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  1. Okay thx for the Info. So much time and reply/testing from Users and they did nothing in that Part of the Game? *sad* Wont buy it
  2. Hello, thinking about getting V2.0 Have there anything changed with Tank Behavior? Like those Super Accurate Shooting on the Move and the Superfast Reaction of Tankcrews to new spotted Enemys? Is there still shooting on the Side and back of the Tank doing Damage to Optics and such strange behavior? Has there anything been tweaked? Couldnt find that on the Readme.
  3. I dont want all that accurate Accuracy but there are lot of things that needs Tweaking first. 1. The Accurracy on the Move is way to high 2. Spotting Ability of Tanks is way to high and to fast in ANY Situation 3. Subsystem Damage is a Joke. I remember that Disscussion about Tiger getting Nonpenetrating AP Shots on the Tracks and The Optic gets Damaged shot by Shot and then destroyed Sorry but bevore we talk about Some Gun Accuracy those MAJOR Game Flaws need to be fixed. Dont get me wrong. CmX is a Class of its own on this Sector of Wargames and one of my Alltime Favourite Games but im getting less and less optimistic about the Question if the Problems dont lie in the New CMx2 Gameengine in itself and can ever be fixed?
  4. The Gunners in WW2 had to estimate Range with their Optics and Sights and then did a First Shot as a Reference and than had to do Laddershooting (in World War 2 Online you did exactly that and it worked well). Other Problem i got with those Gunaccuracy is that the Gun CAN shoot that precise but under Combat Conditions everyone gets nervous and it all bogs down. And beside Borg Spotting thats the Problem that gets me everytime in CMBN. Okay M1A1 with Laserrangefinder and Track&Target Helpers i can live with 1 Shot 1 Hit. Maybe CMx1 is a bit off from accuracy, but i just cant belive that its right atm.
  5. Just played the New Toys Demo. It still feels like CMSF with WW2 Camo (tank fights for Example). Target Spotting, Tracking and Engage is the same as in the Abrams. Mostly 1 Shot = 1 Hit. Only the Forcefield Tree Tec. can stop Rounds!
  6. Thx, but very very very dissapointing.
  7. A Readme what really has been fixed would be fun. Because when there isnt anything done on the Major Problems i cant care less playing the Brits. So Reame on the Fixes yes/no?
  8. Like lots of other things (like the Reaction and Spotting Time of Tanks) they took directly from CMSF Abrams You know, the US Boys had it (The Propaganda says)
  9. Lt. Col. Robert George Cole from the 101st Airborne Division was tieing down is Parachute and checked everything once again. The Gliders they are sitting in are right over France and have to take Diffrent Routes to the Target. Their Task is Operation Chicago. Robert Cole rethinks the Briefing for the whole Division. "The 101st Airborne Division's objectives are to secure the four causeway exits behind Utah Beach, destroy a German coastal artillery battery at Saint-Martin-de-Varreville, capture buildings nearby at Mezières believe used as barracks and a command post for the artillery battery, capture the Douve River lock at la Barquette (opposite Carentan), capture two footbridges spanning the Douve River at la Porte opposite Brevands, destroy the highway bridges over the Douve at Sainte-Come-du-Mont, and secure the Douve River valley. In the process units should also disrupt German communications, establish roadblocks to hamper the movement of German reinforcements, establish a defensive line between the beachhead and Valognes, clear the area of the drop zones to the unit boundary at Les Forges, and link up with the 82nd Airborne Division." Not an easy Task....
  10. Played a H2H Scenario with Airborne Infantry and Stuarts against German Scouts and PIV and Stug. Make a long Story Short: The Tank (in General not only German) take too much Hits bevore they are knocked out. Got 2 Hits on the Side Turret and Hull on a PIV wich didnt take him out. The Tank turns and kills the Zook Team. Okay you think "that happens 1 Time" but it happens on other Moments to. Another Example in Same Mission. 2 Sidehits on another PIV with Stuart 2times 37mm AntiTankGun dont impress them, then a Schiessbecher and 1 Bazooka didnt hit Skirts and it still is functional. Compared to that Problem with Hitpoints and blinded Tanks by Nonpenetrating Shots this one is definatly wronig balanced. I can live with Hits not taking out Tanks by Instant but THERE should be some Paniced blinded Crew imposssible to act for a Minute or so after they get Hit by Melted Plasmastream that Ricochets inside a Tank. Right now i very often see no Tank Casualties other than Commander. There where Driver Hits, Loaderhits and so forth in Cmx1 by Internal Armourflaking etc. Where has it gone?
  11. You wont get an Official Answer. And if you get one they will say one of two things: 1. We take a look at it (and nothing happens) or 2. Everything is allright
  12. My toughts go the same way with Erwin sad to say. After some long time on the Forums now this sometimes seems to be the only logic answer. I just dont believe that they didnt design for effect if not the Game Engine is insufficient or they have fallen to their own Post War Propaganda. i got not Problem with Tigers getting Takeout by some Lucky Shot or Masses of Shots hitting a Tiger and 1 will take out the Optics then. But as it is implemented in the Game right now its almost always going this way that 1. If Sherman Takes First Shot Tiger will Panic on a Front Armour Hit (Even Experieinced Crew) 2. If Tiger dont fall back blinded by that Devastating Shot he gots hit several Times making him 3. Blind and Optics taken out of Order and Radio gets Damage then On the other Hand it feels at least a bit balanced. The Pointcosts for a Tiger arent that high like in Cmx1 so its wrong but not all that wrong.
  13. Thats what im really about! We dont need culumlative Damage on Subsystems. I tought that it was actually in the Game (wich Subsystem is Hit by Bulletpath going trough the Tank) but it seems its not. Last Time i Hit a Priest from Left Side with a 105mm StuH42 HEAT Round exactly where that Ammocases are on the Left Side and i did NOTHING. So how are the Damages on Tanks calculated? I tought it was like in World War 2 Online but in fakt it doesnt look like.
  14. I dont think that it shouldnt happen at all and there should be Damage on Subsystems but not as it is actual in the Game because it leads to "Gamey" Results. When a Shot AP/He Lands near Turret there should be some % Chance of doing Damage to Subsystems but not on every Shot that hits the Turret. The other critic about that Situation is that not only the Subsystem hitpoints Situation is depicting the Tiger as a pussy Wagon but also the Crew Behavior. There shouldnt be 2-3 Hits on the Turretfront and the Optics go Broke and a Crew rans around in his Tiger screaming "we all gonna die!" and do NOTHING. But as the Iraqi Minister of Defense they will say:"Nope its all well modelled" I dont have ANY hopes they will fix it. Maybe i should do more 1.000.000 Testing before i can make that statement etc. I just want to hear what other customers got to say about that.
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