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  1. umlaut

    Bitvagorod Map by JuJu

    Hi again Checked some more and discovered what I had completely forgotten: The map is lumped together with my Factory Mod Set - as it will only work with the set. So I can be found here - at cmmods: http://cmmodsiii.greenasjade.net/?p=266 Please remember to read the pdf before you use it - or you are bound to run into frustration.
  2. umlaut

    Bitvagorod Map by JuJu

    I know. Just checked myself. Perhaps it was uploaded to the old sites and got lost in the move. I’ll try to upload it soon.
  3. umlaut

    Bitvagorod Map by JuJu

    Thanks a lot. I´ve only discovered your just post now. Glad you enjoy it
  4. umlaut

    CM:BN Screenshot Thread #2

    Yes, it is an Aris mod. But you shouldnt need to do anything with it - except drop it in your mods folder. It already works as my own splash screen.
  5. umlaut

    CM:BN Screenshot Thread #2

    Cheers. Here´s one more:
  6. umlaut

    CM:BN Screenshot Thread #2

    Lots of things not related to CM. I am still playing a bit, but I think my modding and scenario design days are over.
  7. umlaut

    CM:BN Screenshot Thread #2

    Thanks. It turns out, that it is just the right size - so here you go https://www.dropbox.com/s/fi5z9m8fcwoy179/splash background.bmp?dl=0
  8. umlaut

    CM:BN Screenshot Thread #2

    Mixing CM with historical photos
  9. umlaut

    Purchase from europe

    I am pretty sure that BFC accept credit cards. I suggest that you try to purchase one of the already released games to check what the payment options are there.
  10. Great idea, Kaunitz. I agree with just about everything you´ve said here. And I actually once made a extra large map myself for many of the same reasons - plus this one: Allowing scouting units to act more realistically. Often the maps are too small - and the time frame too short - for realistic scouting. So I made a very large map - and made a scenario that let the scouts have the map for themselves for the first hour. Sounds boring, perhaps - but I found it quite fun. One comment regarding field sizes, though: I dont think you should judge the sizes of fields too much on your personal experiences. In my country field sizes have increased a lot since the war, due to the dramatic centralization and mechanization of agriculture: Fewer, but much larger farms - with tractors and combine harvesters instead of horses. I guess that would be the case in most countries. I think I will try to find my old map and upload it as a quick battle map. Looking forward to seeing your work.
  11. umlaut

    Combat Mission future

    You´re absolute right. It is that kind of inaccuracies that really spoils the realism.
  12. Hi again I just dived in to some of my old building mods - and discovered that my memory had failed me: It seems that the facade in the BMP "building103-front-level-0" is in fact flipped - at least in CMBN. But that seems to be the only one I can find. Is this the name of the file in your game as well?
  13. I have never seen this while modding facades. But it happens all the time with the gables: The game uses the same bmp for both gables of an independent building, so when applying murals to the gables one of them will always be flipped.
  14. umlaut

    Un-Acquire ?

    No. I am almost certain that is not possible.
  15. Hi Julian Yes, modding modular building is a real PITA. I never really got it to work properly and I really dont think I can help you, as I have put building modding far behind me - and I really dont want to reopen that can of worms 😉 But I think I remember that NPye found some sort of solution when we made the joint Stalingrad mod project. Perhaps you could ask him? Cheers