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  1. Downloaded and played the demo for a game I had high hopes for. I was hoping for and expecting something like Silent Hunter 4, but with PT boats....but after doing the "tutorial" I am sadly disappointed and left shaking my head with lots of questions. For instance....why can I only see the enemy ships 1200 meters out on a clear day? Why do I have to be within rock throwing distance to "identify" them with binoculars? Why do I have to sink the enemy PT boats before I can attack the merchants (and why am I not told that)?? And figuring out the torpedos was not exactly easy either.... Beyond that, I am disappointed in the overall feel of the game....the lack of a sensation of speed when going full throttle, the pitiful damage and sinking effects....when you torpedo a ship, you are rewarded with a small waterspout, and the ship sinks...no fire or smoke, no break up, no variation in the sinking... And finally....even if all the above were fixed....this game would need a mission editor to be be a viable product. This feels like it was rushed out the door half done....I would love to have a PT sim, and if it ever lives up to its potential I will be first in like to buy it....but not like it is now....not even from the bargain bin. MD
  2. Yeah, but the 8x seems more like 20x to me. I have a rifle scope that zooms from 6 to 20x and in the game I feel like I am looking through the scope at 20x....hard to find targets, even if I pre-slewed the turret in the general direction from the external view. MD
  3. Does anyone else think that there needs to be some improvement in the views from the main and anti-aircraft gun sights? They seem to be way to zoomed in at the default setting, and the mouse wheel and +- keys are too slow to zoom in and out. The default view needs to be have less magnification and there needs to be a quick way to click between zoom levels. What's everybody else think? MD
  4. It's probably right in front of me, but I can't find a menu option in game, or on the start menu, or on the CD's, for the editor. I found some docs for it on CD2, but where the devil is the program itself??? TIA
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