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  1. - Sides are US Army (no USMC I think, right?), Russia and Ukraine. There are not ragtag insurgents so we can play russian separatists? - Is there any expansion planned adding new armies? - Is possible to create own battles choosing own and enemy troops? And Red Vs Red? And is possible to choose/build the map and select light and weather conditions. - How the game simulates the urban combat? Is possible to open breaches on walls, jump walls, assault buildings? I'm interested in simulating rebels vs rebels combats in urban terrain. For simulating small combats like Nagorno or Georgia. Thanks!
  2. Amazing!! Wondering If we will see a sale soon, price is a bit step for me at the moment.
  3. As it seems this game is specially suited ofr interwar period apart from WW1, I'm curious and will love to know If is there a Polish-soviet war addon or campaign included in the game. Will love to see how I can resist the soviets as a pol and how to spread global communism as a soviet, and I think this is the perfect game to replay that bloody war. Thanks!
  4. Are the helicopters visible during the game?
  5. Turkey. So I can finally use a M-60 tank in combat.
  6. Well a small Turkish addon will make a lot of sense, specially in Syria!! And of course taking notice of current political situation, isn't it? And Turkey uses both M-60 and M-113. This way you can add a new country without too much work. (I think). Of course a full new game featring Cold War warriors and maps ala Fulda gap will sell as hot cakes!!
  7. A M-60 Patton tank. Is still in use in several countries, and can be used for cold war scenarios. The same goes for the M-113 APC. Is still around in tons of places.
  8. A small pack of cold war vehicles will sell well I think. I will buy it in no time.
  9. Wondering If is there any chance of seeing the USMC M-60 tank as used by marines during Op. Desert Storm. Maybe in the new module or something. Any version of the old Patton will be a great addition as will let the mission designers represent different conflicts and timelines. Thanks. That will apply to the M-113 too, used in tons of countries, will add a lot to the game. Maybe a small DLC with some of this cold war warriors?
  10. I'm more oriented to North Africa, Europe and Pacific scenarios, so I think the idea is to get AoD right? If yes I can always pick AoC later If the East Front worm bit me. Is that right guys??
  11. I'm thinking in getting Strategic Command WW2 + Gold Expansion, but two more expansions are a bit confusing, as I can't see any big difference, can someone tell me what are exactly Assault on Democracy/Communism and why I should get any of those? I want a game that let me play the war in all theatres, but that's already included in base + gold right? Why should expend more?
  12. Can someone post a complete list of crewable ships for both Knights of the sea and South Gambit please? Can't find anywhere the ships we can man on this games. Thanks BTW, is the Black Sea a theatre of war on the games?
  13. Do you think that CM:BO or CM:AK can make a good job on Market Garden scenarios? Is there any infantry unit that can destroy bridges in those games? I will like to adapt some old Close Combat 2 scenarios for BO, but need to know If the german player will be able to blow the bridges the allied need to take. Any other ideas to simulate landing zones and bridges as objectives?
  14. Thanks a lot for the info. Is a pity that those guys never developed a real Korean game or even Middle East
  15. Anyone know If CM ( any of them ) have a Korean War mod? Will love to command the M-26 against the T-34/85 and Su76, some M4A3 and M-24 Chafee will be great too. Anyone?
  16. IIRC the French still used some Renault 17 tanks in Africa during WW2. Is the little Renault available somewhere on the game? Will made a nice battle against German Armored cars
  17. Anyone know If there are mods for this games? I have the three of them and will be cool to play Polish, French or late war Normandy scenarios. Any possibility? Will love to play against French tanks using my PzII or maybe a Sealion operation?
  18. Will make this question as clear as possible. -Can I mix Red and Blue units on the same side? For example, Can I add Hummers to my T72 ( as M84 ) formations?
  19. Hello!! If this responses are correct http://www.battlefront.com/community/showthread.php?t=84691 Is possible to simulate captured vehicles so I can play with RED Humvees along my T72 right? If is correct, can someone tell me If a mod exist with skins for Desert vehicles? Will be cool to simulate the 1990 Iraqi invasion of Kuwait. BTW which T72 version will be the best to simulate Kuwaiti M84?
  20. Hello! Can someone recommend a pack of mods that updates the look of the game? You know skins for units and terrain thank's
  21. BTW is the Hind helicopter available?
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