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  1. slysniper

    Update on Engine 4 patches

    I can understand everything Steve has shared. I am also a realist in understanding that we are lucky they have managed and wanted to stay in the 3d war game making business. Also glad to hear he seems to think he sees himself doing it til retirement (why maybe the comment about those 45 and older are lucky) The one thing I never do understand is the market and why they see it shrinking. All the reasons as to maybe why might be true but I still don't see that as making sense. There has always been and will always be a percentage of people that are interested in war, real war, not pretend unrealistic war type games. Not just for a interest, but as a career, as a part of life, as a part of what they prepare for. People in militaries throughout the world, many of them are constantly looking for anything that can help them be as prepared as possible for what they might face at some point in their lives. So to me, even though its just a game, CM 3d games does provide a source for that interest that is not available by other sources. There is plenty of users of these games that are present or past military personnel. But I have found as I have shared my interest with many young servicemen about these games, they have had no clue that such a thing existed. I think if no other group was marketed to that is fine, but I do think finding a way to inform more military personnel throughout the world of these games would bring in additional users. For I have seen it for myself. None of my kid, relatives or friends have found the game interesting as for a game, but every relative or friend that has a military career I have shared it with, has engaged in the game , been interested and some have purchased and are now owners of the game. So that is my input of the way I see this type of game having a following that should never die or ever not have a group of possible users.
  2. I also had my credit card compromised, it is the card I purchased CMF2 on and the bad activity just happened in January. I think you are correct in that BF's information on our accounts could be compromised.
  3. You are not going to accomplish much until you can spot and destroy enemy javelin teams. So if I am in any type of attack mode it generally requires sacrificing something to spot them. But the practice for me is. non-mounted infantry moves up first, once in awhile they get lucky and spot a few of them. Normally remove with arty assets if possible, if not. massed firepower moves up into place quickly and area fire til they die, limiting risk with key hole positioning a major plus if possible. then sending single stripped armored units as scouts and sacrificial lambs to expose any unspotted jav.teams. (units unloaded and not loaded with supplies) As mentioned, losing a few low end units to expose those jav. teams is worth it. before risking any goods assets. (keep in mind playing a smart player, this will not always work.) I know I will restrict my jav teams from firing on lead units, thus hoping my opponent thinks he has found a safe route, thus maybe moving high valued units out thinking it is safe. But vs the AI you never need to worry about that.
  4. In game benefits is harder to tell as to keeping command structure. All I try to do is keep the red lines that show units are communicating. l don't worry much about what form of communication. so platoon leaders are normally behind the front line squad, generally in the middle. the company command is behind the platoon leader, also normally behind the middle unit. If a platoon leader is lost, then I send the company command up to help that platoon keep communications. the game does a good job of letting you mimic how it should work in the field. So in game company commanders generally stay out of the fight unless things are bad and I need all hands on deck.
  5. The answer to the question lies in who the company commander is. Most would be that recommended distance back from the front line, directing their men from the rear in a sense, where they are somewhat safe and can keep communications flowing. But as with anything else, some commanders are warriors and will place themselves in the thick of the fight. many times just to be able to understand what is going on by seeing it with their own eyes instead of relying on communications. When you put yourself in such a situation, then there is times you will be engaging in combat. It has nothing to do with what unit they are in. It has to do with the person. Likely 1 in 10 would be that type of leader, where as, 7 in 10 will keep themselves safe as possible. and 2 in 10 will be more than safe and be even father removed from the fighting if possible. Leading from the front is a way to command, it motivates the men under that leader. it also is a way to have a short career.
  6. there was a thread a few months ago where we had the same topic and there was more imput and plenty of good advice as to the use of Snipers.
  7. Well, engaging snipers at closer ranges also becomes tricky. If they start receiving enemy fire they also can become pretty ineffective. I like to bring them in under 300 meters if I have a situation where my normal troops have fire superiority but are not able to get many kills. Adding a Sniper to such a group will add a lot of lethal fire, that is a situation where the sniper will excel. In the test I did, I know that I also like Snipers on their own covering open approaches for the enemy where they can cover it at about the 400 meter range. They can be a good screen defense in such a situation. I like to have a MG out there also if possible. The combination of sniper , MG is really good for covering open approaches. in game situations have me using Snipers all the time in ways I do not think is best, but I am not afraid to see them die either, since they are just game pieces instead of real men. So yes, Snipers at close ranges can put on a killing spree, but in general it will be very short. Normally plays out with them killing a few men before a lucky round returns and find them as a mark. If you want a sniper with a high end tally at the end of the game, I say 400 meters is about the best range to work with them to give them such a chance. I have had many snipers with up to 20 kills in a game and still be alive to brag about it.
  8. slysniper

    Update on Engine 4 patches

    You nailed that on the head, most of these jerks are playing the game and just have toxic attitudes because somewhere along the line the game company did not do something that they the player thought was all important in the design. But like the rest of us, its the only game that truly gives us a fix to the addiction we have. Why they think attacking the company will ever help their cause I do not know, but they do, all the while playing the game just like the rest of us.
  9. Well I did some testing to see if CMSF2 is acting the same as what I tested in CMBS years ago. Before any rant, learn to see what to expect from the game and things will work out much better for you Ok, I selected all 13 Nato Sniper units and placed them in a sniper perfect situation with a target rich field of enemy units, none of which were firing back AND NO COVER Tested range 420 meters allowed 2 minutes of firing used vet+1, then crack +2, then elite +2 In all these test the average hits were around 18 units, so that is 1.4 hits approx. within two minutes. But of course I had teams ranging from 3 kills to no kills in the test. Only on the elite +2 test did I have one unit with 4 kills. Also there was no consistency as to which sniper unit was out performing the others. these were some of the top performer in some of the test. German G82, German G22 US m110 US M107 US MARINE M82A3 AT 600M IT WAS THE DUTCH 338 LAPOA , GERMAN G82 AT THE 600 METER RANGE I HAD A ADVERAGE OF 7 HITS OUT OF THE 13 TEAMS IN THE 2 Minutes so you might as well say .5 percent chance in that time frame. take these things , now factor in cover and concealment and all the other things the game does and now you can see what to expect out of your Snipers. plus keep in mind get them much closer and the enemy fires back. In general, I would not let my sniper fire for more than a few minutes without changing locations and the 400 meter range is a good range to use to start getting results on easy targets. (Side note, these numbers are good for the modern games, I recall the testing on the WWII games were about 150 meters shorter to get similar results. too long ago to remember for sure.)
  10. Just a little side note here. When our company or platoon would get some high tech weaponry. It really worked the reverse of what you are thinking. Instead of it all getting handed out to the squads and distributed. It was not uncommon for the company or platoon leader to hold on to some of it. (I think that is not a uncommon thing, so loading leaders with such weapons in the game is not unrealistic at all.) Maybe that is not by the book, but human nature works a little different and when you are the one making the decisions as to who to gets such assets, its pretty easy to think you need some of that asset and that you are the best one as to knowing how to use it.
  11. slysniper

    Update on Engine 4 patches

    Well, I see this is why I don't trust much of what I read on the web. from the one site I would have to assume BF is out of business by now and I will not be seeing any of those games that they are releasing in 2019. people can be so negative about things ( especially when they have no real knowledge on something and are making assumptions) well I am glad to see they were all wrong and proving only their own ignorance. What I did find interesting was the list of weaknesses the game has as to being a good military simulator. (that was insightful, also does make me wonder what BF have done with the efforts they have done with their military contract)
  12. slysniper

    Update on Engine 4 patches

    I am not sure I understand where this bad rep is on the web. From what browsing I do when it comes to gaming, I normally see some pretty good comments about BF games when I find them out there on other sites. The only thing I notice is how non-existent they are as to some sites (But that is because of their decision as to marketing their game more than anything else). If there was any complaint that I have found consistent, it is that they do not drop the price of their games and dump them on the market like other companies. We have plenty of threads why that is the case. (never will be a game company that does that) so those looking for something for nothing will never find it here.
  13. slysniper

    Update on Engine 4 patches

    it sure did, that is/ was somewhat the way I played the games after a certain point. Actually, I really had my own in house rules for them. but mostly adjusted rules from The Arab Israel War. Still have the games, once in a great while I pull one out and blow the dust off of it. The Squad leader series, including much of the ASL stuff, sold them all, made more money from them than I ever paid for them. Loved them but they too were just dust collectors after a certain point.
  14. I have not done any testing on the cmsf2 game, but I have tested in the past and found that the modern snipers in the game can get kills pretty consistently up to 600 meters with most of their rifles. I have not seen anything since playing SF2 that makes me question that they are still capable of doing the same. I suspect there is some type of cover, even if its just a fold in the ground that has created the problem for him. As mentioned, the game does not adjust the targeting, it will do the same over and over to no avail. I had it happened with a tank just a few days ago. wasted a 1/2 dozen shots on the same target and there was no reason it should not be hitting the enemy unit. So I moved it just a nudge, it missed once at the new location then a killing shot. Same goes with infantry, sometimes you just have to adjust the location of the shot , even if it looks perfect from the present location. (long before you let it shoot as long as you did)
  15. slysniper

    Update on Engine 4 patches

    Well Panzerblitz was my second game, I selected Panzer leader first, heard it had improved on the rules. but it was not long before I had both. But I am afraid squad Leader was the game that won me over, that was the start to a path of no return. Thus the reason I am here today. These games have replaced those early starts.