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  1. OP you are simply wrong. Shock Force is elegant apart from the camera controls. Its simply the best game in its genre
  2. WOW nice link thanks.... I had not seen the screenshot. Loads of nice things to look at other than the screeny too.... scourge of war for instance.
  3. nope... not scenarios. Its deathmatch/coop. In other words all playable boats VS all playable boats. You start off right next to each other and blaze away respawning if you die. It would have been absolutely stunning if it was coop mission/scenario based multiplay. In theory it should easily be possible
  4. oh by the way, it would be great if you could fraps some sound localisation. The Aussies are meant to sound pretty gruff for englishmen.... should be a laugh.
  5. cool.. it will be good to compare and see how well battlefront have done here with all of their hard work.
  6. It seems their is a lot of confusion and people in Australia are buying the wrong version from the Australian shops. For those of you that have tried the battlefront demo and the Australian version of the game what are the localisation differences. Are they noticeable?
  7. well battlefront will be behind this ball for a year or so... so I'm not really following it. But its an italian med theatre expansion....
  8. Destraex


    PTBT I can only guess that you are fairly new to computers, because I have literally installed over 30 games that required admin access
  9. I actually thought Battlefront "were" going to make it realistic originally. But this did not happen. I do like the game however... a lot of the missions happen in poor vision.
  10. Destraex

    Demo wont start

    how much ram do you have free? You may have 4gig but run out because you are loading so many things on startup.... maybe the game cannot use the 1.5 gig of FREE sytem ram. It needs you to have a SPARE 1.5gig ram not just 1.5 in total.... and those are the minimum specs
  11. once t is pressed move the boat in a line to create a sheet of smoke. The smoke lasts for a long time and acts as a smoke screen
  12. Destraex


    most people want more to do not less... the problem with most games is that they are too simple but i think i know what you mean... would be nice just to go out on patrols. In real life though PT boats rarely went out unless they knew pretty well where the enemy was. In other words unlike subs they are short range and usually use short stabbing attacks from their home base once enemy are spotted by recon. In the pacific it may have been different... but in the channel at least the E-boats went out to mine, attack sighted merchants, deliver commandos etc
  13. Destraex

    Demo wont start

    •Microsoft Windows XP SP2, 32 - bit* •2.5 GHz Intel Pentium 4 or an equivalent •1.5 GB free System RAM •2 GB free hard disk space •DirectX 9.0c (included on disk) •256 Мб video card GeForce 6600 or Radeon X1300 and DirectX 9.0c - compatible •drivers •8x DVD-ROM Drive •DirectX 8.1-compatible audio card •Keyboard, Mouse \only other thing i can think of is lowering the settings with the startup as much as you can
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