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  1. Way too late in the day of course, but it'd be interesting if you <b>didn't</b> get to select which general you got. You buy an HQ and the general is randomly selected from the pool of people available at the time. After about a year in action(or a random number of combats participated in), the name gets revealed. (a fog of war thing) Certainly Churchill/Roosevelt/Hitler/Stalin didn't know the quality of the generals they put in the field until they'd fought a few battles. You'd then have to be able to sack a general at low cost (50-100 MPP) and get another random name out of the hat and start over again. Most of the accumulated HQ experience would be lost in the process.
  2. All i have left is one French army. The corps was used to take Ireland. Does anyone AVOID taking Paris? Just kill the unit in it and cut it off from German supply and leave it behind to keep the MPPs British? Now to decide if i push straight into LC/Germany or take Portugal/Spain (both still neutral) first.
  3. Once the Allies re-take Paris, is there anything clever to do with those French MPPs? I'm figuring just infantry to fill in the allied line since they're behind everyone in tech and can't afford even a HQ for quite a while.
  4. Does an HQ below strength 10 lose capabilities? Can it support fewer units or provide a smaller increase in readiness?
  5. i don't much expect it or SC1, but it would be nice for SC2
  6. I hope this defect will be repaired
  7. Is it always also true that If Norway is captured by the Russians that it 'beomes' British?
  8. I have a game where England has fallen, but it still controlled Canada, Vichy N.Africa and Iraq when it surrendered. Naturally a Free French unit protecting Algiers surrendered though Vichy did not! The US and Russia are now in the fight, but the MPP for the English conquests/colonies is going to the English bank account where i can't spend it. Any way i can get my hands on it? I've got Russian units in Egypt and i think i'm getting those MPP.
  9. Would that allow you to then move the game to a new computer?
  10. Is there a place where all the events that affect the US/USSR war% are located? Particularly the minor country DOWs?
  11. I downloaded the game via direct2drive and now want to migrate the game to a new computer. I moved the install files and installed the game. When i run it connects to gamespy then tells me i'm not liscened for the game. Any clues how to get the liscene recognized on a new machine?
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