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  1. Is there a way to move the French tanks for the Axis to the Allied menu for France 1940 scenarios? Is there a really good France 1940 mod for CMBB or CMAK? Thank you.
  2. Hi, I just downloaded CMAK from Battlefront. I tried to start it, but, after selecting the resolution on the start up, I just got a black screen. I had an openplay.dll error when I checked my desktop. I see there is an openplay.dll in the CMAK folder. Where do I put it? Thanks.
  3. Thanks, Kieme, that is very useful info about the range of AA guns. I will stud my setup area with AA guns to support my mobile units!
  4. I wanted to provide my Soviet mobile units with 37mm AA. This is a striking omission! No 88mm FLAK to deploy against Sov ground targets.
  5. "Activate New Products.sh" Is not in my Documents folder. This might be the case in only MAC OSX versions of the game. I ran across a similar problem regarding another matter recently.
  6. PhilM: I am using the Mac OSX version and this: To do the activations, you need to run the app "Activate New Products.sh" located in the documents folder inside the main app folder in Applications ... is not in my Applications folder!
  7. OK. I am using the OSX version of the games. I installed Normandy/Commonwealth, then Market-Garden, then 3.0. Everything fine. Last, I installed 3.11 and it wiped Commonwealth and Market-Garden off the program. Looks like I am stuck.
  8. I can't find anything about this. I installed 3.11 and it clobbered the whole Normandy, Commonwealth, and Market Garden Package. The Quick Mission showed vehicles in terrain and map boxes, etc. If I install 3.11 over Normandy and Commonwealth, everything is fine. If I add Market Garden, clobbered again. Agh.
  9. Thanks for the clarification, DMS. I read as many WWII Red Army memoirs as I can find in English because so much technical information on Red Army equipment available in the West is unreliable. I found from using a Russian made tank sim that a 76mm gun T-34 in a good stationary position with a good view of the opposition could do quite a bit of damage. Trying to keep situational awareness and quick shooting on the move was very hard, but a well-positioned 76 hull down could be very effective. On the move to battle, I try to keep my commanders outside as long as possible.
  10. I deeply enjoy using the T-34-76 because it is so hard to use them effectively. I just had the bulk of a reg destroyed by about 17 Pz IVG lates in a Quick "Kursk." Yes, they fought blind buttoned up and RT beautifully models their helplessness. The problem the Red Army had was the terrible Sov optical glass for the turret top panoramic telescope and the gun sight. The glass was cloudy and distorted. The crystal clear sights in WWII Sov tank sims are a fantasy. The Sov radios were bad. One of the biggest reasons the Red Army tankers liked the Sherman was its comparatively excellent radio which allowed them to use more sophisticated tactics. I overran the forward-deployed Pz IVs at great cost. The surviving ones were far back where they had formed a hedgehog around a house. There were maybe eight. I did not know this until after the Quick had ended when you can survey the battlefield. What I really admired about RT was that the T-34-76s could not spot them, apparently, not even their muzzle flashes and gun smoke. The German hedgehog was about 1000 meters away from my (approx 14) surviving T-34s. The Germans were completely invisible using Iron. I sent out probes with small packets or single T-34s. They were getting knocked out and I could not find the shooters. This highlighted the Sov problem in 1943. Tiger Is, Panthers, and even Pz IVGs could knock out the T-34 at long range. The photos from Kursk of one or two Tigers advancing alone on the empty steppe surrounded by distant columns of smoke from destroyed Sov vehicles tell the whole story. I find using accurately modeled Sov equipment to be a huge challenge. Even using good tactics you still face almost impossible challenges in the T-34-76. This is history at its best.
  11. Had no trouble placing waypoints. The tanks did execute the orders when I turned off pause. Tried over and over. Fruitless. If this had happened to many units in bigger Quicks, I would have figured this was a glitch, but it rarely happens.
  12. Yep, this was Real Time with pauses. Nope, these guys were in the open, and I was trying to get them to advance to an open space. The T-34 was behind a house but it had wide open space beyond the house. There was nothing for it shoot at and it was drawing no fire but some T-34s had been clobbered nearby. I am sure it was out of command. Don't think it was Shaken. It refused to move for at least ten minutes until the game ended. Again, maybe I have a glitch but it is interesting these refusals occurred in tense situations. I just accepted these refusals as reflecting units going "gun shy." The Sherms did recover and after some initial reluctance they joined the platoon and helped knock about some German infantry.
  13. 3.0 and Iron. They might have been Shaken initially, can't remember. They definitely refused any orders, as did that T-34. Maybe I have a bug?
  14. Here was the sit. I was playing a completely randomized Quick. I had a seven Sherman US Army platoon. The platoon commander was a -2. As I recall, the platoon tanks were generally good but not outstanding. What happened was this, everybody performed well until I was concentrically approaching a possibly well-defended village. It was night, and I had the tanks fairly close together to keep them in command. A German mg opened fire from the front and raked all the Shermans. The CO spooked and rolled about 100 meters to the rear! Four of the Sherms refused orders, I think they had all gone to Cautious. They just froze. Didn't move, didn't shoot. None were damaged. I couldn't do anything with them. I took the two hardier Sherms and set about hunting the German infantry. I kept pausing and coming back to the four poltroons, but they refused to do anything. After about ten minutes they gingerly moved but only reluctantly. Maybe it had something to do with night and the CO bolting? I had this happen with a T-34 Mod 1942 today. It would not move from behind a house where I had put it. Stayed there and refused to come out and play despite my repeatedly giving it orders.
  15. There is one little thing I would like to see added to Iron. I think the information screens of out of command units should go blank. This reflects the lack of reports from them and would put the commander in a bind because he would not know why the units are not performing or he might give orders to units with damaged equipment to advance or attack. He would also not know their morale state or confidence. You could be repeatedly giving orders to a panic-stricken unit or try to send a unit without ammunition into battle.
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