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  1. Whups.. didn't read down further.. never mind! lol
  2. OK, this is a question for the big guys.. lol.. I was looking thru some different game sites, and found one for the above named game.. Being interested in this stuff I went looking, and it looks alot like T-72 BoF.. Right down to the same playable tanks, and everything else.. So I wanted to know.. is it the same game? Is it being published for you guys thru them? Or whats going on? I'll include the link, hopfully someone can shed some light.. http://www.iw.blackbeangames.com/index.html Thanks
  3. Nice video.. Saw alot of the trials in India stuff before, but some of the other stuff was nice to see.. Just a small thing for Ak-47, the black eagle is a different tank, not the t-90 (Its been refered to as a T-95 a couple times) I'll include some links for a couple pics I managed to find Top ones the black eagle, bottom one is the T-90 from the Indian trials
  4. Actually it is.. As the other track continues to move, it'll turn the tank towards the side missing the track.. I know we can get technical and say the tank should move more or less straight because the road wheels will roll free.. But that doesn't work good at anything above a very slow crawl. (Done it many times when I had to drive back to put the damn track back on. lol)
  5. HEy guys.. I figured if I put moons name on this one, he'd be sure to look! hehe I've looked around and seen a few hints of the upcoming? patch and the next release (update? new release?) But what I was hoping to get is a time frame we are looking at for any of these.. You know.. by xmas 2005.. 1st quarter 2006.. sometime this decade! hehe I realize the devs are in russia and all.. but there must be some sort of time frame the translators have come up with! hehe. Thanks
  6. theres an option in the setup that allows for an always working laser range finder.. Other wise it doesn't work well during foggy or bad conditions. Turn the option on, and your ranger finder always works.
  7. I was a canadian armored crewman for twelve years. Mainly on the Leopard C1/2 (Leopard 1A3 and A4, so seeing the one in game brings back memories) I've also got a fair bit of time on LAV-25 (Coyote) and other wheeled light armored vehicles.
  8. Moon says they are working on a patch! There is going to be a new release that adds multiplayer (internet, as well as new missions and a new playable tank) you can play now over a lan, and if you read up on some of the other threads, they even explain how to get it to work over the net. If your having graphic problems, play with some of the advanced settings.. change the draw ranges stuff like that. Personally, I left it with the default settings and have a great frame rate. hehe
  9. Shane05

    I Cry

    Piracy... Ya.. I noticed the game hit the servers the other day. But on a semi-good note.. the no-cd cracks are out too! hehe CAuse I hate having to track down cds everytime I want to play something
  10. The way I look at it, is your not the overall commander of the battle.. Your simply one guy commanding a tank. So you wouldn't have complete control over everything on the field. Just be able to tell them to go over here and blow stuff up. Besides, its more realistic that way.
  11. Ok.. got a wierd one.. WHen playing some of the missions I've edited I get a crash to desktop when I'm viewing stats at the end of the mission. Doesn't always happen, and doesn't always happen on the same vehicle. But it is annoying.. This is the error that comes up on the last_bug 0000: Error: Unknown error not very helpfull.. lol ANyone else had this, or know how to make it not happen? thanks
  12. I've been playing around with the editor.. its pretty cool.. But I was wondering if theres a maximum vehicle count allowed in each mission.. Granted some of this will depend on the power of your machine.But I wanted to know if theres an actual limit progamed. Right now I'm upto 25 vehicles total (2 friendly rest bad guys) using Moons desert map, and I have yet to have any slow down or lag.. And I have yet to survive the mission without major damage..lol.. Something about having a half dozen Leopards, and then T-72s come over the hill top.. Also.. I might of missed it in the manual, but is there a way to make a true night time enviroment.. I've played with the enviroment controls in the editor, and the best I've gotten so far is a dusk/dawn? type setting, but it still bright enough to use normal day sights.. thanks
  13. ok.. I'm playing with the editor.. follow the little doc thing, and it worked out ok.. so now I'm playing with the desert map.. I want to creat a huge old attack against little `ol me.. only problem.. how do I change the players tank.. Don't know if I missed it in the doc or what.. but anyoen know how you set which tank is players tank? lol. thanks
  14. I never got a shipping confirmation.. all I got was the order confirmation.. I seem to remember one of the Battlefront people saying that not always is there a shipping confirmation put out, but you can email and ask about it.. I think it was like shipping@battlefront.com or sales@battlefront.com.. Just surf thru some of the older posts..
  15. hey moon.. Love the work you've done.. its always fun playing a new level and blowing stuff up... But I do have a request.. I've tried playing with the editors, and have had nothing but bad luck.. Is there any chance you could write up a walk thru on how to edit a level.. Basiclly break it right down so that someone who can just find the power button can edit a level! lol.. Granted this might be alot to ask for the entire thing, but even just a walk thru for editing vehicles and stuff on a level, and not so much the map it self.. Good starting point! hehe.. thanks
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