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  1. Well this thread sure humbles me! I've played SC1, 2, WaW, PDE and now Pacific, and my first game, which I played as Allies, I got a Stalemate! I didn't get Tokyo in time darn it! Oh, and my settings for the AI were the default ones, so not all of us are so good we can whoop on the AI like it's nothing! :-) Hey - it takes all kinds to make a gaming community right?
  2. Wow! Next time I'm going to have to try this strategy out myself!
  3. Hey Lampcord, Hmmmm - interesting idea for a strategy. Flood the pacific with subs early to try and take the carriers out and to hit the supply lines the Japanese depend on. I might try this in my next game!
  4. Congratulations! You did far better than I did in my first game! Where on earth did all those Russians come from? Man, in my first game they didn't do that well at all against the Japanese in China when they finally came in! I'm in early 45 in my second game, doing better in the islands, just took Iwo and getting ready for Japan, but in Burma not as good as before, and the Chinese are in real trouble!
  5. Hey now...don't drag the entire state into this okay?
  6. Excellent! Just what we need - an AAR to help us learn this new game system and the situation!
  7. I think SeaMonkey is right on here. That was much of what the SeaBees did in the Pacific Theater build and maintain those vital airfields. Is this possible?
  8. I did the samething on a different island - same result tho. Too bad you are allowed to even land on them - but live and learn I guess!
  9. I thought I'd get thread going so we can all share our first impressions, questions, etc. I bought the game and am playing it. Amazing! The size of the pacific war is really brought home in this game, I often get lost having to scroll all over the map taking care of the many fronts! Speaking of which, I'll add my first wish that I'm pretty sure I won't get. This map is so huge that I wish I could zoom in and out. It's very easy to get confused about where you are on the map, which is the right way to go, etc. I'm sure with time I'll get used to it, but perhaps Hubert can keep the zoom option in mind for future endeavors. The AI seems to handle the naval war well from the little I've seen so far as well. Fantastic Job Hubert!! Oh, and many thanks for providing us with all this fun!
  10. The worst of the weather usually runs from about May through September or so. I've been there during the dry season, and will be going back again. That's usually during January and into February and March. Talk about HOT and HUMID!! Whew! But in a bad year, the rain and mud would be a huge, huge problem. OH - I've got the game - HURRAH!!! Now to just find the time to play it! ;-)
  11. Four days and counting....Argh...can't stand it!!! ;-)
  12. Hubert, I understand your reasoning and agree with it. But I do have a couple of questions if you have time to answer them: 1) Is there a decisive victory condition for the USA? Or only for Japan? 2) Would a roughly historical outcome be considered a Strategic Victory for the USA (Allies)? Thanks - can't wait for this one!!!
  13. I read it and read part 2 of the latest AAR - I WANT THIS GAME!!!!!!!
  14. This thread is way off course, and I find it pretty sad. Post WW2 the USA held back the USSR and China, ended the USSR, went to the moon and has given to the world countless technologies that have raised everyone's standard living. Not to mention the BILLIONS in foreign aid we've sent out, the countless humanitarian efforts we've led and given far more than anyone else, and of course out willingness to put our troops on the line to defend freedom. I'm a member of the middle class, and have seen how GOOD we've got it compared to most of the world. NOW - can we please get back to PT and leave all this foolishness behind?
  15. Marine units also ought to have a higher combat and experience value than most of the US Army units. Not only did they receive more intense training, often from veterans of China etc., but they also had other units attached to them that most Army units didn't. On the other hand in the early going of the war, Army units were usually better equipped and that could be reflected also.
  16. The Japanese MIGHT have invaded Hawaii, but even that would have been a long shot. They never even considered invading the mainland. Far too many of us and far to few of them! Their situation in China really kept them tied down for the entire war, and we ought to thank God for that. The island fighting was bad enough as it was, if they had been able to double the number of troops on some of those islands it would be have horrible - and I probably wouldn't be here either!
  17. Excellent!! Now if only someone will do the New Georgia campaign!!
  18. I admit the Sea Lion, Neptune not very realistic, but so what? They are FUN man!! I love the fact that SC manages to give us a sense of realism, and is still FUN! You've just gotta have both,and Hubert has managed to give us both! That's why I'll buy Pacific Theater sight unseen, as soon as we can preorder it I'm there. Over the last several years, I've played the SC family of games more than any other - so a big THANKS to Hubert! Now back to Neptune!
  19. I like PDE a lot more than WaW, and I can't exactly say why either. It seems to play better to me, plus you get all those cool what if scenarios that I'm just loving! I'm very glad I got it, and recommend it too!
  20. Hi, I'm continuing to play Neptune, and lo and behold the turn after the Russians finally recaptured Moscow - the UK got those MPPs! On top of that, the only reason I was able to capture Moscow was because the AI moved the German corps out of it and didn't replace it with anything! I only had one corps in the area, just scouting, but on my turn moved it in, and got the Russian reinforcements and the UK cashed in big time! Very strange.
  21. I'm playing Neptune right now as the Allies, just took Paris and that didn't happen to me - darn it!!!
  22. I agree! PDE is the only one of the SC2 Family that I'm playing right now. I love the scenarios and the options available - it rocks!!
  23. Thanks everyone. You can check out Dad's website, it's the Raider on in my signature. I was, am and will always be proud of him that's for sure! Next week I'm off to the USMC Raider Reunion in Minneapolis Minn. Their numbers are dropping rapidly, but they still love to get together once a year. Thanks again, God bless, and sorry, I didn't mean to hijack this thread! I'm ready to download NOW!! :-)
  24. Thanks Hubert, My father fought on Okinawa, and many other places in the Pacific. He started the War in the Fourth Marine Raider Battalion, fought in New Georgia, in the liberation of Guam and finally Okinawa. He passed away on July 27th, after a month long battle against several illness. I wish he could have seen that the Pacific Theater was getting some more recognition. He always felt what he and his buddies did was often over looked by many. Thanks for this - I'll be getting it as soon as it's available, and am happy it's honoring the sacrifices that my Dad and millions of others made.
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