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  1. Good suggestions. Most players need to learn to use recon more, somebody has to be sacrificed for the good of the whole. You always need to find the enemy location first, before risking moving any units of value. find / pin / maneuver to killing positions / eliminate. (This is the basics no matter the terrain.) Yskonyn, it sounds like you have the tendency to want to move to contact in force, this is not a tactic that plays out well in these battles. (That is a tactic in real world situations where you have a massive advantage - that is never the case in most cm battles)
  2. Actually, I did some testing to see how effective arty is in WWII vs the same size arty in CMSF My test was to run armor through arty barrages and see how effective it was. There was no point targeting envolved. I was actually very pleased with how much armor was damaged in the WWII test. A few lucky kills and many more immobilized. The modern era stuff , the tanks were pretty immune. Of course there is precision arty that is very effective vs stationary tanks in the new era stuff. But in general, the results looked pretty realistic in the testing I done to what I understand for what one should expect.
  3. foxholes and trenches will also work well against direct fire with the hide and pause set on the unit. The issue of course being that they are worthless as to returning fire. But the tactic I use often in h2h fights is, Hide my men and let the enemy blast away, especially if I have a trench system. I can crawl my men away from pinning type of effects. The important part is, having other friendlies, normally farther away. concealed but keeping a eye on the enemy and set to open up on any enemy unit wanting to rush the defenses. I have many a win because the enemy thinks they have my men pinned, they rush my trenches. I see the attack and unhide my units in the trenches and engage the enemy at close range. guess who wins the fire fight in those situations.
  4. I think the foxhole and trench thing will never go away. I know for me the first few times I ran troops to these features hoping to save their lives from some type of arty attack and feeling very disappointed after the event. But I am much older and wiser now. also instead of asking others to do test (learn to test things yourself) really you can do it. OK, I have learned that these features work great, only if you place hide on your units, I also put pause on them. With those two settings. Your men are very well protected. Test it for yourselves and you will see a major difference. But in general, the men will have a tendency to stick their heads up if not on hide. (The pause is a good way of preventing any coward from wanting to crawl out of there and make some fleeing move.) the test is easy, place two identical groups on a map, hit them with whatever arty you think is a good example and set the one group with my discussed settings and the others without. The results are drastically different
  5. Adding new units from another nation is what makes a module just that for me. If they do nothing more than add a few units to a existing country I am disappointed. That feels like nothing more than a scenario pack in a way.
  6. Most of the Scenarios focus on the new available units. If you have no interest in them, then I can see why you lack a desire for the game. The scenarios that are placed in any of the games are generally a lot higher in quality than the after release ones and 3rd party stuff, in that they are reviewed and worked and reworked many times. I generally have a few that I love from each game release. There are a few really chose ones on this game release also, but I still have plenty to play before I can say which are my favorite. For me, I could care less about which units I have or what time frame, I look for being given a battle that I have not played before that gives me a different type of challenge than what I have had to deal with in the past. That can be done with one of a kind terrain, units with a different mix of weapons from what I am accustomed to playing with and things like that. In that sense, this module delivers
  7. Interesting, because someone is not actively playing the game and don't really care about updating the engine. When the later version of the game gets new material, they feel they should get the later version of the game for free. With the purchase of the material. Where as BF sees it as they offer products for the latest version of their products. Really, Ok, maybe it is a little harsh to the casual player that does not use the product much. But If $10 is the make or break of them buying the latest material and version of the game, then I doubt they are serious about buying the game anyway. And would anyone not serious about buying the game even be on this site. So get you $10 extra and get the game and start playing. (dress up like a beggar and get the money for the whole game in a hour or 2) you will have better luck doing that than getting BF to change how they sell their product.
  8. The best trick I have learned is to use the target and move commands together. here is what I mean. What can the enemy unit see. Example - I know the location of a enemy tank. I take one of my tanks and plot a move to the enemy tank location. when that point is plotted, I then use target command from that point and I can see what is indicated from there as blue line visible. (just remember to clear these commands after getting the info.) Where will I be able to move to and for sure see the enemy. (same as above but I am targeting the area I think I want to move to, when I see the blue line I know I have a spot that will likely give me my visual I want.) Anyway, a very painful way of doing it, I don't use it much, but when its a critical situation I want to get right and it really matters. its the best way to get good results.
  9. it time to start placing your guesses as to when it will be released. I assume they are wanting it out of their hair before the Holidays here.
  10. A few good men (Site) is pretty much centered on this game, yes there is other things there also, but the majority of activity is CMX2. So yes there is other locations where discussions are had about the game, but the impact is the same everywhere, seldom is there a present need for much discussion since most everyone understands what they are dealing with and know what to expect. But anytime there is a newer player, there is questions that they generally ask, but the answers are quick and precise since most on any of the sites can give a good explanation. So no long discussions as when a game is new and many are putting out concepts instead of facts as to how they think the game plays.
  11. Does anyone actually talk about CMX2 anymore. Not really, especially if on another site. Face it , its a system that now has been around for many years. There is not going to be any great new or major changes. For those of us that like the game and the system, its a time where us die-hard players get some new toys or features to let us play around with a new scene as to area of the conflict, but no, its not a brand new toy that is going to pull in a bunch of new enthusiasm. Until a CMx3 engine comes out with all sorts of new approaches to the same old challenge of how best to reflect combat as to how it actually plays out will we see any massive wave of forum discussions and tons of debate and discussion on how that system could be improved to do it even better. But when a new engine ever does come, it will be as different as CMx1 was to CMx2 and I am sure that magically there will be plenty of activity on the forum from long lost players and new players that we have never seen before.
  12. The details that these games go to, really does create problems as to getting things right and how fast the work gets done. But keep in mind, I bet you if we looked at all the request over the years, its the players that have requested most of these details, and still do. I bet you I can find 50 additional things player are still requesting to be added to these games. So if there is delays trying to get it right, you can blame the player that buy the game as much as you can blame BF for trying to provide such detail. November is a good month ( most of us are starting to be indoors much more)
  13. The copy command would not be a exact copy in my mind, it would be a duplicate path with the way points at the exact location of the unit that you have selected to match. So the only path difference would be the first one, since the units do not start in the same location. The first path would have to be plotted to the first known way point that had been copied. So this leads to another likely need, adjusting the path once you have it. We can slide waypoints presently, but being able to add waypoint along any portion of the path is a tool which we lack.
  14. Well, add this to the concept, I think it was common practice in WWII for all jeeps in combat areas to remove the glass. No it had no bullet stopping capabilities, but was causing nasty injuries, so it was directed by high command for units to remove the glass. The photo's above with some having armored plates installed looks like a typical field modified addition. Many units did such modifications to equipment. ( so personally I think of it as just that as to what is in game, A jeep that has been modified with some steel plates that can deflect small arms fire. ) So I think the test should be with a heavy MG at closer ranges, no light steel plates would do much against that, it would shred right through that steel.
  15. actually THE COPY MOVE COMMAND is a pretty good suggestion. Since they have never been able to program a smart follow command. I could see the use of a copy command, then one would only have to adjust the command for the unit once it has the same move point locations shown.
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