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  1. para

    Unread Content loading slow or not at all

    I'm having the same issue.
  2. para

    The patch?

    Yes, still here buddy..glad you are well and still in fine form. ;-) me? im always lurking.
  3. para

    The patch?

    Nice to see we are getting update info soon. Also nice to see lots of the forum old timers posting especially that rascal Mord :-)
  4. https://www.armytimes.com/off-duty/movies-video-games/2018/02/12/tom-hanks-joins-dale-dyes-d-day-movie-as-executive-producer/ Not sure if this has already been reported on here.
  5. para

    Come And See

    Yes bought it quite few years ago.
  6. para

    CMRT Campaign: The Last Bridge

    Could you do the same for me please? I have Normandy, MG, Italy and Russia
  7. You are right Steve. You have answered his questions. I also understand your frustration but felt you lost your cool slightly and could have used some different words. I was not taking sides. I will leave it there. :-)
  8. Leave it alone now CarlWaW..you have had your questions answered more than once. This serves no purpose now mate..move on
  9. Bit rough this isn't it???
  10. para

    Ken Burns Vietnam

    The helicopter crew intervention at My Lai was incredible. The crews treament afterwards was disgsuting. Thank fully they were eventually honoured too late for one though.
  11. para

    Ken Burns Vietnam

    I am upto ep5 very good series