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  1. My friend also played zapp back in 2004. he said he learn from Hombrastprin(?) how to cheat. cheating swedish scumbag???
  2. Its bad to have copy-protection. I know a friend he goes grazy if he must type numbers to get into game. He got ADHD diagnosis so think of him. Dont discriminate. We must trust in people to be honest and not crack game.
  3. Ation points for mountains is a bad idea. But maybe mountains should provide entrenchment?
  4. found this on the internet, I link it here sc
  5. found it on internet, cheating is no good. Beware.
  6. can I join tourney? Group C? If only me in C I will qyalify even if I lose game?
  7. Will oceans have different depths so subs cant dive so deep everywhere? That would make them more vunerable to asw. If not sc2 will be unrealistic. Patroling salty water should make subs more rusty and more prone to damage.
  8. Hey I have a question. Is it possible to hack the demo to play the whole war? I have a friend that wants to know can you please send it to me(he doesnt have a computer) so I can send it to him? dariuz8888
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