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  1. Ok, I fixed this problem. You guys WON'T believe how: After re-installing so many times to try and fix this, I noticed something odd. My Program Files/CombatMission2 folder contained only one .exe file before patching ("CombatMission2.exe") but two after patching to 1.04 ("CombatMission2.exe" and "Barbarossa to Berlin.exe" - the latter came from the 1.04 Vista Patch Zip file) So I would run "Barbarossa To Berlin.exe" to play 1.04, which fixed the VISTA graphics and perfomance issues for me, however that exe would crash hen loading PBEM's. I could still load PBEM's with my old 1.03 exe ("CombatMission2.exe"), but it would not perform well, and have the graphics bugs etc. adressed in the new exe. I actually fixed the problem by renaming the NEW "Barbarossa to berlin.exe" to "combatMission2.exe", after making a backup of the existing one. So it seems loading PBEM's is somehow hard-coded to work only with the "CombatMission2.exe" filename, as I can now, after renaming it, load PBEM's in 1.04 without any problems. Crazy, eh?
  2. Just tried clean install, and applying all patches up to 1.04, same problem - Instant crash when pressing the "load email" button... On both home and work the game is on C: drive, but work being 64-bit the program files folder has another name, like "program files (x86)" or something
  3. As mentioned, it wont even let me select any file. It crashes AS SOON as I touch the "load email" button (before any file prompts) - But yes, the PBEM loads fine at work. I will try complete uninstall, and see if it helps.
  4. I recently purchased the 1.04 Vista patch, and am happy to report CMBB is now running on both my home PC (32bit Vista) and office PC (64bit Vista). However, on my home PC the game instantly crashes (without any error dialog boxes) when I try to load a PBEM file. It crashes every time, as soon as I click the "Join Multiplayer -> Load Email" button - before even displaying any prompts to load a file. This makes it impossible to play by email with the 1.04 patch. As mentioned, I have no problems with loading emails using my work PC which is also pathced to 1.04. Here are my home PC specs; Vista Home Premium 32-bit Inter Core 2 CPU / 6420 @ 2.13ghz 2046 Mb RAM NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GTS Any help appreciated!
  5. The new vista upgrade fixed my problems... Wohooo!
  6. Battlefront! Thank you soooo much for upgrading CMBB to run on Vista!!! I couldn't play because of screen tearing (most likely associated with Geforce 8xxx series incompatabilities), but these issues are no longer there after updating. Wohooo. 5 bucks is a very resonable price for the work you put into this, and I'm happy to once again being able to play the greatest strategy game ever! THANKS!
  7. I'd pay too... All new computer and I can't play my fave game :-((
  8. I'm interested. Haven't played in any of the ROWs but have greatly enjoyed some of the AARs to come out of it.
  9. I didn't modify anything... Just played it after downloading. Also the screenshots are from my second go, where I didn't keep initial placement of enemy troops (ie let computer chose setup), as David Chapuis noticed. This was just to have some variation from my first attempt (where the MG was in the trench). The results were the same even. I dont know why the MG didn't spot me in any of the games? I try to HIDE my troops on startup and also use MOVE TO CONTACT AND HIDE, when approaching, plus taking the most hidden routes.
  10. I managed a major victory on my second go (23%-73%. Casualties: 85-25. KIA: 25-6). Inf setup: 2 platoons to advance up the center, rocky part. One plt towards the house on the right. Tanks positions were one left by the overwatch group and 2 right, carrying men from the rightward platoon towards the house. Arty: mortars with fireplan on the rockies at turn 3. I think I'd have kept this on call if I'd read JasonC's post above first 122mm guns with fireplan for turn 13 on the woods. This proved to be too early still. Turn 15-16 would have been better. The ATG took out my left tank at around turn 3, but since I kept the two others advancing on the right, there were able to participate in the entire fight, which really was the deciding factor. The first flag was secured without problems (as in my first go). Then came the same standstill, where the MG's would pin my men at every attempt at an advance, without giving away their positions. One managed to fire over +10 rounds without giving up its position. Very frustrating. However, the tanks were a huge help and both racked up a lot of kills (26 and 30 respectively). One of them also managed to creep up over the ridge in front of the wood and take out the ATG (which didn't go down even though I fired 2 50mm mortars in its general direction for two rounds). The arty came in on turn 13, but on hidden MG kept firing, and making the advance very difficult. This forced my tanks forward around turn 18. They poured HE into the woods and finally spotted. At this time almost all of my inf were still in the rocky area. However a few squads pushed forward and arrived at the flag in turn 24. After playing again and reading the post above things are a bit more clear, as to how situations like this are dealt with. How important HE support is, how to rally the troops etc. However I can't dismiss that I won simply because I played Scenario 200 before, and so knew a lot about the enemy setup. either way I'm having great fun playing these and hopefully even learning something
  11. I played this just once, but I think I'm going to have to replay it. I also have a hard time figuring out exactly what I'm meant to learn from this. I haven't read the entire main thread about these scenarious (to avoid getting any spoilers), but I'm sure there must be some more thorough discussion about this scenario in there. I can gather from my own go at this scenario, that is is very important to time your arty's fire plan, to arrive at the correct time, to pin the MGs and troops in the woods when you advance. I made two fire plans: - 120 mm mortars fire at the rocky area by the first flag. (2 minut plan) - The big guns fire at the wooded area by the second flag in 7th minute of the game The first worked a charm. I also planted mortar smoke in front of the rocky area, to allow my troops to advance directly on it. The arty came down and completely pinned the Germans in there. My inf got close enough to spot them and then a T34 on my right gave them some additional HE. I captured the flag with only 3 casualties. The next one arrived much too earliy (turn 7), and was over when I had maeuvered my men to the edge of the rocky, to prepare for attack on the woods. When the attack commenced I was constantly pinned by MG's from the wooded area, without getting visual ID's. Meanwhile the German ATG took out both my slowly HUNTing T34's on my left flank, with only one shot at each. My T34 on the right (the one that shelled the rocky area earlier) was forced forward to support the inf. The tank commander was shot by a sniper and shortly after it hit a minefield by the small house. After this, the fight came to a halt on both sides. I tried to break the troops in the woods with long range MG fire and short range rifle fire, but to no avail. There was an aout cease-fire in round 16. (Draw 47% - 53%) I guess I'll try it again, with these modifications to my plan: - Delay the arty on the woods to about turn 12-13 - Take more care of my tanks on both sides.
  12. Approach - Turn 6 <a href="http://img236.imageshack.us/my.php?image=110approach3fr.jpg" target="_blank"> </a> Pinning the MG - Turn 9 <a href="http://img235.imageshack.us/my.php?image=110pin7zp.jpg" target="_blank"> </a> [ January 28, 2006, 03:49 AM: Message edited by: Loeffe ]
  13. I had no trouble on 110. Played it once more to test my luck, with almost the same result. The MG spotted me a little earlier this time, and I had to wait a few rounds for the paniced squads to rout. The MG WILL mess up the squad it hits almost instantly, so the trick is to have +3 squads and MG support opening up on it once it reveals it position. Then it will pin, and you can move in on it. Posted this in the main thread, but since you asked for an AAR, I'll repost it here: --- 110 ...was a cakewalk. Well for me at least, I'm not sure my men agree I lined up 2 squads on one side of the road, and the remaining squads plus HQ on the other, and advanced forward along the road using MOVE TO CONTACT and HIDE. Reached my intended positions without any contact: 2 Squads in the small patch of wood and the building east of the road, last 2 squads and HQ behind the fence. With all the units in place 150-220 meters from the flag, I set up cover arcs around the flag area (where I spotted a trench). I ADVANCE one squad from over the fence towards the flag. 100 meters from the flag they recieve MG fire and panics INSTANTLY. The men flee towards the trench and recieve a few casualties. Meanwhile an MG is spotted, and all three squads open up on it. The MG keeps slaughtering the paniced squad that goes from 12 to 5 men, but is finally pinned after 2 rounds of fire. I advance my last fence-squad, while the others keep firing. It closes to hand grenade range and first breaks, then captures the MG, which only has one man standing. TOTAL VICTORY 87% - 13% --
  14. You may want to check this recent post in tips&tricks. I tried to give some advice in that thread but got thrumped by more experienced players, and learned a lot about the PzIII's vs. T34's situation myself
  15. Forgot to add: I was really lucky to take out the flanking MG with my mortar (wherever he went?!?), since I was only firing on a sound ID, and did not have a visual. There was not many places for him to hide over there, so it might easily have been harder to guess his location if he had more cover.
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