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  1. After looking through the textures I notice the AK-74 seems to use a black stock. So far I've only seen the AKS-74 which has the folding skeleton type stock. Has anyone seen the full plastic black stock used by Soviet Troops? By the way I'm very much enjoying the sim, it's truly refreshing to play from the Soviet side of the conflict.
  2. I used GIMP and was able to get the Cammo Nets to work just fine so in that case it was DXTBMP which seemed unable to deal with the Alpha layer. I simply resaved the BMP textures that didn't work in the GIMP program and then they worked fine in the game. However when I tried to redo the Spartan Turret using GIMP all of the texture was transparent. Scratching my head a bit on it. Luckily few of the vehicle textures use Alpha layers so far.
  3. I was working with the camo nets and the Spartan Turret and came across an Alpha channel problem. I am using DXTBMP to work with the textures and everytime I save the texture with the BMP as a 32Bit BMP the entire texture is alphaing out and dissapearing in the sim. When the Alpha channel is removed and the BMP is saved as a 24 bit then the texture appears. I am using the exact Alpha that came with the textures (the camo one was the texture that was uploaded in the repository) and they are simple black on white, no grey at all. Any suggestions? might it be the DXTBMP program is that causing the issue?
  4. I applied the "hotfix" for Vista 64bit and then installed 176.44 drivers for my dell laptop Geforce 8600M GT. These drivers were the ones that originally came with the computer and are considered "stable". SO FAR I have had no OpenGL errors and the other applications that were giving me problems have seemed to become stable also.
  5. After doing some research it looks like this is a Vista/XP/OpenGL issue that is affecting several pieces of software not just CM:SF. I even had the CTD occur while using Google earth. Unfortunately there is no known fix as of yet and it's making lots of software unusable.
  6. I uninstalled the drivers and used driver sweeper and installed 179.14 for Vista 64 bit and still I'm getting the white screen with the blue circle and either GL error or CloseCombat.exe has stopped working. I'm going to try the most updated drivers next. Again this wasn't happening until I updated to 1.11.
  7. Same trouble here since installing 1.11 I'm using 176.44 drivers Vista 64bit. I get CTD randomly during missions but it is crashing consistently.
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