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  1. How do I assign each tile a nationality and a controller nation? Via script or another menu in the editor? I am stumped on this one, I have been reading the help and looking for the answer now for a week. I feel I am overlooking it. <EDIT> I found it... it's a right click on the mouse... Thanks for your feedback!
  2. Good day, I am new at using the editor and have a few questions: 1)I have added new land to existing maps but they are non-useable. How do I make them playable? 2)When I added new cities to England, they are all UK by default. I wanted a few to be US so I can deploy US units from them. How do I do this? 3)I want to place units which are scheduled to deploy later in the game. I can't seem to find a way to do this. Any pointers? I will keep it to these three for now. Thanks in advance!
  3. I really like the game but would actually spend more time with it if it had online play. Saying that, the game has been on the shelf for some time. I was hoping there was some MP patch already out. Oh well... [ September 01, 2006, 08:55 AM: Message edited by: Col.Sabot ]
  4. Moon or anyone.... Any news on MP patch? Since the developers are working hard on their next product, I am wondering if this product has gone to the crypt?
  5. Thanks for the update Martin! Any general guess if we might see the patch in a month or so? (I won't hold you too the month...But I can't speak for the masses...lol)
  6. Greetings all! Any news on a patch update? When can we expect it and what will be addressed in the patch... Have a great day!
  7. I am wondering if the developers are trying to simulate broken parts on the tanks by having parts of the tank not working? The thermals do have less magnification but are poor to current NATO standings. I guess we are so use to the Abrams as the standard on thermals. I love this game! When can we expect the first patch?
  8. Does the developer or the development team @ Battlefront review the posts on this forum? If yes, do they have any suggestions on this problem?
  9. Btw... my range finder is not working in the T72 either... Works some times in the T55... Plus I noticed last night that the rounds are hitting just right of center. Is this by design?
  10. Same issue here... Some times my sight pictures is messed up too. Many misc lines in the picture. My dozer function does not work on the T72 either. Need to check the keyboard assignments tonight. I am using straight default settings, have not modified any settings yet.
  11. I have reinstalled my drivers and still no effect. I am concern that it might be my new video board. For I have graphic issues with other games now too. (Older ones what ran well on my old board) Does PNY produce good boards?
  12. I am seeing very strange graphic issues. See the following links for a "graphic" look see. I will post more screens later as time permits. http://texasarmor.com/images/details.php?image_id=104 I see strange lines through out, when I am in the game. (Not in the menus btw..) Also, the "graphic tiles" disappears and sometimes floats. I have a PNY Tech Verto GeForce 6600, AGP w/256MB DDR. I currently have the latest drivers from NVIDIA and the current DirectX. What is the possible cause(s) and what can I do?
  13. Greetings All! First off, great sim!!! Second off, how open is the code to MODS? Any docs to explain how one can make MODS to the game? TANKS!
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