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  1. Not all Brits hate Europe or voted out. Indeed 16 million of us wanted to stay.
  2. Rockinharry Any chance of a video clip showing these new animations? I am not technically minded and before i mess around with game files. I wouldn't seeing the new animation first. cheers
  3. Could someone confirm the versions and engines of Blitkrieg, Normandy and Red Thunder please. cheers
  4. Can I recommend pcpartpicker.com if you are looking to upgrade. Excellent place for advice and full of knowledgeable people, who love to help. You will save time and money spending a bit of time there.
  5. I also bought it and added some of the WW2 mods. I also joined the Few Good Men who play Arma3 with the WW2 mods. We are doing some missions today.
  6. Cheers IanL I shall have a go at it Fridy.
  7. What is the procedure for downloading and re-installing all my games? Do I have to go from V1 then step up or is there a quicker way now? I'm sure this has been asked and answered somewhere before, so sorry for being a pain. cheers
  8. Served his country in war and peace.Defended Obama against Arab/Muslim allegations and stood up to Trump. Rip sir
  9. https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/paratrooper-ww2-drama-series-pilot#/ Something for us Brits.
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