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  1. Another great mission,Mortarman! I think Battlefront should pay you for keeping this game alive.But keep up your work,I for one think it's GREAT!
  2. If not at reposiatory I don't know.I use keyboard only.game is old.
  3. Hello Mortarman,got your last battle,great as usual.I always have trouble with the helecopters.
  4. I got round to giving your last mission a go before this one.It was tough but very enjoyable,thanks for your good work.
  5. Hello Mortarman Deke,Glad to see new battle.I have had computer trouble could not post.So thanks again.
  6. Thanks,I really liked your last mission.Infantry offloading from helicopter,Great!
  7. Good to hear,thought your last misson was so cool helicopter off loaded infantry.Thanks!
  8. You have done a great job as always.I do enjoy your hard work.
  9. I would like to thankyou for keeping this great old game enjoyable,THANKYOU!
  10. Thank you again,always look forward to your next battle.Thank you so much.
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