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  1. A very similar situation happened to me, while playing the CMRT. I put T-4 behind the light infantry vehicle, Sd.Kfz hoping to reduce the energy or trajectory of a projectile of a T-34. This did not happen, after replaying this five times. The projectile went thru the Sd.Kfz five times without changing the trajectory or reducing energy and every time it went thru my T-4 completely destroying it. The only explanation I find is that the thickness of the side is 14,5 mm and even thou the projectile had to go thru two of these side walls, it did not reduce much of each energy. But it is still questionable how come there is no change of trajectory after going thru 29 mm of armor. I think this is one of the game limitations.
  2. I would not be interested in a Korean war. What I would like to see is the initial stage of war, 1939-1941 starting with Poland and finishing with the Battle for Moscow. This is by itself an interesting set up with fairly light tanks except (T-34 and KV-1) where even a small 45 mm gun would be able to penetrate the armor of most tanks.
  3. Thank you for the answers. I guess I am expecting too much from this game, when it comes to implementation of some "slow" tactics. It needs to be a bit more stable in that sense, as it was described above, scripted AI is based on the time limit, so players must be "scripted" to the time also. As an example, the demo mission of "tankovij desant" ends for me before I reach the bridge of the 1st objective. Anyway, it was good to hear what others think of this matter. Regards
  4. Hello to all, I have downloaded the demo of the game and enjoyed it until my time ran out, the battle stopped. Evidently there is a time limit imposed on all scenarios. The question is simple, how can I disactivate the time limit? If it is possible, I will gladly buy the game, if not, then it is no of course. Personally I think of this option as a huge mistake on the developers side. Why should they dictate too me how I must complete the mission? It becomes very annoying after a while. There are plenty of people who would be interested in taking other approaches to the completion of the task in certain scenarios but the imposed time is showing you only one direction. Its not like the units/pixels get tired after a while if I decide to crawl to the objective instead of trying to hurry and have only limited options to finish the mission! And no need to explain that in a real war there are time limits, all well known and understood. But the game is for also discovering cases like " what if " etc... The developers should think about giving the freedom to the purchaser to explore other options and not be bounded by time. Regards,
  5. Thank you all for the reply. Eltorrente, I understand your point of course and this is what fits you well. But, after all, this is a strategy game, and if a person who would like to try other possibilities with no time limits should be able to do it. As of now, as all of you can see, you are forced to follow a curtain path which you must choose because of the time limits. You say that curtain scenarios, curtain campaings are designed with time limit, but again it is not curtain but ALL are designed this way, hence no other possibilities are given to me to explore other perhaps less realistic/less time demanding options, which also existed back in those gloomy days of war! Challenges are different and it is a matter of adjustment to them instead of limiting the options to the buyer of the game!
  6. Hello to all, I have just one question regarding the "Fortress Italy". Is it possibple to turn off the time limit for battles, campaigns? For me the decision is quite simple, if I can turn it off, then I buy the game. I tried the demo, and it is ridiculous to have a feeling that someone is standing with a gun behind you and pushing you to advance due to time limits Regards,
  7. Question, if a tank placed at an angle to it's opponent and not just straight inline at him, in reality it should create higher chances of bouncing off the armor. Does this effect apply to our game? P.S. I use this idea in Red Orchestra game and the game engine allows to apply angles.
  8. Nice work, I would like to know if the blast area for HE rounds is affecting bigger diameter?
  9. As I already mentioned before, I believe with custom missions that our community can make, it will be a lot more interesting and challenging. I think, the missions we have now are not very immersive, like they are as an example in CC or CMBB! It’s all about our imagination at this point, we are given the tools to make what we want and that’s the best we can have in any game
  10. Kalibri


    I believe, with different mission design this game can be very interesting. I will try to create a local battle, based on historical facts, where infantry plays a major role in attacking/defending.
  11. Dirtweasel, it’s a matter of trying until you get it right, just like in CMBB. I had many sad minutes, trying to keep my troops alive in TOW, until I got it right, I kept choosing different options for defence/attack roles, and after a few hours kept my losses to very realistic in my opinion. I do sound quite general, so to give you an example, I started Polish Campaign, and got slaughtered first two times on the second mission, almost 50% of my troops were dead, all four tanks abandoned. I just couldn’t destroy those damn German tanks during the second wave, so I used a different approach. The result is amazing to me, during the first two attacks, I destroyed all German tanks and two rather large groups of infantry with the loss of only 4 soldiers on my side, one tanker and 3 infantry. I kept my infantry laying in the grass with hold fire command active, until two large German groups of infantry got within 70 meters to me, then I ordered all of my troops to open fire and, just like in CMBB, Germans sustained over 70% losses with more as they retreated. Many people here say that it’s almost impossible to keep your ground troops ambushing while in cover, I say you can, because I did it by now quite a few times. You must start thinking outside of your “CMBB box”, I am a big fan of it too, don’t get me wrong. But where in the world did you see a platoon hiding in an open place with almost no cover during WW2, and still be almost invisible? CMBB gives you a similar effect, but not TOW. I must hide in tall grass, or other natural cover and you will have plenty of surprise for your opponent. I am not saying, that TOW doesn’t need certain patches to make the game more interesting. Just like in CMBB, we can discuss what needs to be fixed/corrected, and then look forward to better results. You are all creatures of habit, you are used to one set up that CM gives you, and you have no desire to test something new, might still be “raw”, as far as game play, but new. Instead of simply commenting, having interesting arguments that lead to better results/patches, a lot of the crowd just gives up.
  12. I placed my AT guns on top of the hill at the very beginning with two commands, hold fire and hold position, make sure to place two soldiers behind each of the AT guns, in case someone gets killed, may be 10-15 meters behind, and make sure they lay down and hold position, otherwise you will see them crawling all over the place:) Then place the rest of the infantry in the trench behind the hill. My APR guy was in the bushes on the right side, just in case:) I kept my MG cars 50 meters behind the AT guns, so when enemy tanks First two attacks had good results, five enemy tanks down and one infantry, on my side two AT guys were killed.
  13. I have had some success with hiding AT guns in bushes, when I issued "do not move" and "hold fire" commands. The enemy can not spot you. until you start moving your gun in their direction, and of course will fire back at you. But it's still a minor success, I would like to see it more like in CM, you hide and noone can see you until you get up:) I started playing Polish campaigne and have had quite good results, two soldiers are dead on my side, and 5 tanks and 1 soldier on German side!
  14. For those of you, who is so dissapointed in Tank/vehicle movement not following the roads but hitting trees, I will give a hint, there is a command that, sends all vehicles, soldiers, etc, to follow only roads. What you are probably choosing is the command which will choose the shortest route from point A to point B. There is a lot more to this game than just a little demo, version. You need to be familiar with real world tactics to succeed in any of the battles here, even when figting an AI! Options are there, and don't forget, you are the man with the gun:)
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