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  1. umlaut

    Un-Acquire ?

    No. I am almost certain that is not possible.
  2. Hi Julian Yes, modding modular building is a real PITA. I never really got it to work properly and I really dont think I can help you, as I have put building modding far behind me - and I really dont want to reopen that can of worms 😉 But I think I remember that NPye found some sort of solution when we made the joint Stalingrad mod project. Perhaps you could ask him? Cheers
  3. I've got one of those - but I am never able to find the zipper!
  4. umlaut

    Have no icons for my troops?

    Yep: Alt-i should do the trick (if it is a PC)
  5. IanL is right: One of the updates added a camera control option called RTS - but perhaps it isn´t in the demo? A suggestion: Try to download a new version of the demo - it might be there.
  6. As this seems to have derailed into a western movie thread (I take part of the blame), I will recommend a few (dollars) more: Unforgiven - by and with Clint himself. Deadwood - brilliant HBO series. The Revenant - unconventional and gruesome.
  7. When talking about movies in general - and Charles Bronson in particular - I have to mention Once Upon a Time in the West. Watch it, if you havent already done so: It is a masterpiece - one of the best movies ever made, in my opinion.
  8. Nope, no matter if you mean the "reenactors" or the Asetrú (even though I know a few people in the communities) I am just generally interested in the era and have read exensively about it.
  9. No doubt about that. It is in many ways very realistic and well researched. A good example is the burial scene (of the chieftain Harald, I think). That is more or less a verbatim reenactment of Ibn Fadlans eyewitness account of a burial. So it seems to me that the inaccuracies are not errors but deliberate, as if the crew said: "never mind that they acutally wore helmets and different clothes. This looks cooler, and most of the viewers wont know better anyway." Yeah, bloody bloody, that. Actually I recently read that the blood eagle is probably also just a myth, based on either a bad translation or a misunderstanding.
  10. Being a dane - and quite knowledgeable in matters of the period - I must sadly disagree: Vikings is indeed a very entertaining series, but in my opinion it is far too historically incorrect for something that is produced by the History Channel. Generally, they have taken the old myth/saga of Regnar Lodbrog pretty much at face value. In my opinion it would have been wiser to try ot find the historical core of that myth. Beides the myth itself there are numerous inaccuracies. Here are a few from the top of my head: Regnar was a danish king/warlord. In the show he is living in a place that is definitely not Denmark, but Norway. Generally, the geography of Scandinavia is all messed up in the show. Uppsala looks nothing like the place depicted in the show - and Kattegat is not a town, but the sea between Jutland and Sweden. The clothing of the norsemen is completely wrong - and in the series none of the viking warriors wear helmets as they surely would have. In one of the first episodes Regnar and his men are part of the famous raid on Lindisfarne in 793 AD that is normally seen as the start of the viking era. Regnar lived much later. He was one of the leaders of the siege of Paris in 845 AD. I could go on...
  11. I saw some of the teaser stuff they released a couple of years ago. Seemed to me to be little more than a group of reenactors with cameras.
  12. @Sublime Didn’t know you mexicans were so fond of Hollywood - and were you even in the war? 😉 But yes, Eastwoods movies were great, and so were the BOB and The Pacific.
  13. Yes, it was a joke. I quit watching it after about half an hour. Found it an utter waste of time. Speaking generally about WWII movies, I find that the german ones are usually the best. I think this is because the germans (for obvious historical reasons) cannot base their stories on same old "Sergeant X saves the day and at the end we all salute the flag and shed a tear"-clichés that seems to be all Hollywood is capable of producing. The germans have to focus on a realistic story about real people in a real war. Stuff that is hard to press into a movie industry template filled with good vs evil stereotypes. The germans have to focus on a good script. And if the script is good, then the movies usually turns out to be too. In Hollywood it seems that the script is much less important than the CGI.
  14. How come he didn´t mention the war movie above them all, "White Tiger"? 😀 Seriously, his views match my own pretty well (though he of course has much more knowledge to back them up). I especially liked the comments about The Patriot being a stinker. To me it has always just been a remake of Braveheart in a different location. Now I have to find 317th Platoon - which I must admit I had never even heard about.