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  1. ok, I have a test map. I just ran a few quick test to see what I could get I have 5 tanks on a reverse slope that drops one elev for each action square. for two squares I have 4 gills, each firing from a different distance, I counted hits vs misses. only on tanks that have not moved FROM THE REVERSE SLOPE for one minute of play RAN THREE TIMES. 2 HITS , 5 MISSES. 2 HITS, 5 MISSES. 4 HITS, 4 MISSES. So here is the real question, should the gill have a problem with this type of target. I don't know the answer to that. But the game does show its a challenge, not a impossibility. If it was a game computing problem, it would never hit. If you want the test scenario, I can make it available. I also assume I could get a certain position to be very hard to hit if I just went one location vs one location and kept making fine adjustments. But from what I am seeing, the game shows me gills have a problem dropping on hulled down position units?, the question is should they???
  2. yes, normally the action square just behind the one the unit is in. I will try and set up a test map and see if I can create what we are discussing
  3. As for the troop quality, that is not the issue. I had my issues with high quality troops, I recall commenting on the fact I had like 8 missiles miss from two locations. I relocated them and found other targets that they hit flawlessly. I have seen this in 3 different battles now, but the tank I am firing at is always in a reversed slope position that makes this happen. I also recall most of mine where at pretty far distances.
  4. Actually what he is reporting is pretty accurate to what I am seeing also. There seems to be a possible problem when Gills fire at armor in a depression. just as he said the rounds will generally fly over the target and hit behind. if you have a saved game file that can be submitted would help. But I do believe it is a possible bug.
  5. when you mean longer, how much longer. What is the difference, it helps to be clear as to what you are experiencing. Like a certain file which was taking 2:00, is now 2:30 minutes.
  6. Having a player that actually knows how to play the reds and give them good equipment can add to the challenge of getting some balance. But agree, I would love some scenarios designed that lets the reds have the advantage and allows them to tear up blue. And yes it can be done, I have some I have made, just never been made to submit out to the public.
  7. Scoring vs the AI should only be done in battles vs the AI only in my opinion. So that would be campaigns. In Scenarios, I have felt that there should be two versions for each. One for AI play and one for h2h But likely will never see that day
  8. You have that right. And No it is not hard to create a scoring system that works. All it takes is playing the scenario enough times by different folks to take a logical guess as to what a average outcome would be in the game. A draw result is set to that point and then everything else is from that. There will never be a perfect answer to the situation, but there is plenty of scenarios scored not by anything close to this method. played some terrible battles and still get rewarded way to easy.
  9. Without testing its hard to say, I actually believe they are real cover, because I think the sand bags seem to help protect the men if they are behind them, if in front, they die pretty fast to any incoming fire. but that is speculation from what I have seen. I know hiding my men in fox holes pretty much make them immune to most attacks, which it should. So they work well when used with the hidden command. If it matters to you, the only way to truly know is to come up with some test that can show what is likely really happening with them as to cover. As to thinking it would change at this point in the programming, not likely. probably just best to get the game to work the best it can as it is presently.
  10. Good suggestion, I have found the same at times, but no perfect answer. The amount of men is also a factor as George MC points out. But it does go beyond that and is a imperfection as to how well the game works here. For I have seen this same issue with trenches also, which is a little harder to explain than having enough foxholes. But again splitting your men into smaller groups does help and improves the units use of the terrain feature.
  11. This problem has been around for along time, Even during setup, I have had times where troops just don't want to enter the foxholes. I have wondered the same thing. but the main concern is, are they getting any extra protection or not. I am also interested in what other think. With how I understand the game to work and from what I have seen, I think the guys out of the fox hole are not getting cover help and its frustrating. but its sure is not a new issue
  12. personally, that is what makes the game fun, for me anyway. There is just enough unpredictability that one cannot guarantee a move or a event. the game will throw in unplanned results as to what your hopes are for outcomes. It really does mimic life in a artificial way.
  13. I just wanted to confirm that you did good in this design. I made it to the mission where you have to clear the town across the river, I somewhat have lost interest at this point but really enjoyed it til now and saw no real issues with any of your design. I am not one that enjoys campaigns much, but this is at least a 8 out of 10 if not more. so many things I want to play and so little time to do it is maybe the reason I have stopped. Was in progress of clearing the town and no real issues so far, just bored and moved on, maybe I will finish it at some point. hard to tell, there is many a campaign not finished in my files.
  14. WELL SAID, THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT HAS HAPPENED WITH ME. I love creating battle and scenarios, but it has become for my use only and Its all about the time vs enjoyment. Way back when I did do some public releases. My motivation was they would be used in my tournaments and I knew I get a little feed back. But even back in the CMX1 days, to do a good release was still way more work and testing to getting things just right. With not much in return. So with the level of work to do a good job now being much higher. Knowing there is no return on my time spent. I have no motivation to even think of releasing some of my work. Hate to say it, Sad really. But its the truth. But anyone can learn to create all sorts of content and enjoyable engagement if they put some efforts to it, plus there is no limit to what you can do, it just takes coming up with a want and then creating it. I have had some amazing (made it myself battles) that deserve being shared with others but at this point in life it will never happen unless something major was to change in how I am living life. But back to the point, make your own, learn to open up the treasure box of what is available to you.
  15. Excellent You have done a great job. I played through the 3 first battles tonight. really enjoyed the premise. It does a good job of making one feel like they are dealing with what the Soldiers' are dealing with over there. Just to let you know, its done a number on me also, always like it when it gives a good challenge, or shows me I can screw up. Without giving anything away I will only say I lost way more equipment than I should have in the 1st battle, that alone will likely impact me , at least it has so far. The loss was 5 men and 6 Hummers, you likely will know how that happened.
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