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  1. Hello, since CMC is not yet get finished, I want to share my personal "campaign" ruleset, named "Move to Moskow" (m2m) when playing CMBB. Therefor I have set up a litte webpage where you can find all information and a MS Excel file required for playing: m2m Ruleset Homepage Maybe you like the ruleset, too - feel free to post your thoughts/ideas/improvement suggestions here in the forum. Happy campaigning, Blast Duke
  2. yeah, we are already using this "voluntary restriction" as a workaround but still I would be glad to find a more flexible force strength selection in the game.
  3. Hi, I am using CMBB 1.03. Currently QB force size is determined by following settings: "force size" (300 to 5000P) "battle type" (assault, attack, probe, meet) "handicap" (-50% to +200%) These settings, especially the handicap settings are too "coarse grained" to alllow special setups like Axis attack, Axis: 1712, Allied: 817 (just an example) Do you know of any method / mod / tool to make this selection more "fine-grained" so that ANY force size combination can be selected (in QBs)? Why am I in need of this: My friends and I are playing campaigns covering the whole war timeframe and battle results always return various force strengths (surviviors) for both sides. Thanks for your help BlastDuke
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