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  1. http://www.opentechsupport.net/forums/archive/topic/36066-1.html
  2. LoL, this one is old man, have read it somewhere else a couple of months ago :eek: Its still good though
  3. pino


    Sorry, those 200 000 000 euros were just about a small thing with Aquafinn. According to the Financial Economic time(a finacial magazine) there is a transaction of euro of Flemish tax money to Wallonie, most of that is for social security...
  4. pino


    "@pino: the transfers from north to south are a myth" Yeah, 200.000.000 euro's a year is a myth... No they are called facts, don't deny it ffs, that's the way it is!!!!!! But who know, maybe Belgium will split in a couple of years.... (I hope not but probably after the next elections since BHV hasn't been splitted yet and so next elections will be illegal and then we're in big trouble )
  5. "The majority of fatalities in traffic accidents come from collisions involving drunk drivers" That's why we don't let teens drive cars ffs. You have to be 18 to drive a car.So by the time we are 18, we've already got a lot of experience with alchohol and sowe know when to drink or not. And in America you can drive before toy can drink, so tge first time your drunk you can already drive a car and ofcourse you've got a lot of car accidents And there's a lot of alcohol-control in Belgium done by the police. "You can't even bring a friggin' razor on board an airline. All due to the fact Osama had a chip on his shoulder your Russian brothers help create!" CIA trained him and gave him fianacial support, so pls don't blame the Russians...
  6. pino


    "Dude, America has more culture than Europe" Bwahahaha, America culture?????Don't make me laugh!! What do you guys have???Some big statue in New York and some art gallry's full with paintings you BOUGHT from European artists because you can't make them yourself...America hasn't got 1 famous painter... So you really think that America has got more culture then Europe because so maney people from diffrent culture live together?Well,come to Brussels or Paris, then you will see how maney diffrent cultures live together WITHOUTH murdering eachother(or us) "let me summarize: u care about each other, except about walloons " Euhm no, I just think they suck, thats a mather of opinion, not racism. And the problem with these people is just that a lot of tax money of the Nort(Flanders;where I live) goes to Wallonie and we have some huge political problems with them but I don't hate them, it's not their fault they suck And @Stoat; yeah Canade rules, would be the 2nd country where I would live in (after Belgium ofcourse:D) (And US the last of all Western countries)
  7. @Waterlo "The only reason we have problems in other country's is because we are trying to keep it peaceful"Oh yeah, like in Irack, lets try to maintain peaco overthere. Well, I must say, you kind of failed in that, don'd you think. Thinfs were MUCH bether under Sadam, they had food, watter, electricity,oil...But the Americans dind't like that they were using the oil while they needed more and more. So invented a story, made some pictures above Irack of some builidings and said:"Hey, you van see this truck moving in and out every day, I think they're making nukes in there to" to the rest of the world "Oh no, we have to defend our so called "freedom, boohoo, oh no, some other countries have nukes, now we have to attackt them" And when the war is over:"Oops, they didn't have any nukes, well yeah, who the hell cares, we are America, we can do everything we want. "Well, and since we are here, let's take their oil too.Who's going to stop us?After al, we are America. Well, more and more people die overthere, but who cares?We've got the oil..." Well, i've been in the States a year ago,and I didn' see much "freedom". It was almost impossible to get in the country because of all security.And those stupid laws in America????You can't drink a beer when youre not 21, well, a LOT of teenaged kids of America is on crack or something like that.Butt at least they don't drink alcohol. And the worst part of you Americans is that you always blaim someone else for your own STUPID mistakes."Oh no, im fat, what to do now?Excercise a bit, or mayeb it less...naaah..Hey I know, let's sew Mc Donnalds for making me fat and with tha money is can afford a liposuction" Or"I got cancer from smoking.Oh whatever, I'll just sew some of, the cigaret producers to gett some money" Why do you people always look at other countries instead of make things bether in your own country first? "Oh no, some people in Vietnam are communists, let's attack them"(you got youre ass kicked overthere,isn't it?) More homacide in the US then in any other Western country in the world. So much verry rich people and so maney poor people. So to all you Americans:stop blaiming other people for your own mistakes, take a look at your own country first instead of saying whats bad in other countries. But if you don't do that, I don't care because in 50 or 100 years the Chinese are going to get you anywhay....
  8. pino


    Well, its like when you dont have a job, you get money, if you have a handicap you get some money,... And no, it's not because we are lazy, but because in Belgium, we care about eachother (no mather what their skinn collor is) But to get al these wonderfull thing, we have to give 50% of our money that we get to the state. May look like it's a lot, but if you lose your job, you als get some money.
  9. "Remember guys, Europe had a 3500 year headstart" Yeah,3500 years of war against eachother.... America only had some Indians to fight with and Mexicans.... So America had a country the size of Europe with gold,oil,... all for themselves And Europe is divided in 20 countries, so it's only logical that America is stronger... And the Economie of all the countries of the EU together is bigger than the American Economie:P
  10. Yeah America is strong...But they always think that they can play "the boss" everywhere(Vietnam, Irack,...) Would be funny if they would face a real enemy.. They cant even control Irack or Vietnam, I wonder what would happen if they invade China or N-Korea, or even the EU(dont think this will ever happen, but who knows^^). They think that because they are strong, they can do everthing they want. I even remember that America threatend to invade Holland if an American officer was being hold in Den Haag(its a court where war criminals are being held). So yeah, you guys are the strongest, but that doesn't mean you can do everything you want...
  11. pino


    Naah, i'll just stay here in Belgium. One of the best social security of the world (after Canada). Only minor here are those people from Wallonie(southern part of beglium);they just suck.
  12. pino


    US sucks to live in...I would never want to live there.
  13. "If the plot to kill Hitler was so real, why did this great Rommel fail at that? Rommel couldn't even kill Hitler himself, then kills himself? Stupid! That's a good General? Just cap Adolf face-to-face, then cap yourself then!" It was a plot with more than 1 general, the plan was to kill Hitler and then take command themselves, so they needed a bomb that was strong enough to kill Hitler, but not themselves.It had to be a bomb because they wanted to take command afterward and if he one of the generals would have shot him, he had to kill himselve because otherwise the SS would have donne that for him...And if you want to take command, you have to be alive, no? So they planted a bomb but failed.. And if Hitler would have sit down instead of standing up at the moment of the explosion, he would have died. The oaken table saved Hitler's live. And Rommel killing himself after that? I would have donne the same thing, you saw what happended with the others, they were hang in a freezer or something like that and a bullet trough my head is a more pleasant death then being hang in a freezer...
  14. "The Germans lost & they are given the best generals in SC" The Russians or as good as the Germans I think in SC. But have you ever taken a look at a map of Europe in 1942? Almost whole Europe was captured by the Germans. Since Napoleon nobodey ever did this again.They captured 3000 km of Russia, Germany, at that moment was 2 or 3 times the size of the US. So i think they weren't such big idiots after all...
  15. Rambo, I get your point but not al german generals were Nazi's. I don't think Rommel was a Nazi sine he participated or at least knew about the plans to kill Hitler. Would a REAL Nazi try to kill the one who was the father of Nazisme? A real Nazi would never try to kill Hitler, or would at least warn him if plans were being made to kill him. What Rommel and lot's of other German generals did was selling there souls to the Nazis. They agreed to be used in Nazi propaganda and stuff like that so that they could be close to Hitler wich would give them more changes to build on their military carreers. And like some of the generals, when he realised that the war could not be won if Hitler still was in charge, they tried to kill him. So, was Rommel a "Nazi?" In the true sense, probably not. Most generals probably were not Nazis in that sense. Yet they, like Rommel sold their souls.
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