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  1. I guess after a month I pretty much got the answer I expected - silence. Battlefront is great about taking your money, not so great about supporting their product.
  2. I have opened two tickets trying to get help recovering my license for CMSF. Each ticket the support person sends one email then closes it without waiting to see if their bolierplate fix solves anything. Then after a few emails back and forth - they simply stop responding. Is there anyway to reach out to someone that is helpful at the helpdesk? Someone that is recommended to carry through and not just hurry to close a ticket. My problem is that I was one of the poor sods that pre-ordered the game. Strike two came that I had an AMD64 x2, so that hurt. Still after a few patches it was playable and I enjoyed it. New machine (2010) later I try to reinstall, but I cannot find my email with the licence key. No problem - open a ticket for help. After a pair of exchanges they close the ticket and me without a solution. Upset, shelve the game and never buy from BF again. New machine (2016) and I try again as I re-purchased CMBO on GOG and am feeling the itch. I open a new ticket to ask for help. Same pattern - response and close ticket. I engage him in a few emails back and forth then he simply stops responding. I could really use some help. I pre-ordered the game from Battlefront, I am still at the same address they shipped the game. There is no sticker anywhere on the box or the manual. So does anyone know of someone that I can reach out to directly that can help me.
  3. Except that it does not work that way. At every waypoint the squad takes time to re-organize, even if they only moved 5 meters. It is like watching a Den Mother and a bunch of Girl Scouts instead of soldiers. Sarge: Okay, is everybody here? Squad: Yes Sarge! Sarge: How far did we move? Squad: 10 meters Sarge! Sarge: Excellent. Now everybody mill about for a bit while I get a head count and consult the map for our next objective. Squad: Don'cha think that we should do something about that machine gun blazing away at us? Sarge: Sure, I guess we could do that. Okay when I count to 5 I want everyone to turn to face the enemy.
  4. No. I really want to enjoy this game, but right now it is too much an exercise an frustration as bugs, bugs, and more bugs strike the game dead. Maybe when the 3rd or 4th patch rolls around it will be playable, but until then I have shelved it.
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