a trip. Like virtual model making. Using a map overlay it doesn't have to take too long and if there is an area you know you want maybe it is worth the time and effort.
  11. Pure. Genius. Frikking awesome. If only you could make some pixeltruppen slide across the hood of an Abrams (like in the Sabotage video) BFC should license the music and make this a promo trailer.
  12. Haven't played against bunkers after new patch. Crews inside bunkers never cower, even though their suppression meter is at max. I have had such crews fire back quite accurately. Not sure though if they return fire less frequently if suppressed. Not cowering is a drawback of the current way bunkers are modelled.
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