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  1. I am trying this in a CMRT campaign. Narrow frontages, and realistic unit boundary lines, so no sweeping lateral movements, the battalion to your left or right has that sector. Your sector is yours. Advance with company through company to concentrate the fire and spread the casualties over the entire battalion so your best companies aren't depleted in the first battle. Not sure if others would find this fun to play. Control is not that overwhelming because all your force is not moving at once, usually. I am having fun with it anyway.
  2. I am currently working on a scenario with a Red Army Rifle Battalion, and am experimenting with the entire map as the objective. It is a narrow map with small frontage for the attacking Red Army. Plenty of time allotted. German AI get points for destroying Russians. Obviously you must be careful and thorough. Isn't that what the infantry did? Take the ground. Anyone have any experience with the entire map needing held?
  3. Yeah. I can bring them all into a huddle and no links are established. I even clicked through about ten minutes waiting to see if time was a factor. Very strange to me as well. They evidently don't approve of the choice. lol
  4. I play CMRT exclusively, so can't speak of the other games. In my current scenario, I am playing with a Red Army Rifle Battalion. The embedded Platoon HQ, in 1st squad, got clipped by a mortar fragment, and all three squads went dark to one another, and the Company HQ. After the squad leader in 1st Squad, took command, the C2 link to the Company HQ was reestablished with 1st squad in the normal way. Long visual distance and all, remember no radios at all. However, the other two squads in the the Platoon are having none of it. No red command link to the new leader in 1st squad and also no link to Company HQ, even if standing right beside them. Seems these two squads are now on their own. I don't remember seeing this before, but I could easily be mistaken. Or is it something from having those embedded Platoon HQ's?
  5. Having the exact same issue with my saved games in CMRT, gets to 25% then either crashes or sets there and never progresses. I always have multiple battles saved so I can switch around and not get to bored by one. Guess I have a lot of replaying to do.
  6. Twelve is correct in an Armored Panzergrenadier Battalion. Remember, the other three Panzergrenadier Battalions in a Panzer Division are motorized, and they don't have Stummels. I think the Armored Recon Battalion in a Panzer Division had thirteen Stummels, but CMRT gives them six. I don't have CMFB, so I can't comment on how the TOE shows there. If you are seeing too many Stummels maybe play with the foot slogging PzGrenadiers more.
  7. Regarding the Red Army's uniforms: It is correct that the Rifle and Motor Rifle Platoon leaders are not using a Jr. Officer's uniform, as pointed out by Frenchy56. Along with some other platoon leaders. And as he said the SubMg Companies are using them. Hope Battlefront can go through these and fix. The officers uniforms are a little mixed up I feel, as the Lieutenant is in the mid-officers slot. And no Kapitan is even made, so that is why you don't see him. These can be modded and changed to my liking however. If they can correct the Platoon leaders slot. The NCO uniforms seem right but there is no Jr. Sergeant made so that is why he doesn't show. Only Sr. Sergeant and Starshina are depicted. I modded in my own NCO uniforms to include all ranks and even added a couple of Corporals in the basic uniforms. One question I have always had, is why there is not more officers in the Company HQ's and more NCO's in the Platoon HQ's. I can't find an example of rank in a Red Army Company HQ but I doubt it is one Major surrounded by Privates. I have seen this in the German Company as well but maybe they were not as flush with officers as the Reds. Thanks, hope you take a look at this omission (bug).
  8. Hi, So I've read the winter event doesn't effect the Finns, yet in my first January 1942 turn a Division in Helsinki takes four and others near Leningrad get clobbered as well. I'm playing Barbarossa vs. Russian AI. V 1.03. I'm a novice at this, but I took a look at the event scripts- strength. Looks like the problem may be in the Italy, Bulgaria, Romania, and Hungary winter event #2. The first couple of map position lines don't have the aligned country ID #'s entered. If I am totally off base here let me know. One other thing, the #1 winter events didn't fire until 12/30/1941. Could this be because the season flag is set for Winter and the date is set for 12/15 which is still Fall. Anyway take a look. I play a slow game and it takes a long time for me to get this far.
  9. OK, new to AOC. I went to editor to save a copy of Barbarossa to Berlin with a different name so I could tinker with the units involved, names mostly. I try Save as and I get a warning that some scripts need updated. Afraid to ruin something, I stop, and take a look at the scripts. The one labeled Strength is starred for an update and their are no scripts in it right now. I have V 1.03 (more on that later). My questions, noobie ones I am sure; should I click Update, or perhaps Update All? Then save the original campaign? Should the little box beside automatic updates be checked? It is not now. On the version? The game shows V 1.03, but when I use the check for updates thing it says I have V 1.02? Any thoughts on this? Thanks. I really enjoy the game. The large map and the AI are great.
  10. Hello, Sent file. I made a new one so the sub should be attacked enough to cause it to dive. It didn't always in the original.
  11. New AoD player. Game patched to 1.02. Playing the Wake Island scenario as US. I keep getting a crash, when my subs are attacked in the AI's turn. From the games error log: [01/21/2014 9:23:25; 6.1.7601; 1366x768x32(1); v1.02 AoD] FAILED(animate_submarine_dive_and_move): Segmentation violation
  12. Thank you Mr.Cater. The game was working well before this file was flagged, but I haven't tried since. I was waiting for a response first. I will play again. I enjoy your game and appreciate your quick response.
  13. My anti-virus quarantined this file: regsvr32_dx7vbdll.exe from \\global conflict\ misc Is this a legitimate game file? Will the game play properly without it? It was flagged as having a Trojan.Gen virus? I have no mods and only downloaded the 1.04 patch. I know very little about these things and am wondering. Thanks.
  14. Thanks for the responses, everyone. I've played around with the demo for a few days now, getting the feel of the game and I enjoyed that.... so I think I'll make a purchase. I feel like the kids at Christmas. : )
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