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  1. Well, comments like yours are probably the reason that BFC usually never give time estimates on releases. Because some people will always latch on to that date - and start whining if it is not met.
  2. I am pretty sure it was. Even if they didn´t explode, then because a flamethrower was a high priority target for the enemy - and you would be relatively slow and easy to spot.
  3. I've read somewhere that Rommel had a fit when he inspected the german defence on the danish west coast (the germans apparently considered this a possible D-Day landing site!). He learned that the reinforcements were supposed to move 50 kilometres from their inland positions to the beaches - on bicycles.
  4. OMG! Has the current POTUS been messing with CMSF?
  5. Thanks a lot for sharing that - I´ll have a more detailed look at it later. Ah! Now I get your nick (didn´t know you speak danish) 😉 https://translate.google.com/?hl=da#view=home&op=translate&sl=da&tl=en&text=Mord
  6. Thanks for the very well written piece. Your comment above reminded me of this interesting subject (that you´re probably already aware of). Provided me with a lot of food for thought.
  7. Hmmmm? Considering how prophetic BFC turned out to be in regards to CMSF and CMBS , I´d prefer they´d just leave the US-PRC game be. Well, somewhere in a box I have "People´s General" which were a US vs. China version of the good old Panzer General. One of those games that I played once and then scrapped.
  8. I made this years ago and have found it extremely handy ever since. Not much different from Mikeys, though:
  9. So if you are a scenario designer that doesnt like players extending the duration, you just make sure that the "moreale ballast" reinforcements arrive 5 minutes after your time limit
  10. Incidents like this one are the reason I save every action turn of a game, until the game is completely finished. Then I am (nearly) always able to go back see what actually happened. My guess is the same as Wicky´s: a mortar round through the hatch.
  11. I´d like to clear up a thing about spotting mines. I did some testing in CMBN a couple of weeks ago. I'm not sure if there are any differences regarding the game mechanics of mine behaviour between SF and BN. But what I learned was this: Some people in the forums have said that engineers will detect mines if sitting long enough in the action spot next to the mines. This is not so: My test engineers did not spot a single mine in an adjacent action square - no matter how long I let them stay there and no matter how experienced they where. They only spotted the mines once they moved into the actual action squares containing the mines.
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