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  1. Something is definitely wrong as far as the password for the forum goes... I just reset my password for the 4th time to make my previous post and tried to login to the forum in a different browser using the new password. It won't work...
  2. Got locked out and had to do a password reset AGAIN to come reply to this. Not sure why it doesn't seem to keep my updated password after the first time I use it... Are the passwords for the forum and store still different? Seems like I remembered they merged into one account, but maybe I'm thinking about Matrix Games. As far as the keys go, I was able to re-activate each game and start it without issue. Not sure what happened there but they're all activated again for now.
  3. I'll add that I just got locked out of my account again. I am 100% sure of what I changed the password to when I had to reset it earlier. I updated the password in Chrome and when I came back to check this post and get my keys again, it told me the password is incorrect. I typed it twice very carefully and got locked out again and had to reset it again. I'm going to try just re-activating my keys and see what happens. It's really annoying that I wanted to just jump on and play this morning and cannot launch 3 of the 4 games I bought...
  4. Hi guys, I currently have CM: Black Sea, Fortress Italy, Red Thunder, and Battle for Normandy installed on a Windows 10 reinstall I did a few months ago. I specifically remember re-activating all 4 of them after each was installed, and everything worked fine for that. I haven't played since then and have a little free time... went to play Black Sea and I got the Activation dialog. Tried all of the other ones and the last one (BN) worked but the other 3 seem to have lost their licenses. Should I just re-activate them using the keys (and will this use up an activation), or is there something else I'm missing? Thanks! ETA: Something is a little wonky in the password reset system. I changed my password after the site makeover and had it saved in my browser. It didn't work when I tried to login to ask about the issue above, so I attempted 2 other guesses and was locked out. I clicked the Reset Password button from the email I got about the lockout, reset the password, and using the new one wound up getting locked out again somehow. The third time worked without issue...
  5. DzrtFox

    The state of CMSF2

    Bye. Thanks for the offer but I've lost interest in another $50 game with new guys and new guns and little else different. We can keep milking this 10-year old engine with a horribly clunky interface and terrible performance on newer hardware and blaming all the cool things we can't do on the engine that THEY CREATED. I'm moving on...
  6. DzrtFox

    The state of CMSF2

    Says the man with 26,000 posts on the forums... To me the most egregious thing about all of this is that there are many existing paying customers who had their Engine 4 upgrades borked by an issue that was CREATED BY BFC and that was pointed out what, a year-and-a-half ago? No it's not necessarily "game breaking", but it can break games that you've already invested time in. Either way, it's an issue that has been complained about multiple times, and after a long period of radio silence, Steve comes on and basically says "I know we can do better as far as communication goes" and yet here we are again a few months later with total radio silence. Why everyone seems to think it's fine to ignore fixing something that is causing multiple paying customers issues (and the updrade to Engine 4 has not been cheap for those who've been here since the beginning) in place of coming out with something new, I see that as a total lack of understanding of the wants and needs of your paying customers. It's a nice gesture to send one of your forum members to post a video in your place, but I don't think that's what the people who are complaining are asking for. Just a little common courtesy is all. You've got guys loitering around here who are clearly showing interest in the product or they wouldn't be here. Steve's responses are terse and show little respect for the people who keep them in business, if they come at all. I've bought every single Combat Mission product from CBMO to CMBS, but I stopped at FB. And I won't be buying anything else from them until they demonstrate in some way that they actually give two s*&ts about their customers. I am a software developer and the last company I worked for took the same cocky stance that "our product is superior so either shut up and like it/buy it or go find something else". That worked out real well for those guys...
  7. DzrtFox

    The state of CMSF2

  8. DzrtFox

    Is there a guide somewhere?

    You're not alone, Cruton... I've had my butt handed to me more than once in this game, and I'm a 12 year veteran of the Combat Mission series! Although I don't know of any guides specific to Touch, there is a fantastic video series on Armchair General using CMBN that goes into tactics in-depth and a lot of it should still apply here. If you have the time, it's well worth checking out. You can find it at http://www.armchairgeneral.com/combat-mission-battle-for-normandy-tactics-a-video-series
  9. So when is Red Thunder: Touch scheduled for release?!!
  10. Agreed, thanks for the quick response, Steve! Although mine wasn't crashing with the frequency of the OP, I did eventually start to hit crashes at certain points. Haven't had a single crash since the update though! I've been pretty surprised at how well the AI puts up a fight too. I played a defensive mission the other night and the German AI just rolled right over me.
  11. DzrtFox

    FPS Camera Controls?

    Same here. To make matters worse, now even when I switch back to Standard controls the WASD keys no longer work. Any ideas? FOLLOW-UP EDIT: Restarting the game at least fixed the controls in Standard mode...
  12. As if the CMRT release wasn't enough, thanks for the HUGE update to CM: Touch!! I quit playing it after a few games back when I first bought it on my iPad due to the frustrating controls. It feels like a brand new game now! I really appreciate the interactive tutorial and all the enhancements/fixes. The controls are much more intuitive, and the game is an absolute joy to play now!! For anyone with a mobile device who's considered buying this in the past, with the 1.5 update the decision is a no-brainer! (Note: I haven't experienced the crashing issues noted in another thread on my 4th generation iPad.)
  13. Thank you Moon or whoever did what needed to be done... I just tried to license it again figuring I'd give it one last shot before the weekend's over and presto... IT WORKED!! Thanks again!!
  14. Hi Martin, Please take your time. I'm very impressed that you even responded on a Sunday, much less Easter. Please enjoy your day with your family and don't worry about this until you have the time to do it. I was disappointed I was unable to play yesterday. You know how it goes when you've got the family gone, total peace and quiet, and a weekend's supply of beer and pizza ready to try out a new game. But I certainly don't expect you to have to deal with it today... Thanks! Rommel/DF
  15. First off, Happy Easter to everyone!! I hate to be a wet blanket over a holiday weekend, but this is starting to get frustrating. I've tried everything I know how... Uninstalled/reinstalled the game, tried every license key I've been sent from Battlefront, submitted a support request, posted here.... I haven't received any sort of email confirmation that my support request has been seen by anyone. I bought the game yesterday and was looking forward to spending a few hours with it while the family was out-of-town for the weekend, but since trying to install it now I can't even play the original anymore. There's apparently no separate uninstaller for just the modules, so the only way I'd be able to go back and play is to uninstall the whole thing, re-download the whole game, and patch it back up to 1.21. I don't expect or even hope that anyone from Battlefront is working today, but I hope that somebody takes a look at this licensing system when ya'll get back. I've always been a Battlefront supporter and will continue to be, but this entire process has been an exercise in frustration.