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  1. Early war all the way, no contest. It easily trumps Fulda Gap for me too. Light tanks, tankettes, armoured cars - AT rifles actually a threat, "doorknocker" 37mm AT guns, outmanoevering ( having to do so ) French Chars ( although they'd be half-blind ), British Matilda 1's and 2's, trying to knock out Matilda 2's with PzIV 75mm HE gun, rubbish air support - Fairey Battles bombing miles off target ( and you could use most of that equipment to do early desert war too, so there ... )
  2. Baneman

    The state of CMSF2

    Of course I will help in the grinding as much as possible ... It seems such a great period to model - modern ATGM's and attack helicopters and suchlike were still in their infancy, but nevertheless changing the battlefield environment. Even though I am not a great player of moderns, I think Fulda Gap would be a brilliant sandbox. Caveat : If the choice is between Fulda Gap and 1940-41, Early War gets my vote.
  3. Baneman

    Russian radios in squads

    There are abstracted field telephones - this is how some HQ's without radios can call in artillery. But that's as far as it goes. ( IIRC )
  4. Baneman

    QB map pdfs

    This is the case - just ask Helpdesk and they will give you additional activations.
  5. Baneman

    CMRT Module 1 Bones

    20 000 point battles, however, ROCK ! Finding a keen opponent ( it's a bit of extra work to set up ) is the trick, but they are a total blast when they get going.
  6. Baneman

    CMRT Module 1 Bones

    You were never winning. You have never won. It's that quantum stuff doing your head in ( you knew those physicists would get you, right ? )
  7. Baneman

    New features curiosity

    Not really - I would have to look at a specific example ( ie. savegame ) and if not obvious, pass it on to the Brain.
  8. Baneman

    New features curiosity

    If you're doing it on a Setup screen, just leaving them be for a few seconds should let them recombine. If not, place one section in the same Action Spot as the other and they will shortly recombine. Giving either section a movement order will prevent them from recombining ( which can be useful in other circumstances ). Hope that helps.
  9. Baneman

    QB map pdfs

    Definitely worked for me - great work providing an excellent resource, thanks !
  10. Baneman

    The patch?

    What I find strange is that if Steve popped up in this thread and said "we're still working on the patch", that would theoretically satisfy what's being asked for. And yet ... you knew that already.
  11. In the main, I agree with almost everything IanL has said above. To address just these couple of points : 1) Here I agree with you just a tiny little bit - in that if a vehicle does not have a gun, it cannot Target and thus check LoS. However, the times I'm likely to move a unarmed vehicle ( truck/jeep etc. ) close to harm's way are very few and far between, so I can live with it. Plus there are workarounds. But under normal circumstances, waving the Target line around to check LoS without clicking on the ground means it is easy to right-click to eliminate it. 4) Do you know what fitness state those troops were ? If they were "Weakened" ( -1 in the little box in the UI, see arrow in pic below ) or "Unfit" ( -2 ), they will get Tired and worse VERY FAST. Moving in woods is particularly tiring if the ground cover is heavy. Conclusion I would have rated CM1 as five - back in the day, before CM2 games came out. Now it is simply dated. Also, we tend to have rose tinted memories - I can recall teeth-grinding frustrations with CM1 too
  12. Baneman

    What will the next CM be?

    I'm with you buddy. Now, who's the patron saint of lost causes...
  13. Baneman

    Stuart Recce - What's the point?

    You're a damn Sassenach, is what you are.
  14. For those here who used to play IL2 - "two weeks, be sure !"
  15. Baneman

    CM:BN Screenshot Thread #2

    Nice work !!