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  1. In my opinion, this is a great little campaign - with one flaw. The maps and scenarios are very well made, but unfortunately I think the briefings are a bit sloppy: Not enough info on when reinforcement are arriving - or even where. In the last scenario you dont know at which end of the map the reinforcements will arrive. That is a real pity as everything else is so well made.
  2. Well, of course not. It was the only band that mattered, remember? 🙂
  3. And I didn´t mean to imply that you did
  4. No, the game is not cheap when you purchase it - but in the long run it actually often is. I usually say this when people complain about the price: I have lots of games that have cost me 20 or 30 $ - and I have played them less than 10 hours. Then there´s CMBN. It costs far more, but it has given me thousands of hours of gameplay - and still does. So when it comes to price per hour of gameplay, CMBN is by far the cheapest game I ever bought. Like the others, I recommend you try the demos: If you like playing them, then you have found a game that you probably wont get tired of for a very long time.
  5. I've heard a rumour that they are in fact singing the praises of the fabled Bangalore Movers
  6. Always nice to see a new modder, Oleksandr. Welcome Here´s a link to CMMods IV: https://www.thefewgoodmen.com/cm-mod-warehouse/
  7. Oh, when those Punjab-rockers singh, dont it just make you feel sikh?
  8. I think that should read “upper-left”. Right?
  9. Well, it looks a lot like the good old Bedford, but still different. So perhaps it is a later version of the Bedford?
  10. Thanks a lot. I have actually just come across the 233rd and is checking it out. I have seen several photos of Panthers in Southern Denmark shortly after the war - but I have still to learn how they got there.
  11. Hi y´all I am looking for information on any Panthers that might be located in Northwestern Germany and/or southern Denmark during the last couple of weeks of the war (app. april 20th 1945 and onwards). Which units would they belong to - and how well trained would their crews be? Does any of you incredibly knowledgeable guys have any idea where I might find this kind of info? Cheers
  12. OK, now I found it. It wasnt among the campaigns but placed in the scenario section: http://www.thefewgoodmen.com/tsd3/cm-fortress-italy/cm-fortress-italy-add-ons/gl-welcome-to-sicily/
  13. Out where? It isn' t in The Scenario Depot.
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