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  1. The Sherman IIA is an equivalent of the M4A3(76). The barrel of the IIA is shorter than that of the IIC, which is better known as the Firefly. If it doesn't have a 17pdr, it's not really a Firefly.
  2. It's likely a case of you not having any tungsten shells and firing at the Tiger frontally from range. Tungsten shells (T as opposed to HE or AP) are less common in the loadout, but will definitely punch through the Tiger. Unless you really like mechanized cavalry, most players tend to stay away from armored cars as they blow up very easily, and their reconnaisance attributes aren't rewarded in the game. The six pounder is nice and all, but the overall package isn't going to stand up in an armor vs armor engagement. A better all-around armored car is the Staghound III, with the same 75mm that a Sherman carries mounted in a Crusader turret atop a Stag chassis. Not the best against cats, but can hold its own against other German armor, and the 75mm HE makes it useful against infantry. 6 lber HE is pathetic.
  3. I did forget about 6pdrs with tungsten. But only three tanks carry it. The Crusader III, Valentine VIII, IX, and X, and Churchill IV and IX (also light turret version). The AEC II also carries the 6'er. But if you don't get any tungsten shells, you are up a creek. However, the Churchill IX's have a fairly good chance of shrugging off hits, even from the Tiger's 88mm.
  4. Tigers are certainly hard to kill, and even more so at long ranges where the 88mm gun and thick armor allow it to stand off and blast your units with seeming impunity. But Tigers are far from invincible. Your best weapon with which to destroy the big kitty is the 17 pounder AT gun. This could be the towed gun itself, or mounted an an Archer, Achilles, or Sherman IIC or VC Firefly. All four of these vehicles carry the exact same weapon, so claiming that an Archer is effective while a Sherman is not isn't true at all. Most players would prefer Shermans any day because they are turreted, which protects the crew and allows for targetting without spinning the shole vehicle. 17pdr guns will penetrate frontally at modest ranges. The 76.2mm L/52 is your next best weapon. Again, it can be towed, or mounted in any of a plethora of vehicles. Any 76mm Sherman will do, so there are a bundle of options which let you balance armor and suspension against cost (A1, A3, or HVSS of either) and the Brits get the IIA. Tank destroyers also fit into this category. The M18 and the M10/Wolverine both carry 76.2, which will get side turret penetrations and side penetrations from moderate range. Frontal penetrations are rare. Lastly for vehicles, the whitebread 75mm/38 will work at close ranges from the sides and rear. Buttloads of options here, but the point is get close and work the sides and rear. Bazookas and PIATs are options, once again from very close against the sides or rear, but these aren't sure fire Tiger killers. Often your best option is the rifle grenade carried by US rifle platoons. It is ridiculously over modeled and wouldn't have worked in real life, but it works in the game. Close assault against the flanks and rear will occasionally work. Engineer units with demo charges will produce a reliable kill if you get them close , even from the front, given the nature of the attack. You have many options. 17pdrs are fairly rare and expensive, so the key is generally to work the sides and rear of the Tiger, or force it into areas thick with bazookas and infantry with impassable terrain or AT mines. 5m is also too close. A bazooka shell at 5m will do just as much damage to its crew as it will to the tank's. Upper floors of buildings, or positions behind buildings provide good cover from infantry and to a lesser extent tank fire and will give you angles of attack with moderately high rates of success. The Tiger is big and tough, but it is very expensive and easier to kill than a Jagdpanther or Elefant.
  5. As John so elequently explains, VT shells are present in the game. Airbursts can also be achieved by firing offboard artillery or mortars or onboard mortars at terrain tiles with trees. However, only the VT shells will airburst over open ground.
  6. Half-ton, Three-Quarter-ton? V-6, V-8? Crew cab? 2 or 4 wheel drive? Inquiring minds want to know.
  7. With CMx1 you can play either by e-mail or TCP/IP. There's no dedicated game server like there is for larger multiplayer games as the most players involved will be two. If you are looking for an opponent, there is an opponent finder board here, but it is admittedly undervisited of late. You would likely have better luck at The Scenario Depot or The Proving Grounds (the-proving-grounds.com, the-scenario-depot.com [i believe]), and I also think there are still multiple CM communities out there if you are into ladder play (Band of Brothers, A Few Good Men).
  8. I am enjoying how 300 standard Peng posts will now occupy 30 pages instead of 13. When quality fails, there's no fallback like quantity.
  9. I seem to have left my car keys in the old GF. Any way of getting them back?
  10. You can't get a Sierra 1500? Given that quite a few of my friends live and work on farms, I've ridden in/driven the gamut of new and old Fords, Dodges, and Chevy/GMCs. Chevy is by far the most popular, but this has very little to do with quality but rather with the fanatical devotion to a brand that farmers seem to have. The Silverado is generally rated higher than the Sierra, but I've never owned one so I can't attest to quality over time.
  11. Our resident Professor Emeritus of Bombast? I think you'll find that you, like most "instructors," are viewed as little more than a potential source cigarettes by the Hannah Montana crowd that frequents The Thread.
  12. You do realize that this makes NO sense whatever right? Joe </font>
  13. Yeah, that's pretty much the next three months for me. So you can kiss my flabular buttocks and enjoy going back to work next week. </font>
  14. Yeah, that's pretty much the next three months for me. So you can kiss my muscular buttocks and enjoy going back to work next week.
  15. Sandbags offer both cover and concealment for units they shelter. I'm not sure of the exact cover benefits of sandbags vs trenches, but in my experience sandbags don't offer any more protection, and because they are a terrain element rather than a fortification, they are visible to your enemy from turn one, whereas trenches have to be visually spotted. The center area of the sandbag terrain square is considered open space. Troops in open ground rarely do well. Move the infantry closer to the walls, or place them on top of the walls. While this seems odd, the game still grants cover to units on the sandbags or walls, though concealment is far greater if they are directly behind the wall.
  16. Not so much. Casualties are casualties, with a slightly varying percentage of the casualties being designated as KIA. The percentage of KIA vs total casualties is higher in operations, and has no bearing whatsoever on the points calculations.
  17. I always enjoy a CMx1 AAR, so please stick it out to the finish.
  18. We were supposed to get up to half a foot, but never saw a flake. It all went north, which is what NG cavscout gets for not sending turns. That being said, you may get some of the frozen stuff yet, Boo.
  19. If you see Mr. Cavscout around, let him know that his posse of potato eaters still hold a few hamlets my Cardiff miners and their supporting armored division would like to take. I passed into the age range of the SSS while waiting for a turn, I'd like to finish the game before I pass out of it. Where ever he may be, I hope he's enjoying the snow.
  20. What would this prove to you, if not the extent of my deviancy? Surely my ejections are inconsiderable when compared to the viscous, irradiated yellow gold some here could doubtlessly produce.
  21. That's what I was thinking. If he took the turnpike, he was about 15 miles from my front door. </font>
  22. You're a weird little bastard. You know that, don't you? </font>
  23. We have Seanajesus, Pontius Shaw, and Boodas Iscariot. Who plays the cross dressing steeplejack in this D.H. Lawrence allegory? I would suggest rleete, for his natural familiarty with the role, and women's clothing.
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