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  1. it time to start placing your guesses as to when it will be released. I assume they are wanting it out of their hair before the Holidays here.
  2. A few good men (Site) is pretty much centered on this game, yes there is other things there also, but the majority of activity is CMX2. So yes there is other locations where discussions are had about the game, but the impact is the same everywhere, seldom is there a present need for much discussion since most everyone understands what they are dealing with and know what to expect. But anytime there is a newer player, there is questions that they generally ask, but the answers are quick and precise since most on any of the sites can give a good explanation. So no long discussions as when a game is new and many are putting out concepts instead of facts as to how they think the game plays.
  3. Does anyone actually talk about CMX2 anymore. Not really, especially if on another site. Face it , its a system that now has been around for many years. There is not going to be any great new or major changes. For those of us that like the game and the system, its a time where us die-hard players get some new toys or features to let us play around with a new scene as to area of the conflict, but no, its not a brand new toy that is going to pull in a bunch of new enthusiasm. Until a CMx3 engine comes out with all sorts of new approaches to the same old challenge of how best to reflect combat as to how it actually plays out will we see any massive wave of forum discussions and tons of debate and discussion on how that system could be improved to do it even better. But when a new engine ever does come, it will be as different as CMx1 was to CMx2 and I am sure that magically there will be plenty of activity on the forum from long lost players and new players that we have never seen before.
  4. The details that these games go to, really does create problems as to getting things right and how fast the work gets done. But keep in mind, I bet you if we looked at all the request over the years, its the players that have requested most of these details, and still do. I bet you I can find 50 additional things player are still requesting to be added to these games. So if there is delays trying to get it right, you can blame the player that buy the game as much as you can blame BF for trying to provide such detail. November is a good month ( most of us are starting to be indoors much more)
  5. The copy command would not be a exact copy in my mind, it would be a duplicate path with the way points at the exact location of the unit that you have selected to match. So the only path difference would be the first one, since the units do not start in the same location. The first path would have to be plotted to the first known way point that had been copied. So this leads to another likely need, adjusting the path once you have it. We can slide waypoints presently, but being able to add waypoint along any portion of the path is a tool which we lack.
  6. Well, add this to the concept, I think it was common practice in WWII for all jeeps in combat areas to remove the glass. No it had no bullet stopping capabilities, but was causing nasty injuries, so it was directed by high command for units to remove the glass. The photo's above with some having armored plates installed looks like a typical field modified addition. Many units did such modifications to equipment. ( so personally I think of it as just that as to what is in game, A jeep that has been modified with some steel plates that can deflect small arms fire. ) So I think the test should be with a heavy MG at closer ranges, no light steel plates would do much against that, it would shred right through that steel.
  7. actually THE COPY MOVE COMMAND is a pretty good suggestion. Since they have never been able to program a smart follow command. I could see the use of a copy command, then one would only have to adjust the command for the unit once it has the same move point locations shown.
  8. Well, there is no question in that there are those that see the glass half empty and those that see it half full. Yes, CMx2 has been around for a long while. Its like driving that old car you have with 200,000 miles on it. Back when it was new you enjoyed it so much and cared for it in every aspect. Now its just that old machine that you are trying to keep running without throwing away any good money on it with any major expense, milking out the last miles of its faithful service. But for me it also means I have saved tons of money, ready to used to purchase that new car I want when the old one is finally done. BF has been actively engaged in new projects on those government contracts, they have produced continually new items in the CMX2 product line. I think you can rest assured that they have plans on a new engine and new product at some point to replace that old car with a shiny new one. (when and what will it look like is anyone's guess, but those boys are not ready to retire and I am sure they are not planning to run on the cm2 engine til their finial days. And how can anyone ever get tired of playing these games. I never lose the thrill of playing in a h2h match and have a plan come together where I see my forces kill my opponent forces and succeed in the desired plan.
  9. If the forum lack discussions you want to have, then start threads about such topics and see what happens. If you want to discuss tactics, put the question out there, and it gets replies. In general, the forum has been quiet, as pointed out , most that visit here are old hands at it and don't have questions. Not much to talk about if there is nothing new to discuss and so until that changes the status will stay the same. And even when the next game does come out, the engine and how it works is still the same, so there will be discussions for a while on the new units and some of the new scenarios. but other than that, things will settle back down pretty quick once the new items have been indulged in by those that visit here. As others have pointed out, unless a whole new game system is released, I doubt we will see the forum as active as it once was when CMBO first came out or when CMSF or CMBN came out. When CMRT WAS RELEASED, I was amazed of how short of a time it increased forum activity and how few topics it created. So I don't know why after all this time and all the other releases since then, you would think the forum would suddenly get more active because it does not. Until CMX3 happens, the forum will be only as good as you personally want to make it, that means, you help by creating discussions instead of sitting back and wondering why such discussions don't happen.
  10. as a noob I would suggest you just play the battle yourself, both sides which you can do very quickly and that will let you understand many things that are possible or not possible in the game, then use that knowledge to play a real opponent. In h2h matches which I have a few going at all times. If I have a match up or situation that I am not sure as to what the results likely will be, I just set up a test map with the similar condition and run it and see what the result are when running it enough times to get a sort of a average outcome, that helps me decide for my real battle. I have done that so much over the years I don't ever use charts or stats, I just know in my head what most situations will likely do because of seeing them play out so many times
  11. All true, But they were also are doing something never done before, so I am sure that they did not get everything as stream lined as maybe possible. But they have likely learned a lot about what works well and what did not work well in the CMX2 engine design. Now I figure that when the time comes for the CMX3 engine, they will be doing many thing different that will improve and hopefully help them with their production. They are talented people and they give us something no one else seems willing to do, so I can be patient as they do what they feel best as to making a living doing what they like to do.
  12. Or you all are not accounting for the fact that BF has been producing and the reason it seems like there is a slow down is that they are producing products that are not us. With the fact that we now know they have a couple of government projects is likely a big part of why we see the amount of finished projects we now have. BF is actively producing, we just are not the beneficiary's of it.
  13. Very well said Vet 0369 That is basically how I looked at this thread. We live at a time where there is people that have no patience and all of their thoughts are self centered. So this thread is a perfect example of that. Person likes the game, wants more of the game and is not getting more of the game fast enough for their personal wants. - Thus there must be a problem and that problem must be from the source of who makes the game. They need and must do it faster. Never in the process of their thinking is there a care or concern about that source or how it would impact that, the thought is focused on getting more faster, nothing else. Never does the thought cross their mind that the method presently being used is what is already creating the thing they enjoy so much. They have no respect for the efforts of others if it does not meet their perceived needs. The sad thing is, their view does impact things and how people view this company. But what is even more sad, I am sure this trait is impacting their life in more aspects than what we see here. I am sure their frustration with life is constant.
  14. Aurelius is correct and he has it down to perfection on his times as to how to get a shot off and then run back into cover. And his proof was how he managed to keep one ATGM team alive after multiple firings on my American force that I could not get a lock on him with.
  15. Yes, and letting the player know that certain decisions lead to negative results is a good concept. I think a campaign that lets you know there is 10 battles to play if you do well but then shuts you down in earlier battles and stops you because you have not made certain requirements representing commands expectations for your force is a good concept. I don't remember which campaign used that concept but I remember playing one battle poorly so it ended me a couple of battles from the full campaign and not being able to complete the full mission felt correct since my one battle performance was not good.
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