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  1. Definitely could be play style dependent. When I’m being good with good support fire my casualties are low. But.... when I get impatient I always get nailed with heavy casualties.
  2. Leaders in every war if leading from the front always have higher casualty rates. Not sure it is modeled in game though. For me I have not noticed this. Maybe it seems like they are dying more because you tend to notice those casualties more.
  3. Damn “that’s it” sassy!!! Lol, yea melodramatic is a little off putting in threads such as this. But had to show support for (hopefully) some future system to deal with mines. In my mind that is the only thin lacking in CMSF2 at the moment.
  4. Aquila I believe you are missing the point. 1. In game terms it is really lame if the campaign is designed where on the first mission (of what 16), you have to drive through a small break in the berm, filled with mines. Mines that will destroy at least half your force. Makes it even worse when you have engineers with a mark mine ability that does absolutely nothing. Now in this particular case there is a work around, so it’s not impossible. Mind you this is a known to be mined location, says so in the briefing. My point all along has been if mines are in the game then there needs to be a way to defeat them. 2. Real world situation non game. With a known mine field there is no way in hell any commander would have his troops just drive through it with the possibility of losing half his vehicles. Now an unknown mine field sure you can hit a mine by surprise. But in a situation similar to the one we are talking about no one would ever drive through a mine field it would be stupid. Plus, as the start of a massive invasion the engineers would have cleared a path through a known minefield. Now I know someone is going to say “one time I heard of engineers marking a way through a minefield and a vehicle still blew up.” I’m actually ok with that happening one in a thousand times, but in CMSF if you drive your vehicles through a marked mine field, half if not more of your vehicles will still hit mines. My main argument is, there needs to be a way to effectively deal with mines in these modern games.
  5. Agreed!!!!! Capt T I made the same point you did ages ago about mines being a in removable object in CMBN. Luckily for that game a vehicle pack was released with mine sweepers. I do hope that eventually engineers will be able to unarm a mine field or at least a mine sweeper for this game. Especially for mines place on the asphalt of a main highway like the one in the first mission those should definitely be removable. Pro tip: if you keep your vehicles to the extreme right tile after the engineer teams mark the mines you should make it through without an incident.
  6. Any luck fixing the campaign? If so where can I find it?
  7. How many T-84’s does the Ukraine Army actually field? I’ve looked online and from what I found it seems that they only field a very small number. What about T-72’s? Do they have any in service? I know the T-64 is in use but in what numbers roughly? I know there are some members here that have knowledge pertaining to the Ukrainian forces and am curious to know their thoughts.
  8. I love your idea. But IMO, I think it would probably work better as a series of scenarios. Can’t wait to play it.
  9. What does it say? My main point is Western troops, ie US, Brits, Germans, Dutch etc should probably be nothing lower than regulars.
  10. Yea but so are forward observers and they aren’t included in the mission. Point is, it’s strange to bring JTAC but leave FO.
  11. Hey boys currently playing the first mission and briefing says I have 120mm support from the outset. But alas there is none. Also why in the heck do I have a JTAC feller along for the ride when the briefing specifically says I won’t be getting air cover anytime soon. Why JTAC and not Forward Observer?????
  12. When I clicked on the first program it just kept sending me back to the DL’ed file. My computer is supposed to be a “gaming computer” it didn’t come with excel or any other handy programs.
  13. Yea, I’ve noticed that the Syrians will pickup RGP’s but US troops still are not picking up the SAW
  14. I do not believe they have been uploaded yet, just search through tons of stuff and no luck.
  15. Hmmm I have tried this and I do not think I have the right software on my computer. I followed the directions and couldn't get it to work. I wish it were easier to edit campaigns in game like one can edit a scenario.
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