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  1. The mods are now available on CMMODS IV too. Thanks, @Bootie https://www.thefewgoodmen.com/cm-mod-warehouse/combat-mission-fortress-italy/cmfi-vehicles/cmfi-umlaut-aris-wasp-carrier/
  2. This is strange. I´ve followed your example and renamed the files as well. But I still havent got any SA-voices. But now I get faint white noises - apparently when there should have be voices. I have checked the South African Wav-files and the "bit speed" (translated from danish: bithastighed) seems to be messed up: Some are 705kbps, some are 1411 kbps and some are 2116kbps. The voice files of other nations all seem to be 705kbps. It seems that the files that are 1411 or 2116kbps are the afrikaans voices. The english SA-voices all seem to be 705kbps, but they are significantly lower in volume than the ones in afrikaans. The english voices also sound extremely dull to me: more like someone reading aloud from a sheet of paper than actually trying to do some voice acting.
  3. @Warts 'n' all Yes, that is the most common way for nasty surrender surprises. But as you can see, this guy actually un-surrenders as the squad is approaching him - and starts firing with his MG!
  4. Here´s a little video illustrating what is the main problem with surrendering - in my opinion: A german MG squad is surrendering in the first battle in the South African campaign in CMFI R2V. I then send a squad over "to accept their surrender" - when this happens. Bloody treacherous krauts!! Luckily this kind of thing happens very seldomly - so I am not very dissatisfied with surrendering in CM.
  5. OK, I'll try - but unfortunately my Nvidia control panel is in danish, so I'm not sure I´ll be able to translate all the terms correctly (normally I stick to english in all software in order to avoid language confusion): GPU: GeForce GTX 760 Nvida settings: Anisotropic filtering: 16x Anti-aliasing FXAA: use global (off) Anti-aliasing - gamma correction: use global (on) Anti-aliasing - transparency: 4x (super sample) Anti-aliasing - setting: 2x Anti-aliasing - condition: improve program setting CUDA GPU´s: use global setting (all) Vertical syncronization: use global setting (use 3D program setting) Max pre-rendered images: 4 Texture filtering - anisotropic sample optimization: off Texture filtering - quality: high quallity Texture filtering - negativ LOD-bias: hold Texture filtering - trilinear optimization: On
  6. A few shots from the very entertaining "Smokey's Challenge" scenario. Great fun.
  7. I´ve dirtied the petrol tanks of the Wasps and renamed some of Aris´ carrier bmps so we can have Wasps that blend in with Aris´ other Commonwealth carriers. Dropbox link below (I cant seem to find a way to upload to the new cmmods IV?) Cheers https://www.dropbox.com/sh/gswwufqsry6nd88/AABFfaPOJfjTdm1bl06OPpoKa?dl=0
  8. I am pretty sure you can: Simply start by choosing an early date and select the italian troops you want. Then change the date - and select the french/brazilian forces. I think this should work. Edit: Do this in the scenario editor - I'm not sure it will work for quick battles (rarely play them myself)
  9. "This modification may not have changed the campaign file itself, thus no new date." But then how can you say that the updated campaign "came with the latest CMFI patch"?
  10. My Troina campaign has a last changed date of july 27th 2012, ie a few days before CMFI was originally released. How is that possible if it was updated in a patch? The MG´s are A4´s.
  11. Please tell me where, then. Since I have all the patches installed, I should have had it installed in my campaigns folder. I hadn't. I have checked the files of the 2.00 upgrade and the 2.01 and the 2.02 pathces. I cant find the campaign anywhere.
  12. This prompts me to do a bit a bit of "agitprop" for Philip Kerr´s Berlin Noir novels, in case you´re not already aware of them. A brilliant series about a detective in Berlin in the thirties, forties and fifties. Incredibly well written and researched. Sadly, Kerr died last year, so there will be no more stories about Bernie Günther.
  13. Ooooh. Now I have to dig out my old Men They Couldn´t Hang-albums. 🎸
  14. The Black Sea demo does, so I´d assume BN does too (I have the full BN game, so no access to the demo). I agree with everything MOS said - and would like to add some advice I profited from when I began playing CM1: Cheat-quit a lot (in the beginning) When I started playing I often saved and then surrendered when I was stuck in a game. I could then check out the AI opponents force layout and discover if my combat actions had had the desired effect on the opponent - if any. I think this helped me a lot to get to understand how the game and the tactics work.
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