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  1. i would so buy this and have been thinking about it for more then a year lol
  2. i would love to see a mix of close combat/gary grigsby's world at war series and men of war. Were you have the close combat map style for europe. You create units for armies. Then when the armies fight you control them like men of war.
  3. i still play. my email is guesswhotwice@hotmail.com
  4. i dont have that yet, have kinda be out of touch with sc ever since i join the army. im tempted to get that, and find my original sc2 disk.... i have the expansion disks on me lol was the pacific one anygood? or just get the new one?
  5. they are very useful, even as a starter so the planes can get some more. if you leave france open you can knockout so much that the germans lose about 50mmps a turn. would you be interested in a game as i still play just hard to find players online
  6. should also have the option to designate certain countries to be controlled by the ai.
  7. the main thing i would like to see in any new patc, expansion number 3 what ever is to have the different magors controlled by different people with the ability to play as germany or italy and have the other controlled by the ai.
  8. hi i am playing this one guy on version 1.02. i got to end the turn and i get this message. failedhandle_weather: segmentation violation ps for some reason my brackets are not working.....
  9. i have heard of this new expansion for a bit of time now but i was wondering if more has been added beside just more scenarios?
  10. for sure sc1 is amazing multiplayer game. What i would love to see is 1.Total custimizable map, place my own hexes just like sc2 editor. 2.New units like para troopers 3. Desert needs to be a tiny bit wider. 4. Every magor can be played by a human seperatly with selectable sides. Have a selector like dogs of war for this (the pre game now known as axis and allies) http://www.the-underdogs.info/game.php?id=3128 5. Option of weather affects 6. Diplomacy option 7. Better ai like attacking in full force as germans in russia, even when i gave AI to much they would only send piece meal forces to attack moscow. everything before that was fine for the most part. Thats all i can think of for now, still an amazing game.
  11. for malta and other island issues couldnt you surround the island in hexes like the hex that connects denmark to its capital. That way ships can bombard and units can land in the hex to invade.
  12. Hi I know im still playing 1.05a but has this possible issue been dealt with. Im playing a game were i bought alot of planes after USSR fell and seeing if i can push allies out of europe. Well my opponent has lots of air so i countered with the same. I was able to give the unit its tech increase when i bought it but no more upgrades.
  13. I love sc1 just wish the editor wa better, some extra units like paratroopers and engineers. To have the option between sc1 and sc2 techs. Anything would be nice and i would easily fork up cash to get an update.
  14. sure i always take it 2-3 turns. If you email me we can play pbem and you can learn that way.
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