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  1. I saw some of the teaser stuff they released a couple of years ago. Seemed to me to be little more than a group of reenactors with cameras.
  2. @Sublime Didn’t know you mexicans were so fond of Hollywood - and were you even in the war? 😉 But yes, Eastwoods movies were great, and so were the BOB and The Pacific.
  3. Yes, it was a joke. I quit watching it after about half an hour. Found it an utter waste of time. Speaking generally about WWII movies, I find that the german ones are usually the best. I think this is because the germans (for obvious historical reasons) cannot base their stories on same old "Sergeant X saves the day and at the end we all salute the flag and shed a tear"-clichés that seems to be all Hollywood is capable of producing. The germans have to focus on a realistic story about real people in a real war. Stuff that is hard to press into a movie industry template filled with good vs evil stereotypes. The germans have to focus on a good script. And if the script is good, then the movies usually turns out to be too. In Hollywood it seems that the script is much less important than the CGI.
  4. How come he didn´t mention the war movie above them all, "White Tiger"? 😀 Seriously, his views match my own pretty well (though he of course has much more knowledge to back them up). I especially liked the comments about The Patriot being a stinker. To me it has always just been a remake of Braveheart in a different location. Now I have to find 317th Platoon - which I must admit I had never even heard about.
  5. My vote is for early war too. Some of my best CM1 games was France 1940 battles in the fabulous CMETO-mod that transformed CMAK into the European Theatre of Operations. I would love to try those battles again in CM2.
  6. umlaut

    What will the next CM be?

    So they finally made World of Tanks into a cartoon movie? ;-)
  7. umlaut

    WeGo Moments

    Well, it looks like it smells him, doesnt it
  8. umlaut

    WeGo Moments

    Thanks the stories, HT. I fully agree that WEGO is one of the most appealing features of CM. Here's one of my own moments, that I found both nerve-wrenching and hilarious at the same time (from a recent replay of my own CMBN scenario "Tiger by the Tail"). I had ordered this guy to move left around the buildings to left. The plan was that he should then ambush the King Tiger with his PIAT from within one of the buildings. But apparently that wasn't exciting enough.
  9. I guess it must be this one, Erwin? A Priest Kangaroo. This is canadian - and I have no idea how this one ended up amongst the Poms. Perhaps it took a wrong turn at Banville-sur-Mer?
  10. I guess it must be a mod issue or something like that, Erwin. Everything looks fine when I check on my own install.
  11. Thanks a lot, Heinrich505 Glad you noticed. I think the english word is "allotments"
  12. Thanks a lot. Spent an hour or two making it
  13. Hey. Just noticed this post now. You´re very welcome - and thanks a lot for taking the time to comment