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  1. slysniper

    Update on Engine 4 patches

    I be pretty concerned if they had been working on the patch all that time, over 2 years and you really think they been working on it all that time. They been working on things and you know what they are, They gave us CMSF2, with said patch (Why , because that is where they decided to put their focus, why. Because another group of people have been asking for that for many years now also. ) Someone wins, someone loses. So if you play that, you see what will be coming when they get it finished. Steve said, the updating of the campaigns for CMSF2 and the patches were their next priority. So I would suspect the next thing we see will likely be them. (Just a little longer folks)
  2. slysniper

    Update on Engine 4 patches

    What would you prefer, Released updates that work as thy should or released updates that have errors and no effort to test, correct and fix before giving them to you. I prefer the first personally and you can rest assured that they are working on and preparing to give you the first option. That is how they do business, they never rush stuff out, they seem to always try and give a release that they feel good about. and believe to be working cleanly. But making comments here about where is it will not make it happen any quicker, just saying
  3. slysniper


    Well, I did find this little statement : If nothing else, it shows that for sure its a different market. I think how BF sells, they make more per unit sell for sure. As for numbers in sells, you can guess as well as I can. Close Combat was commercially successful,[1] with worldwide sales of roughly 200,000 units by 1999. Zabalaoui said that the game outsold Atomic Games' earlier efforts by around ten to one.[2] Like its predecessor, A Bridge Too Far achieved worldwide sales of roughly 200,000 units by 1999. Atomic Games' head Keith Zabalaoui said that the first two Close Combat titles each outsold the company's earlier games by around ten to one.[2] In the United States, Close Combat III sold 45,438 copies during 1999,[3] and was the year's best-selling wargame.[4] The first five Close Combat games totaled 1.2 million units in sales by the mid-2000s.[5][6][7] By 2018, the combined sales of the series' 17 entries had surpassed 5 million units.[8]
  4. slysniper


    Nor should we think that this game would ever really be attractive to the average gamer. because it will not. If nothing else can prove that, just look at war gaming throughout its history. It shows that it has a appeal to only a certain part of society. I think the likeliest exception to that would be the close combat series. it would be interesting to see the numbers on it as to sells. But for sure, BF is not having to cater to the general public. Most of its market does and would appreciate any period they sell to. But there still has to be a difference in sells or they would not care at all.
  5. slysniper

    campaign Semper Fi - AAVs everywhere

    I rode around in one of them in the mid 80"s for a summer. I recall no extra seats, and if there was room it was filled with gear. back then, there was 13 men squads, you might have part of the weapons platoon assigned to you , so that was either a MG team of mortar squad generally. the track crew I recall was 3 back then, so at least one of those guys was in the back with us. Also they were notorious for brake-downs and mech. problems. So it was not uncommon to have to add in additional guys from another track that would have to be left behind. But compared to every thing else out there, they are like a hotel with first class options as to space we had. Not bad other than slower than all heck and so large that a no one has a excuse for not hitting them with whatever they are firing at them at max. range. Needless to say, never wanted to ride in one if it was going into a real battle zone.
  6. slysniper

    Weekend Challenge Battle

    Well I just downloaded and tried the weekend #5 battle from last week. I will just cut it short and sweet. major defeat, the germans had no losses, I was at 21 losses when I ceased fired. it appear that the only way I was taking the gun out was going to let it run out of ammo and basically I did everything wrong. So excellent job on your force placement. The troop selection makes this one very hard. I wanted a 60MM mortar so bad, and just was like, how am I to take this on. Needless to say, I didn't and it kicked my butt. Loved it, excellent job at making a devil of a little fight. I want to hear a success story of someone who has a nice win playing this one for the first time. I am pretty sure of one thing, they went up the other flank from what I did likely.
  7. slysniper


    Well, first you will have to teach us all how to read German before those manuals are of any help.
  8. slysniper

    Weekend Challenge Battle

    You can likely do last weeks and still submit it
  9. similar, WHEN BOGGING. I ALWAYS STOP , THEN DO A REVERSE OR CHANGE OF DIRECTION. Feeling that it helps from getting immobilized. But never ran test to verify that it truly helps.
  10. slysniper

    Weekend Challenge Battle

    Well, sounds like I was even luckier than I thought. I don't have time to post at the moment, but this weeks battle gave me a minor loss. I managed to lose 21 wounded or dead to get those 12 Germans out of the village. My mopping up operation turned into a bloody disaster and I have gone a-wall become I am sure they will shoot me for being a enemy of the state for my lack of leadership in this last battle.
  11. Good decision, At the moment CMFI is the better choice, plus it has more content and as mentioned a module on the way. but you should be able to keep busy for a good while before you need to wait for that release.
  12. Well, stop wasting time and get to writing. The topic is good, and it appears you have the way of words. So I expect to be one of the first to buy this book when completed.
  13. slysniper

    Weekend Challenge Battle

    Well, I am sad to see that this latest scenario did not get any more interest than it did. Out of your releases, this is by far the best one I enjoyed while playing through it. It presented the most challenges and interesting decisions one needs to have to make. Recap below “Spoiler” That latest scenario is much harder than my score reflects. I had made the decision from the set up I was not going to follow his instructions to not bomb the buildings I was looking at the map and with the forces I had, said to myself, no way, those buildings are the only thing that has a view to the ravine and open area I need to cross with my troops so they have to go. I had made the decision to go up the left flank and the buildings were the only defensive terrain that had a good view. Remove them and I have a chance. So I set the planes to bomb the two large buildings on the left with preorders before the battle and then was hoping to take out the ones on the right also if I had bombs left. Needless to say the second the planes showed up I had the forest on the left side erupt in anti-aircraft fire. I thought there had to be at least 4 AA guns over there, only saw one with a hard spot on it so I was not sure what was in there, but I saw 3 firing at once for sure. So one turn of air and I cancelled the bombing run, the result was the first two bombs missed and the 3rd hit, thus the one lost structure seen in the image. One bomb was left to use later. Needless to say, my mortars and one remaining bomb on the plane were used to clear the woods of all the guns I exposed on the left flank. While the woods received that attention, I ordered the infantry to infiltrate up to the walls on my side of the ravine but had them stay hidden til I dropped the one remaining heavy bomb on the woods, then I started my attack immediately after the bomb drop, exposed my infantry and then started assaulting on the left flank. One Machine Gun was firing back from those buildings up on the ridge at that point. Just after starting this action there was a welcome surprise of armor appearing, I had the Stewart go into action immediately to solve my problem with infantry fire from those overlooking buildings on the ridge. Now that kept the machine gun fire from there quiet, I only used light fire against it so as to not damage any more structures per the requested orders given. The enemy also receives armor support about at this time. So the 76er’s become the tool to take care of that. So as long as you get the jump on the enemy armor this is not a problem. If you lose this duel, this battle can become much uglier very quick I would suspect. So I pushed the left flank and became aware of how well my arty and bomb run did on that area, finding I had removed more than I knew even existed in those woods. The enemy was not done trying to hold on to this location and another little group of reinforcements arrived. After handling them. I sent the Stewart up the left flank to where I had my infantry, with the Stewart leading the way and the infantry in support I crossed behind the vines to the structures on the ridge right flank and did my final mop up operations. After thoughts: If I had not exposed the enemy location from the very early start of the battle, this would have been a much harder challenge. There is a large likelihood if the woods are not pre-bombed before any assault, friendly losses are going to add up from what is there in defenses. I should have thought about hitting the left flank woods from what we are told in his briefing, but I didn’t. So in truth, I was lucky in this engagement in that I made a terrible decision, had my air power exposed to the full effects of the enemies defenses and instead of suffering from poor decisions, turned it into my advantages. So it never hurts to be a little lucky.
  14. There is no question in that our own economy runs in some part to our Military spending, I think the best proof of that is back in Pres. Reagan's period when he managed to get a bad economy turned around into a great one here. How, he started to put funding into military projects that had been lacking for a while because of cut backs to spending. But I have a hard time believing any of our overseas cost would be a downturn for us if they are cut back, where is the logic of that. Good logic would have us pouring the money into our own companies, but again I see that common sense logic has long disappeared. So many of the projects now even have the military equipment being built by other countries, so again, not a sound concept on a few fronts there.