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  1. I am pretty sure that Aris never made anything that comes near a "complete pack" of mods for FB. He made a few mods for FB, before he disappeared - but not many. And those he made should all be in Cmmods 3 or 4. I have 2,4 GB of Aris mods in my FB mod folder, but most of those are his mods from other games that I am just using in FB.
  2. Two songs - in one pic: Tommy Gun and Guns on the Roof - by the Clash
  3. Hah! That wasnt even on purpose! 😀
  4. Ï am pretty sure that the reason there are no tank riders in CMFI and CMBN is, that Battlefront didn´t introduce tank riders until CMRT - and they dont want to go back and make tankriding a feature in games that have already been released.
  5. Great work as usual, Nigel! 👍 Hope that we are able to get our hands on these mods soon?
  6. Yes, that seems to be the case. Thanks. I am just happy that I managed to figure this out before I begin to patch all my other CM games. 🙂
  7. Thanks - I figured it out. I´ve installed the game on my F-drive, but it turned out that the game nevertheless automatically places some of the files in the documents folder on the C drive.
  8. What´s the thing with the hotkeys, BFC? It´s the same every time I´ve installed a new module or patch: The hotkeys have reset to the default BFC settings - and no matter where I place my backed up customized hotkeys.txt document, the hotkeys stay the same. And I cant find any hotkeys.txt document that has replaced my previous custom doc. I can only change them by reassigning them manually in game. And I think that kind of defeats the purpose of having your own customized hotkeys.txt document, doesn´t it? My current problem is with CMFI. Please let me know if there is anything I can
  9. You can tell it´s the eighties by the shoulder pads
  10. And thank you. I have elbow trouble too - so I am going to nick one of my kids´ PS4 controllers and give it a try
  11. Sorry, but I have no idea, what a paddle is - if it is not a thing you use for propelling a canoe forward? A Google search tells that there was an Atari "paddle" back in the seventies. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paddle_(game_controller) I can´t imagine that you are talking about that? Edit: I think I may have figured it out. Is it a game controller for a Play Station?
  12. Thanks a lot, mate - and right back at ya
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