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  1. I had been waiting to buy this game since the demo was released. The only thing stopping me now, as was back then, is multiplay. I read post mentioning that MP will be added but there is NO time frame for it... I never buy combat sims unless there in MP but will be willing to buy this one if you can give me SOME sort of freaken time frame. Will it be 1 month, 3 months, 1 year...never(vaporware)...??? If there is no time frame set by now then it would seem that there is NO REAL desire for the Devs to add on. T72 has been out least 1 year and some time frame for MP should be know by now??? THX
  2. I had been watching these forums for some time now and played the first Demo but never bought the full version of the game. Recently I down loaded the new 1.3 demo and must say...very pleased with the changes! Now before I buy the game maybe someone can answer a few questions for me? 1) Multiplay...when will the new add-on be released and will it still include MP other then Lan? 2) The damage models in this game compared to those of WWIIOnLine...which has the 'better' damage models(realistic)? 3) Is there a link I can go to so as to read up on gunnery? I drove the M60A3 years ago and did some hours in the gunners seat also, but all is forgotten. So, where can I look to learn how to aim/sight the big guns in this game? THX
  3. WWIIOL...There is suppose to be a new expansion this next month? Also, in the expansion are be be included the Italians and the N.Africa threater. Lets not forget MUCH better graphics are incomming with the expansion. I will start playing WWIIOL again once the expansion is released. Also, I am really looking forward to buying Balkans. For we were told that a new add-on for Balkans will be released later this summer which will include at least one more playerable tank and multiplayer function...along with other goodies I am sure
  4. I ran the powerplant demo a few times and never once saw the enemy tank...where is it hid? Also, when I fire rounds into the dirt I do not see any deformable landscapes shapping up. Can you cause landscape to deform in the demo...not in mine? Also, will the damage models and graphics be improved in latter patches and add-ons? I do not like the way buildings and other objects are destroyed, and overall graphics need improved through out the game. Anyone else like me...using the demo or full game now just for practice so when multi-play comes we will be ready to dish out some real pain? THX
  5. So far really enjoying the demo. A few questions: 1) How can I set the terrian draw distance so that grass/trees can be see when looking from tanks sights? Most of the terian I see is within a few feet of my tank. 2) Is it easier to controle the tank with a Joystick or keys? With many sims the Joystick is the better... 3) What is the default key for external views of your tank? THX
  6. I downloaded the demo and was wondering if there is a demo manual to read through. There is SOOO much the demo does not explain and I want the full experiance...or as much as possible in this demo. THX
  7. Frankly I am getting tired of all the WWII games out..glad this is something different. Seems like all I have are WWII games...Red Orchestra, Silent Hunter III, IL2, Hearts of Iron 2...
  8. Hello, I plan of buying this game, if the demo is good, but before I do maybe a few questions can be answered. 1)Damage Models: How realistic are they? I had been playing IL2 for the last year and really like the damage models and flight physics. Are damage models as in depth as in IL2 or more generic in nature. 2)Graphics: What are the graphics like? Looking at the screenshots and movies are often misleading and dependent on the persons video card. With a 'nice' video card how does the games graphics look and what can you compare them to...IL2? I was a tank driver, M60A3, back in the '80s and this game gives me goosebumps thx [ July 11, 2005, 07:46 AM: Message edited by: Benito ]
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