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  1. I see, thank you very much, that is answering my question.
  2. You know these ditches are very close to the road and in corners the vehicles almost always cross over these ditches. On the other hand i can not remember vehicles bogging down a lot in these ditches at all.
  3. I was always wondering if the small roadside ditches that come automatic, when you lay a gravel or dirt road for example, if they do increase the chance to bog down? I am inclined now to remove some zig zag gravel road on a map and replace it with smooth gravel "ground" texture. I can make a wider road and have it smooth without the roadside ditches. But does that matter fo bogging chance? Anyone know or has some experience?
  4. Shock Force manual page 81 explains it. General -> generic setting(a mix) Armor -> weights toward anti armor rounds(they mean plain HE) Personnel -> weights toward airburst rounds "General" may fire a mix, "Armor" fires plain HE shells( you select against tanks and structures), and "Personnel" fires air bursts for troops in the open or trenches or such. In CMSF i never used "General", either Armor against buildings or Personnel against infantry outside. The General option i never used and still dont.
  5. Hey sburke, Does it make it better if china does it too? You know i dont really care who does it, its the fact that it is being done. The country is too poor to exploit its resources but the rich geological background of afghanistan means its an unopened treasure chest. From wikipedia -> Afghanistan has over 1400 mineral fields,[1][2][3] containing barite, chromite, coal, copper, gold, iron ore, lead, natural gas, petroleum, precious and semi-precious stones, salt, sulfur, talc, and zinc, among many other minerals.[1][4] Gemstones include high-quality emerald, lapis lazuli, red garnet and ruby. According to a joint study by The Pentagon and the United States Geological Survey, Afghanistan has an estimated US$3 trillion[5] of untapped minerals. Now the refugees tell me, america make shooting around the mine(s), when everyone is fled they move in. 2 week later there is a big fence around the mine and the resources are stolen and go "somewhere else" but no longer to afghanistan. That is reality, they have seen it, that is not the "fox news" media version where this is a country full of terrorists and each and every one is out to get america. So china wants a piece of the cake now, i am not surprised, its large cake after all. I am sure they will find their place there like the others did. It probably makes this place more sane with china there.
  6. I know i can be a bit blunt at times. I dont think we will ever agree on these things, but i hope there are no hard feelings here. Looking at you @Combatintman and @MOS:96B2P, you guys seem to be from a totally different camp I hope you guys dont hate me to the death now.
  7. They should release the game this week, that will shut me up I so want to go into the map editor and fix up my 2 old scenarios for CMSF2. I am pretty hyped unfortunately, which makes time drag on.
  8. You are right... . Sometimes i can not help it, i just have to say something.
  9. I would call that the hate fueled blind rage of a giant that got the mental age of a 8 year old kid,... not an intervention. Something like that, the an eye for an eye mentality, i would expect from african tribal societies, but not from a cultured and modern western society. Too bad a country can sink so low so fast. Of course all the respect and all that, for everyone.
  10. I did not think about it enough before posting this, maybe that is too much politics but i can no longer edit my post. I recently managed to talk to persons from afghanistan, refugees in my country, for the first time ever. It was interesting to talk to them, it changed the way i view this whole thing a bit, so i could not help it and posted what i did post above. As said just ignore it.
  11. It has, all the natural resources, and afghanistan has plenty, are going to the west now. In the eyes of the west, that is a success. Someone is making big big money by stealing their stuff. The war? Who cares, that is just a side show to keep the money rolling in.
  12. I did not work on a map since CMBN, but i thought it works like that-> In order to move between houses that are next to each other, you need to have 1 wall with a door and the other wall does not matter as long as you have a door on 1 wall. They did change that early in CMSF1 patch cycles so you do not need 2 doors on both sides. I think to remember the most easy way that worked for sure was to have a wall with door and simply remove the other joining wall. Nothing needs to line up, at least not the doors. It should work as soon as you have 1 door on one wall, the other wall does not matter as far as i remember. But maybe my memory it at fault here.
  13. I have the same problem, but fear not, its all good. Nothing is listed in your store account that was before the late 2007 shop rework. They totally changed the store in later 2007. So if you bought the game before the shop was reworked, you need to go to the helpdesk and open a ticket with it. For me my CMBB, CMAK, Theatre of War, T72 BoF and CMSF1(i buy it few days after release) are NOT listed in my store record cause i buy them before late 2007. As said, you need to open a ticket, that is what i did and support will help you out. They dig up your record from a drawer or something and can verify that you purchased CMSF before the shop rework.
  14. you can sink some time there for sure, but also some ships, and with the dynamic element that you can influence with your actions, it elevates the rather dry "simulator" into something where you can connect emotionally if i can say it like that. the ships you lost are no longer meaningless, they would have been needed in the next battle. if you enjoy the single scenarios i strongly recommend to you to try the campaign. germans in jutland have not so many ships its fine to handle. i can not say about DG 1.5
  15. i can not add anything meaningfull here other than to say these games are great. too bad SES went under. i spend a lot of time with the german campaign in jutland(i dont have DG1.5), or several of them. the campaign is where it all comes together, at least it did for me. yes the slight warping of fleets when you go from the 3d space to the 2d board game can be annoying, but it has to be it seems. you can not end up between hexes, so you get sucked into one of them when you leave battle. sometimes its the "wrong" one. but when you know about it you can deal with it, its only annoying if you dont know what will happen. i have not fired up jutland in years i think, good to see that it is still supposed to work, or that it is working for some at least.
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