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  1. Dragonfire

    Uploaded a new Mission for the T-34/85

    Mortarman Deke,Thanks again for your GREAT work!
  2. Dragonfire

    Just Uploaded a New Mission - T-72 Desert Assault

    Desert Warfare great! Thanks MORTARMAN.
  3. Another great mission,Mortarman! I think Battlefront should pay you for keeping this game alive.But keep up your work,I for one think it's GREAT!
  4. Dragonfire

    General Questions

    If not at reposiatory I don't know.I use keyboard only.game is old.
  5. Hello Mortarman,got your last battle,great as usual.I always have trouble with the helecopters.
  6. I got round to giving your last mission a go before this one.It was tough but very enjoyable,thanks for your good work.
  7. Dragonfire

    Just Uploaded a New Mission for the T-55A

    Hello Mortarman Deke,Glad to see new battle.I have had computer trouble could not post.So thanks again.
  8. Dragonfire

    T-72 HQ Night Defense Mission Has Been Submitted

    Thanks,I really liked your last mission.Infantry offloading from helicopter,Great!
  9. Dragonfire

    Working on a new mission for the T-72

    Good to hear,thought your last misson was so cool helicopter off loaded infantry.Thanks!
  10. You have done a great job as always.I do enjoy your hard work.
  11. I would like to thankyou for keeping this great old game enjoyable,THANKYOU!
  12. Dragonfire

    Uploaded a New Mission - T-72 Defend Staging Area

    Got it as always,thanks for your work.
  13. Dragonfire

    Uploaded a New Mission - T-72 Defend Airfield

    Thank you again,always look forward to your next battle.Thank you so much.
  14. Great!this is more enjoyment,thank you.
  15. Dragonfire

    Roll Call for Tennessee and area

    Owensboro Kentucky,here.