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  1. Probably this. Perhaps you inadvertently hit "alt-k". I know, I have - several times.
  2. Alas, I am not sure either, as I must admit I haven´t had the good (or perhaps ill?) fortune of coming across either product during any of my many visits to your lovely country. But ever since my first visit (back when "Never Mind the Bollocks" was just an itch in Malcolm McLaren' s wallet) I have been a beans-on-toast afficionado. When we returned I would stare hungrily at my dad´s "The Who Sell out" album. Beans-on-toast is by the way the only time when I prefer wheat based bread over rye, @Erwin Proper rye bread is generally the one food stuff danish expats say they miss the most.
  3. Wow: I´d say that this thread suddenly got interesting. I could of course contend that we danes are actually not loudmouthed at all, because we´ve always weeded out the noisiest of our brethren by placing them in boats and pointing them westwards. But that might cause a bit of noise from folk like @Warts 'n' all and mr @Battlefront.com himself, so instead I will wear the loudmouthed label as a bagde of honour and work twice as hard to live up to it. Of course I expect this to provide me with a permanent forum ban immunity – as I am ethnically predisposed for loudness 😁 So no, I wasn´t offended by Warts´ post – I laughed. But perhaps I´d have frowned bit, if I hadn´t been familiar with him and his sikh sense of humour. He is, after all, a subject of our former western colonies. A bit more on-topic: I think it goes beyond saying that I consider CM the best game around. That doesn´t mean that I think it is always perfect. I started this thread because I was both surprised and frustrated by the team´s blindness -and because I though it might be something bug-ish that BFC would like to know about. So: Peace y´all – and remember us in your prayers: Umloud
  4. "Is that a bulge in your firefly - or are you just happy to see me?"
  5. Yes. Let’s just say that their turbans suddenly slipped down and covered their eyes and ears 😜
  6. Not exactly how that turn played out. I must admit I was so unhappy with this that I reloaded the turn again in the hope that they would see the tank next time. If I remember correctly, I had to reload three or four times before they finally saw the damn thing. So their blindness wasnt just a one-off fluke. And yesterday I had an almost identical experience in CMBN: A PIAT team is waiting in ambush behind a hedge row (not Bocage) for an approaching Panther that is emerging from a cloud of smoke. I have placed them there because I´m sure the Panther will approach the hedge at some point. The PIAT team has a cover armour arc facing the Panther - which emerges from the smoke about 10 metres from the hedge and the team. The Panther drives directly up to the hedge and immediately spots and kills the PIAT team - who never even spot the Panther driving direct at them! I also reloaded that turn. The next time they spotted it, fired a couple of useless shots - and got killed. But at least they spotted it.
  7. Would the smoke and dust be sound proof too?
  8. hello umlaut
    this message just to thank you for your wonderful
    CMRT Force Specific Backgrounds
    I just bought CMRT and start to equip it
    I will also probably charge your super Nashorn
    thanks again good job

  9. Okay, I´ll try once more. @BFCElvis ?
  10. Just wondering if there is a patch for R2V on the way? The south african voices are still not working.
  11. I am guessing that perhaps SP means Single Player?
  12. Yeah, me too. That is why I have created shortcuts on my desktop. As I understand it, Normandy is the only one of the CM titles where you are able to place the entire game directory some place other than the C drive. Have all my game "data" files (and Normandy) on my F drive - and only the mandatory files from the other CM titles on the C drive - to avoid clogging up my C drive. Perhaps you did something similar when you installed CMBN?
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