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  1. I have released one R2V mod - the Wasp flame carriers. And I have been working on the Archer too, but cant make any promises on when it will be released. It is highly unlikely that I will make many other mods, though: They require a lot of time and/or motivation - which I dont really have at the moment. Regarding the Shermans, I can offer to make R2V versions based on Aris/Fuser´s exsisting Sherman mods. But that would require that @Fuser is willing to send me the original psd-files for his previous Sherman mods from CMFI and CMBN. Alas, it seems that he has gone permanently AWOL from CM.
  2. Well, I couldnt help myself, so I set up a test: 10 Panzerschreck teams (all veteran) vs 10 immobilized Shermans facing away from the Panzerschrecks, set up in "firing lanes" divided by walls, so each team could only engage "their own" Sherman. Distance: 195-200 metres. I ran the test three times, so in total I tested 30 schrecks vs 30 Shermans. Result: Hit with first shot: 5 teams Hit with second shot: 10 teams Hit with third shot: 8 teams Hit with fourth shot: 4 teams Hit with fifth shot: 1 team Hit with sixt shot: 0 teams No hits with any of the six shots: 2 teams
  3. I dont think so: Then there would be no reason not to get the details right.
  4. Anyone know which tanks they dressed up as Pz IV´s?
  5. Ah, another limey who votes leave!
  6. I thought I´d share this strange little moment from the first battle of the Operation Encore campaign. At first I thought that this unlucky german just fumbled his grenade - but after seeing it in slow, I think that he may have been shot before he could throw it. But if so - doesnt it explode way too soon? I also specutlated that a shot might have hit the grenade itself - but the game doesnt model stuff like that, does it?
  7. I remember that when CMBN first was released there was a lot of complaints that bailed out AFV crews were being unrealistically lethal. I think that BFC perhaps solved that by taking away some of the crews´ weapons (only speculating)
  8. Wonder why they dated the recordings as 1940? It is surely not. I´d say 1945 in Germany.
  9. Here´s the link for Siezing Ciembienne The Scenario Depot: https://www.thefewgoodmen.com/tsd3/combat-mission-battle-for-normandy/cm-battles-for-normandy/cmbn-seizing-ciembienne-for-umlauts-commercial-mods/
  10. 1. It does look strange: My guess is that it is mortar rounds - but the artillerymen seem strangely relaxed about it. 2: No idea about the hole. But there seem to be three tank wrecks: Two tigers - and one where only the bottom "tub" is left (could it be a Cromwell?).
  11. Thanks a lot. I might have - but I must admit that I do not know what a Reshade Profile is 🤔
  12. Just did a quick test: They show up around december 1944 (Italy), until then it is M1´s on Springfields.
  13. Here´s my old Seizing Ciembienne scenario - updated for the commercial mods (again, this a temporary Dropbox link which I´ll remove, once the scenario has been published on The Scenario Depot): https://www.dropbox.com/sh/brev6g2miy6v627/AABamAIjsM5c1J11Hg17cmTZa?dl=0
  14. It is present in the 10th Mountain Division campaign. Dont know about the rest of the game.
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