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  1. slysniper

    Murphy's Laws of Combat

    That is not always true, We were training with a unit from the 82 once, we were the bad guys and they were the good guy and of course they had to drop in as part of the training. I was posted as a forward scout to watch the landing zone and to inform our units of their movements and to spy on their activities. What it gave me was a front roll seat to watching one poor trooper falling to his death. Seen two such events in my life, the other one was at a 4th of July calibration, that fellow walked away from it. To this day I don't know how, but the guy hit and somehow bounced 6 ft in the air, came back down and acted like he was dead, but when the first people that ran to him to help, he came to and just showed no sign of injury. (One of those events that you know there is a god, because no other way to explain it.)
  2. Awesome I cannot wait for the rebirth of CMSF Its the one set I never did own. So getting a update and making it all available is a dream come true for me. Once cmbs was out and I spent time with it, I realized how much more I enjoyed the modern battlefield, thought about going back and picking up the old cmsf but decided I was spoiled with the new engine and would just wait for the discussed possible update. So its almost here, My money is ready to support your efforts. I am glad BF keeps doing what they do and they have the ability to tune out the whiners they have to deal with. You do a great job of keeping your standards high and doing things the right way.
  3. slysniper

    T-90 with Teeth

    He also had a other tank that managed to become his wing man for the last half of the battle, he also had a huge day, but his diet was a little more manageable in that he was dueling Bradley's instead of Abrams But I cannot remember two units having such success in a long while in this format. with CMSFII coming out soon, I am getting hungry for some interesting match ups that can happen.
  4. Its not often in CMBS that the Russians feel success against the Americans But this T90, was my hero as I did a practice battle. Not only did he manage some realistic kills vs Abrams. He also manage to survive hits from two Abrams also (Yes see the rabbit foot hanging from the open hatch.) The Commander and Gunner has just bailed before a Bradley finially removes this tank from battle. At least those two get to fight another day.
  5. Bil, excellent AAR as always You are the best source that BF has as to how to promote and showcase these games. I always enjoy that fact that you put out there a clear description as to what you are tactically thinking and trying to accomplish. And your tactical skills seem to reward you better in the modern battlefield over the WWII one. You generally get no second chances or much luck on the modern battlefield. Death is easy and quick and each decision is rewarded with that or success in a very few moments. thanks for your efforts as always I will go back to the shadows now
  6. slysniper

    Are AT guns too fragile?

    I think the real strength of AT guns was the fact that they could get a couple of shots off before being spotted and getting return fire on them. They were easy to conceal. As long as the game does that, then I think they are factored correctly as to being correct as to realistic results. Now at one point they were too easy to spot in the game, but the coding has been improved and now I find that the smaller guns do seem to have the ability to shoot and stay. hidden for a period of time. As to pinning them once spotted, hard to say if it is too easy, that is not a hard factor that can be proven, its a opinion and the designer is in control of that
  7. slysniper

    Priority !!

    For me, CM is very much like reading the paper. I enjoy it most when I am playing H2H and I can sit down and do a couple of turns for the day, Taking maybe a 1/2 hour to a hour of my free time. Been doing that for about 12 years now. If I do more it becomes a problem with other things in my life, if I do less, I feel I am missing something that bring me a lot of enjoyment. So I try to keep about 3 games going at a time and take a break every once in awhile just to drop my typical activities and go and do something else.
  8. slysniper

    The patch?

    After much thought and watching and reading this thread for awhile since nothing else has been happening on this site in weeks. I have decide this hobby is full of nuts and I should really remove myself from it because why would any logical person want to be a part of this. But I would then go insane myself because of not getting my BF fix. So I will wait for the next release, Whatever it is does not matter. I will enjoy it. Knowing that BF just does things different than most anyone else would, but it is what it is. Steve will update us again, nothing will be solved as to keeping the crazies in line and the nuts on this site will in a short time start the same stupid comments once again. Sometimes I really do understand why Steve just lets you go on with the stupid comments on the site without giving updates. The best way to punish you guys is to let your own logic put you in a bad mental state.
  9. slysniper

    Stuart Recce - What's the point?

    Except, he sends more that light weight cannon fodder blazing forward.
  10. slysniper

    Stuart Recce - What's the point?

    Or just send them blazing forward as scouts. the only good scout is a dead one, for sure you have found the enemy when that happens. Really, I do try to keep them alive, but it seldom happens. But sending units like that as you recon, is really a good thing. Knowing where I can move my main forces is very important, I love units like that, which might survive a out post or something along that lines. But getting that information quickly is worth the risk of such units being sacrificed
  11. slysniper

    The patch?

    if one thing is consistent with this site, its the announcement that something is coming out soon and it seems to come out way later than what everyone is hoping for.
  12. I find that many times the situation you had might be because of smoke from the guns of the firing units. Shermans spotted first, fired and the smoke from their discharge is helping them from being spotted from the panthers. The speed and direction of the wind has a factor in this as to how long and what it might be affecting. But if I had to make a guess, that would be it. Thus the reason when you tried to run a test you are not able to duplicate it. just as a side note, if the wind is from your back or front, this is when the biggest impact is felt in the game. (especially in the tank duels at times)
  13. slysniper

    The patch?

    campaigns is about the last thing I play, which is the most likely thing to have plenty of Arty and large scale stuff on top of it. H2h play is most of my gaming, seldom is arty a major part of them. second, if my opponent is trying to hit me with arty. In most situations my goal is to bug out and let the arty rain on where my troops were, not where they are at. but as for this QB, I was trying to see how noticeable the bren issue was. So I did a infantry only battle with only light weapons and placed on a map that I have to move the Brits through open terrain. It has not stopped me, but I can see that I have no way of pinning any unit at range because the brits lack any long range weapons that will put lead on target at the moment except for maybe their MMG. But again, normally, I am not going to use Brens as the weapon for such a task, in most battles, you have much better weapons for engaging the enemy at range with while you move your infantry up to assault and clear out enemy resistance at close quarters. But if you are a fan of the Brits, its been a long time for you guys to have to deal with such a flaw.
  14. slysniper

    The patch?

    To make you all feel good, I set up a QB and played the Brits just so I could feel the pain. And painful it was, so I can see why you all have reason to complain about the patch that has never appeared. So why it really has not bothered me since 4.0 came out is likely the event that I have not played the British much since the change
  15. slysniper

    The patch?

    Well, people like that post of yours. But I would like to point out, that the distance the bren presently fires one shot is pretty far. So even if it was working more to your likes, it still is not the range to be engaging the Germans in a prolonged fire fight anyway if that is the weapons you are using. You will still likely lose. Of course there might be a situation I am not envisioning here. But in anything of a pretty even match up, I am not doing a very good job of commanding my troops if I am relying on brens to try and pin or kill a mg42. (just off the top of my head the only time I would do it is if I think I can get a first major burst in on the enemy and for that to happen, the range is going to very close. (And guess what, the bren fires rapidly just fine at that range.) The bren does not have the sustained fire or ammo amounts or loads generally to be used well as a long range pinning weapon even if it did fire burst. So no, it has not frustrated me much at all. (Now if a battle was designed for just that type of situation and I had no other options other than to try and pin the enemy MG's at range with brens I can see your frustration., But really, there is battles out there that rely on that as the key to winning. Please point me to it, for I would like a little frustration in my life.