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  1. I appreciate the many good suggestions and comments and will follow-up on these. I use a Windows 10 PC (not laptop) with a Nvidia 1080ti and i7-7700. I will try another demo module as suggested and try the other items mentioned (the Shaders suggestion seems good). I do believe however, given the reliability of my platform on every other major military, flight and driving simulation, that the problem may be related to the demo (old demo version? un-patched demo version?) but who knows. Thanks again.
  2. Hi, I left the Battlefront Combat Mission world many years ago because of the licensing and distribution problems. I now have decided to give it a try again so I downloaded the RT demo. It "crashed to desktop" half way through the first scenario. I have a powerful, well maintained and up to date (drivers etc.) Windows 10 PC that is successfully running many other sims. Question: Is the demo I downloaded from this site an old demo? Was it known to crash? Any way to test if this has been fixed? Thanks for any help.
  3. I just updated my Combat Mission Battle for Normandy to v2.11.... VERY nice performance improvement. I also noted that there is now an icon that says "Activate CMBN Market Garden", and when I click it it asks for my serial number for Combat Mission 2.0. I am assuming that Market garden is already included with the 2.11 download and this icon then takes me to a place so I can purchase a key for MG game? Is that the case? If not what is this icon for? Thanks
  4. Count me in on this also. The Battlefront site is on my regular rotation and I check the TOW3 forum at least a few times a week to see how Tartari is doing.
  5. Hey, this is very good news indeed. Thanks for the work you are putting into this Tartari.
  6. I am also very much looking forward to this. The strategic layer itself is a wonderful thing but you add in the units and modding capability and possibilities are indeed great. This series just keeps getting better.
  7. This is wonderful news. The conflict, time frame and the vehicles are perfect.
  8. When my family asked me what I wanted for Father's day this year I mentioned a game I have had in the back of my mind for a long time - TOW2 Kursk. It turned out to be a pain to download, install and update.... BUT it was entirely 100% worth it. This is a fantastic piece of software. I am enjoying every minute of the experience the developers have put together. And it is not only the game itself but also the included generators and editors. I love sandbox's and creating "what if" scenarios and this has turned out to be very flexible in that regard. I am certainly on board for TOW3 when it comes.
  9. Thanks for the quick reply Moon... and I have now submitted a ticket at the help desk (ID: 582924) and included the products and keys in that ticket. >>to unlicense ALL your modules (and the base game) independently in the >>Start->Programs...->... menu. I checked on my laptop where the game and to 2 modules are still installed and went to Start->Programs etc... elicensing and it only lists "Unlicense Combat Mission Shock Force" and it does not mention the other modules at all. Please appreciate my goal is only to play the games that I have paid for and this does get frustrating
  10. Sigh... once again license and DRM issues keep good software from customers. I own CMSF as well as Marines and British modules. I keep those titles on my main desktop computer but also put them on my laptop for when I travel. I bought a new desktop so I contacted Battlefront to make sure of the instructions as to how to unlicense the software from my old desktop to put on the new desktop. I followed those instructions to the letter and the game and additional modules were all unlicensed and uninstalled. Before I installed on the new machine I contacted Battlefront again for clear instructions as to how to re-install the game, the modules and the patches. I started that process and when I went to license the first game (CMSF itself) I was told there were no licenses available and it would not license the software. It is my understanding there should be 2 licenses available. Could you please assist.
  11. Just jumped into the Demo Battle "Assault on Syrtsev". The Mission Description screen had lots of description and mentioned many places including Hill 2545, Oboyan, Syrtsev, Dubrovo, Lukhanino, Rena, Ivnya... but there is no map on that screen to show where they are?? So I started the battle and found the 3D map, the tactical map and even a mini-map in the bottom left corner. But I still see no names of places (either static or mouse over). I checked for a compass and did not see that either? Tried looking at the manual on-line but the print is to small and there is a graphical background so I really can't read it (the zoom just produces another page of the same size). Will there be maps in or out of the game in the full game? Thanks
  12. I have not owned a previous TOW title but I got the demo of Kursk 1943 and am quite impressed. Realism, performance, playability, graphics, UI etc. all quite good. This will be a purchase. One quick question for those that know. The mission generation capability is huge for me. I fully understand and appreciate that this is a demo so the generation is limited but could someone give me a better sense what that will fully look like in the game. In the demo there are many units I can not select (red X's), there are missing units, there is a "set" number of "points" assigned and 1 map and a "random" choice. Can I create balanced and unbalanced missions? (Can I set the number of "points" per side). Can I select any type of unit I want for a given conflict? What types and choices of maps will be available? (can I pick a location?) etc. I do believe that there is also a "Mission editor" and "Map creator" but my reading leads me to believe these are quite complex and take considerable time and effort to use.
  13. I have a new machine and need to re-install CMSF (DVD and download), Marines (download) and British (download). Could someone please confirm the procedure? 1) Install CMSF from DVD (and I assume I do not need to enter a license key) or install the download and enter the license key somewhere when it asks for it 2) Patch CMSF to 1.10 3) Then patch CMSF to 1.21 4) Install Marines from download and enter license key somewhere when it asks for it 5) patch Marines to 1.21a 6) Install British Forces from download and and enter license key somewhere when it asks for it 7) patch British to 1.21 8) Play and generally be happy... sound right?
  14. There was an option "Run as Administrator". I selected it and all seems to work now. Thank you for your help.
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