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  1. Without testing its hard to say, I actually believe they are real cover, because I think the sand bags seem to help protect the men if they are behind them, if in front, they die pretty fast to any incoming fire. but that is speculation from what I have seen. I know hiding my men in fox holes pretty much make them immune to most attacks, which it should. So they work well when used with the hidden command. If it matters to you, the only way to truly know is to come up with some test that can show what is likely really happening with them as to cover. As to thinking it would change at this point in the programming, not likely. probably just best to get the game to work the best it can as it is presently.
  2. Good suggestion, I have found the same at times, but no perfect answer. The amount of men is also a factor as George MC points out. But it does go beyond that and is a imperfection as to how well the game works here. For I have seen this same issue with trenches also, which is a little harder to explain than having enough foxholes. But again splitting your men into smaller groups does help and improves the units use of the terrain feature.
  3. This problem has been around for along time, Even during setup, I have had times where troops just don't want to enter the foxholes. I have wondered the same thing. but the main concern is, are they getting any extra protection or not. I am also interested in what other think. With how I understand the game to work and from what I have seen, I think the guys out of the fox hole are not getting cover help and its frustrating. but its sure is not a new issue
  4. personally, that is what makes the game fun, for me anyway. There is just enough unpredictability that one cannot guarantee a move or a event. the game will throw in unplanned results as to what your hopes are for outcomes. It really does mimic life in a artificial way.
  5. I just wanted to confirm that you did good in this design. I made it to the mission where you have to clear the town across the river, I somewhat have lost interest at this point but really enjoyed it til now and saw no real issues with any of your design. I am not one that enjoys campaigns much, but this is at least a 8 out of 10 if not more. so many things I want to play and so little time to do it is maybe the reason I have stopped. Was in progress of clearing the town and no real issues so far, just bored and moved on, maybe I will finish it at some point. hard to tell, there is many a campaign not finished in my files.
  6. WELL SAID, THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT HAS HAPPENED WITH ME. I love creating battle and scenarios, but it has become for my use only and Its all about the time vs enjoyment. Way back when I did do some public releases. My motivation was they would be used in my tournaments and I knew I get a little feed back. But even back in the CMX1 days, to do a good release was still way more work and testing to getting things just right. With not much in return. So with the level of work to do a good job now being much higher. Knowing there is no return on my time spent. I have no motivation to even think of releasing some of my work. Hate to say it, Sad really. But its the truth. But anyone can learn to create all sorts of content and enjoyable engagement if they put some efforts to it, plus there is no limit to what you can do, it just takes coming up with a want and then creating it. I have had some amazing (made it myself battles) that deserve being shared with others but at this point in life it will never happen unless something major was to change in how I am living life. But back to the point, make your own, learn to open up the treasure box of what is available to you.
  7. Excellent You have done a great job. I played through the 3 first battles tonight. really enjoyed the premise. It does a good job of making one feel like they are dealing with what the Soldiers' are dealing with over there. Just to let you know, its done a number on me also, always like it when it gives a good challenge, or shows me I can screw up. Without giving anything away I will only say I lost way more equipment than I should have in the 1st battle, that alone will likely impact me , at least it has so far. The loss was 5 men and 6 Hummers, you likely will know how that happened.
  8. Sounds interesting and also looks as though you have put a lot of effort into this. I have downloaded and hope it delivers a great results for your efforts.
  9. When used correct, the results are fine. Nothing wrong with the flame thrower, its the person using it. Every time something does not work for you does not mean the game has a issue. To use effectively on the offence, the method that must be used to likely get the results you need is likely one of these two things. Don't try to take on the enemy in a fire fight, flame throwers must be moved into locations that they receive no returning fire. Per most military doctrines that is done by smoking the target to allow the flame thrower to move into place. Use smoke correctly and you will get them where you need to get them to go. Second, I find that I can fire them at area target locations one hex away from the target and get the needed results. So you don't need to expose yourself to the target, if cover is available and you can get target to the adjacent hex you are likely good to go. Also a bust or two on adjacent hex might not do the job, but move that one additional hex right after the bust to target directly on target also will likely work. Flame does a great job of putting the enemy troops into a state that they are not going to recover from quickly. Try using these methods before saying flame throwers don't work correctly in game.
  10. there HAS NEVER BEEN GAME BREAKING BUGS. Now the bugs in the 4.0 version is game breaking in a sense in arty and infantry reaction to it if you are not accepting of it, but all it has ever taken is to play the game in version 3.0 before that change was made. what you have is 4.0 format not a good format for play against the AI if you are using arty. Any other way the game is played has been fine, 4.0 is good except for a few other issues. For those needing to bomb the heck out of AI troops, 3.0 was always still available. Yes, was it a issue that buying the upgrade and not getting the fix all this time was bad form. Of course it was, but don't act like the game is been unplayable, for it has not. You all know 4.01 fixes the problems, the releases are close at hand, after all this time you might as well take your chill pills because nothing on your part is making it happen any faster.
  11. Its one of those situations where, show me that it happens all the time before I get worked up about it. If you can show it happening at some type of unusual rate, then its something to worry about. One time is , wow that was cool - move on. I had a lone survivor on a heavy machine gun, pinned, suppressed and being fired on, manage to return fire and kill at least 30 assaulting troops on his location. The bad part of all that was I was the assaulting side of the situation. Should it of happened per game mechanics. NO but it did, it was one of those moments where the game did a unusual thing. (it was a medal of honor moment) it was pretty cool actually. Has the game ever done it again in the years that have followed, nothing even close. Move on and drop it unless this is a reoccurring problem.
  12. Well, it shows. If you ever want a game, I am happy to play. I prefer to play scenarios that have realistic mixes of units and situations. Love h2h in such. Not a fan of QB's and such with hand picked forces. Not nearly as fun or challenging. But I will play and do them all. Just saying, if you ever have a interest.😁
  13. Well played, a very good use of your units. I am always amazed as to how well the game will use some real world tactics to achieve a good result. Very sneaky of you as to using the 9m14 as a way to direct the enemy units where you want them. I have dismounted tank crews before to get spots but have not thought about the chain of command as well and how that can get all my units the info. Also have baited the enemy to expose their flank to me but normally with a bmp or something along that lines, I like the concept of using the missile. Likely its the only thing they will ever do but it can add to a possible good outcome. If you play h2h, people better watch out, sounds like you have your act together.
  14. The luck of war, or as in this example. Unlucky Luck. Of course , you don't hear so many story's about unlucky events because those guys are not around to talk about those in general.
  15. I notice that your guys are unbuttoned in these views, Are you finding that is the way to use them old T62's to help get quicker firing times ??? Nice job with them either way to bag them M1's
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