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  1. I notice that the US weapons platoon leader (4th plt) does not have a radio. Whereas the other rifle squad leaders do. Is this a bug or historical? It is kind of a pain either way because he is in charge of the motor section and they cannot be used by the FO without radio com’s.
  2. Dang it, I was hoping that was not the case. Thanks for the clarification.
  3. It says in the GL description (on the homepage) that a commonwealth campaign was included for their side of operation Husky. Was it not included after all or am I totally blind and just overlooked it.
  4. Hmmm it would appear the save file is too large to upload. I can email it upon request.
  5. I witnessed something truly amazing. I had a Stuart closing with the enemy, knee deep in canister shot, when all the sudden it transported itself twice. Only a few feet both times. I was wondering if anyone else has witnessed this Stuart transporter defensive device or is it possibly a little bug? 😝😀 I will upload a save in a bit. I would also like to say CMFI, like the other games, is amazing. But like the other titles I have observed crazy infantry behavior. No matter what title, it seems infantry has a hard time walking near walls, low shrubs, bocage, etc. In CMFI I have notice infantry on the wrong side of a wall while moving or fighting. Even though I gave them an order to stay on one side of the wall. Not game breaking, just beating a dead horse it would seem, with a lot of topics addressing infantry lately. Anyway lads, good day!!!
  6. That’s awesome news. Thanks boys.
  7. So is this fixed in CMFI???? I know it still exists in CMBN.
  8. Sisters!!! I too would love that. I personally prefer the east front more. I kinda disagree with the first east front title being RT’s time frame. I believe a Stalingrad time frame (late 42-early 43) would be really cool but I think the most popular would be summer 43 (Kursk timeframe). I just don’t get why so many gamers like the west front with all its hedgerows yuck!!!!!!
  9. Hello friends, I read on the front page of the website that if one already has Shock Force and all expansions that one can pay a discounted price to convert the game to SF2. Here is where the dumb question will rear its ugly head..... Do we need to have shock force installed on our computer and then shock force 2 will be applied like a patch or will BFC see that we have purchased the game and expansions and install shock force 2 separately like a different game? I'm asking because I have a new computer and do not have those games installed, sooooo it would be way easier to just install SF2 as its own entity.
  10. Does the scout team need to be in the vehicle to operate the LD? do you need to be unbuttoned like in CMSF? if so can vehicle crew man the LD or does it have to be the scout team?
  11. So did I read this right we finally have a way to clear mines with the release of the new vehicle pack? If so has anyone used the mine clearing vehicles and how do they work. Mines are the bane of my existence and I've been on a crusade since 2007 for BFC to release a vehicle or an engineer unit that can clear mines.
  12. Found a copy of cmbb at the PX when I got back from deployment in 03. Played it but didn't really understand it at first, so checked out the website and read some aar's. The rest is history.
  13. Martry, I can dig what you're saying, but then why have the mark mine command at all? And an area as small as 8x8 can be cleared fairly quickly, I have done it granted it was in training but same same. My next point is, the particular mission was playing was a German counter attack against the Soviets that had just arrived in the area. So the mines they laid probably wouldn't be to hard to see by someone on foot even if concealed by leafs etc.
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