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  1. Thank you, Al. I guess my task is to figure out which files go in which folders. I can use an existing campaign as a model.
  2. In the past when downloading mods from the repository I would get a zipped file, which would extract to a campaign file and folders with files inside them -- now every text file, bmp file and other files extract individually with no folders at all. What's the correct way to install these to the the mod to function properly? Please don't tell me I have to figure out where each file goes and install them individually
  3. I have played the first year of this as Axis vs. Allied AI (because you commented that Axis AI was not very developed). So far, this is a great mod, but I have one question so far: Early on the German is queried as to whether to emphasize U-Boats or surface ships in building up the Kriegsmarine. It wasn't clear if "Yes" meant U-boats or not. Please clarify.
  4. Hi Kapacha. If you are still looking for an opponent, I'm interested. Please email me at bobwinslow@msn.com.
  5. Thanks for your help. Well, it's the old adage "RTM". I found it finally in the manual -- I didn't want to give up the game I'd invested a lot of time in, so ended up having Japan declaring war in August 1942. By that time there was a lot of US airpower ready to be deployed, and getting to the Dutch East Indies has eluded my IJN forces. The good news is that Italians have captured Cairo, the Germans have driven the Soviet capitol to Sverdlovsk and IJN ground forces are closing on Chungking. I will have to raise the difficulty level all the way next time.
  6. I'm guessing there's a simple answer to this question somewhere, but I'm lazy and impatient, and I've encountered this a few times now. The most recent case is a good example: It's early 1942 and I've been playing human Axis vs. AI Allies since 1939. Japan is ready to attack Allies in the Pacific theater, but cannot. How come? Winslow
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