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  1. A highly subjective statement but compared to what i remember from CMx1 the WW2 CMx2 tanks are a lot more accurate.
  2. Thanks for changing the link, i can now download the file just like the others. It is fixed for me! I use Opera browser.
  3. I wish that would work reliable, i try that several times, i even mentioned that in the first post(or second?) i made in this thread. I have had squads parked right outside a 1x1 house right by the door, then let them "assault" into the building, i saw the first team run in the close door as they should, and the 2nd team still took the long way around to the other door. So it does not work reliable Maybe you are right, ... maybe i get back to it another time.
  4. Ian, i would not credit the problem to v4 patch if i would have a "whole" squad run to the wrong door or take a bizarre path, i talk explicitly about them spliting up and 1 team take the close door and the 2nd team run around taking the other door. This was not possible in any other engine version of the game as far as i can remember(did any of your see that in any other version but v4? correct me if i am wrong). I play CMSF a lot, i play CMBN a lot when it was released and i play CMRT quiet a bit too, all of them not(!) at engine 4, only when i play CMSF2 demo that came with engine 4 i saw this behavior for the first time. Right in the first battle in the demo, it was plain to see. And i continue to see it in the full CMSF2 game. However, i am about to give up, i realize there is nothing that can or will be done about it, i guess i have to get used to use the glorious workaround. CMSF2 is better in everything compare to CMSF in my eyes, only that retarded tacAI behavior where their cue thresh-hold is way too low(to give it a name), leaves a very bad taste in my mouth. I guess i have to load the save game in this cases and use the workaround where it is necessary. Terribly annoying I am not in the mood to run lengthy tests in order for everyone to tell me everything is "in order". Id rather finish converting my scenario for now, that takes enough time.
  5. No hard feelings here, but sometimes i think you read past what i try to say intentionally. For ~10 years squads did not act like a bunch of morons running around buildings to far side doors that are often observed by the enemy. That is what worked perfectly for about 10 years. Yes, the AI generally does attack like a big blob moving forwards(CMx1) or like scripted(CMx2) without brains, i do not talk about that, i talk about the specific behavior of them spliting up where they should not, by them self. IF i want them split, i do it myself. The AI is usually too stupid to decide things but now they got the autonomy to decide anyways. You are re-interpreting things here, the "workaround" is to get a group of AI morons to use 1 damn door, and not the other one too. The "workaround" is to take away autonomy that has been given in engine 4 to mindless bots that have no sense of awareness of their surrounding. THAT is the workaround. If i as the player want to use split squad command, when where and how or not at all, should be my decision not the decision of a mindless robot tacAI that has no clue about things happening in the scenario. As i say before, it worked fine for ~10 years, that change in v4 was not needed at all. I disagree! The extra input should be optional, when and where i want it. Not a forced mandatory move to "work around" the stupidity of the new AI behavior in v4 to get it to do what it did for ~ 10 years, as i keep saying. . . Now, in order to say something positive, i think you make nice videos, there is good footage in there and the presentation is coherent, i like that. Good job on that!
  6. "If" right ... and IF not they suddenly loose all brains and act extremely stupid? The game should work no matter what, if i split teams or not should not make a difference in this case. It did work perfectly for like ~10 years or so. As i said, only the player can split teams, the AI can not, so on top of introducing quiet some extra input for the player that has no gameplay value or justification, you break the behavior of the AI squads that can not use a "workaround" as it is so aptly called. They should just fix the game to where the workaround is no longer needed and the game just functions like it did for ~10 years instead of justifying some broken tacAI with some goofy arguments that are beside the point.
  7. Hey, if someone is willing to play the first half, that is about 90 turns, of my updated scenario for CMSF2, write me here or by PM. I am about to finish my own playtest, will make a few changes but would like to see how it works for someone that does not know the scenario as well as i do. With my knowlage of the scenario it spoils things a bit, so it would be good to have at least 1 other person that play this before i release it. The scenario is pretty much finished, so it is not bare bones, but i want some additional feedback if someone is up for that. You should enjoy; - Large red vs red fight, mix of heavy urban and open. COIN type scenario, syrian mech vs insurgents. - Some logistics, not all is fighting, at some stages you will have to reorganize things - Moving troops(reinforcements) in vehicles over large distances, that means you will have to lay down long waypoint chains at a few point in the scenario. If you think this is "work" maybe that is not for you. But since you only need to play half, you dont need to move em "that" far, however you can keep playing and finish the scenario if you like but most important is the first half for me.
  8. I suggest the Task Force Thunder campaign because it start with some simple scenarios where you have vastly stronger forces, so they are beginner friendly if you want to call it like that. If you want to play some scenarios to get into the swing, maybe play Al Amahra(small scenario) and Allahs Fist(tank scenario). Once you got these done, you should be fine in TF Thunder campaign.
  9. I am sorry for my reaction, i guess, but if he would have read my post he would have seen that i know full well about the workaround to split teams, i think i made that clear. I am no idiot. His answer on my feedback was useless, would have been better to say nothing. I just dont see how using a workaround for something that was working quiet well for many years, but got broken in version 4, is accepted as if it is working fine? The AI can not use the workaround and never will be able to, the AI squads will act even more stupid with that change and the player has to use more inputs now to do the same things that needed less input before while he gains nothing in return. Its not even faster at all.
  10. It was a "feature" that did not needed to be fixed, what you call a fix is way more annoying and unrealistic than the traffic jam ever was. I know it was introduced with engine 4, i never had that problem in CMSF, CMBN and CMRT it works flawless there, i do not have them updated to engine 4. I dont want this game to be a game of workarounds, where i have to permanently use workarounds in order to have my infantry do what they did before engine 4 without any workarounds. Maybe you only play tiny scenarios in realtime where you have 3 squads and that is it, god forbid i play scenarios where i push 2 or 3 companys through urban space. And using the workaround every turn on several squads, no, just no that is plain stupid. You can play your tiny scenarios as you like but leave me in peace with your smart suggestions. Something else, is this what you do in this forums? Jumping people that have perfectly reasonable suggestions or feedback and act like they are retards that can not play the game?
  11. Hey IanL, as per PM, i do hope this gets fixed sooner or later because it is like 10 month now where that other thread was made, january this year. The new FoW trenches are cool and everything but the way it is now, they are not "FoW". It is in every scenario 😢
  12. If you want to play campaign right away, just play the original campaign, Task Force Thunder.
  13. It is just very distracting if i do not have to think about how to best engage the enemy but how to best game the system in order for my squads to use 1 damned door. Sure i can split a squad every time i let them enter a building, but how many squads do you have entering how many buildings in a urban map? Its many squads enter many buildings, to split each and every squad and on top take the penalty to moral for the split is just not a good workaround at all. I have tryed with "assault" command, and even with this command, i have seen the 1st team run in the close door and after they arrive the 2nd team now proceed to run around the house taking the other door. It is nerve wrecking, cause the player usually has a reason to let troops approach a house from a certain direction and not from the other side. As said, for me this is the most frustrating aspect in the game right now when i play urban map, and most maps in this game feature build up areas. Surprisingly this worked better 10 years ago in CMSF where this issue did not exist, there was a small jam at the door and that was it, no problem. I am glad i do not PBEM this game cause that would make me rage quit real quick, to see the pixel truppen getting creative with doors and i can not reload it to adept orders.
  14. This is one of the most frustrating and annoying aspects of the game engine 4, the newfound creativity in how troops express their desire to use more than 1 doorway when they think that there will be a small "traffic jam" at the doorway. This was never a problem in CMSF or the original CMBN version that i have(non version 4). I only ever see this in CMSF2. Having to always put down a waypoint right outside the door to force troops to reliably take only that 1 door is problematic when they should enter that house quickly, and on top it is not working every time. I find myself having to reload a savegame mostly because of this one thing. The tiny "traffic jam" at the door was never a problem i wonder why this was introduced with engine 4, it solves nothing and only creates problems.
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