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  1. Thanks a lot. I have actually just come across the 233rd and is checking it out. I have seen several photos of Panthers in Southern Denmark shortly after the war - but I have still to learn how they got there.
  2. Hi y´all I am looking for information on any Panthers that might be located in Northwestern Germany and/or southern Denmark during the last couple of weeks of the war (app. april 20th 1945 and onwards). Which units would they belong to - and how well trained would their crews be? Does any of you incredibly knowledgeable guys have any idea where I might find this kind of info? Cheers
  3. OK, now I found it. It wasnt among the campaigns but placed in the scenario section: http://www.thefewgoodmen.com/tsd3/cm-fortress-italy/cm-fortress-italy-add-ons/gl-welcome-to-sicily/
  4. Out where? It isn' t in The Scenario Depot.
  5. Well, compared to your good self he is but a spring chicken. 😉
  6. I’ve also experienced this a few times after the 4.02 patch. It seems to me that this is not as hard to solve as it was previously. Try cancelling the squad’s movement order and give a new order to the place where the main squad already is. Another idea is to “split squad” in order to separate the stragglers from the rest and then give them independent orders. But I havent tried this myself.
  7. Well, the embarkation is not really the issue here. The issue is that I order the vehicle to pause for say 30 seconds - and it moves off at once. Without any pause.
  8. Since there’s so much talk about The Scottish Corridor I am going to add my two cents. Since the release of 4.02 I have take TSC up where I left it several years ago. Generally, the gameplay is just fine, but I have encountered some strange behaviour now and then: Only once or twice I have seen the fleeing forward through bocage. Only by the germans. A bigger problem has been vehicles that ignore pause orders. For instance I give a 30 sec pause order, but the vehicle simply moves off right away - leaving the embarkers behind. Doesnt happen every time, though A couple of times I have had problems with “stragglers”: One member of a squad refuses to move with the others, but stays far behind. But unlike previously, they seem to catch up eventually. Once, a team I ordered to embark a carrier got “stuck” embarking: the team greyed out as if they embarked, but I was unable give orders to both carrier and team for the rest of the mission. There are other odd occurences, but these are the ones I remember right now. I have save games for some of them.
  9. Well, I certainly wish this would come true. But I seriously doubt it. It is my understanding that BFC have made a plan for the release of all WWII modules long ago - and if I know them right, they are going to stick to it. I hope I'm wrong, though.
  10. I believe that the error is "only" in the "out of range"-text itself: When your 2 inch mortar is out of HE rounds you will get the misleading "out of range"-message when aiming for firing smoke rounds. But you can still go ahead and fire smoke rounds nevertheless. The mortars can still fire smoke rounds, it is just a text bug.
  11. I believe such a module is highly unlikely. It was a relatively small part of the war - and not directly linked to rest of the war. I think we´ll only see the finnish war if someone makes his own mod set - as Warts 'n' all mentioned.
  12. I am not offended, but that is just plain wrong. Yes, communism is surely a totalitarian extreme of socialism. But fascism has got nothing to do with socialism.
  13. Hi Here´s a - small - bug you seemed to have missed: When the british 2inch/51mm mortars are out of HE rounds - but still have WP and smoke rounds left - the mortar says "out of range" at all distances. The mortars will still fire smoke rounds if you continue to target smoke, though.
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