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  1. Well guys I'm leaving in a few hours, so this evening just might be the time for the downloading to begin! IF my bad luck holds that is! Oh well, gives me something to look forward too when I get home huh?
  2. Hey Brian, How was the store?? ;-) If history repeats itself it will be after the 24th, since that's the day I'm leaving. When Global came out I was leaving too, and had to wait till I got back to download it. I saw the e-mail alert at a cybercafe, and could nothing but drool for two weeks till I got home!!
  3. I'm going to Myanmar this coming Thursday! Looks like we're just a bunch of world travelers here huh? Here's hoping!!!
  4. Hey Brian, I hope you are right as I'm leaving the country for 3 weeks on Feb 24th and I'd like to take this one with me! Just for the heck of it, I'll say Friday, February 18th, early in the morning, EST.
  5. Snipers, where are my snipers? Get that guy!!!!
  6. I'm curious if you've got some of the leaders who became famous in WW2 like MacArthur, Patton, etc. I know they were so low level that they probably shouldn't show up here, but I also know lots of people will want them, so I'm curious.
  7. Wow - looking at your screen shots it seems as though a lot has been done to update the interface - excellent! Now for the obligatory question that I'm sure will be answered no - any chance of refitting the older SC series with the new interface? Global at least?? Hmmmm????
  8. You could do a good game and only use a few tactical nukes, especially if you put it in the 50's or early 60's. Even going into the 80's you'd just have to stipulate that no strategic nukes were used because of MAD. Sounds like fun to me.
  9. Hey Hubert, I did some checking on the net, and after setting the program to run as administrator, in explorer not just from the desktop, it works fine now. It restarted, wanted my name, etc., and I did save a file, so I guess it's okay! More Windows 7 fun!!
  10. HI, I've got about 172 Gig left on my hard drive. My save fold was set to read only, I changed it and tried the game again, it did the same thing when I tried to save it. The message says " FAILED (save_game_dialog: on_command_menu): Segmentation violation." One other note, the saved game directory keeps coming up read only, even after I change it. I right click in Windows 7, uncheck the box, but when I check it again it still says read only. I've clicked apply, same thing happens. Any ideas?
  11. Hey Hubert, No this has never happened before, it stated last night. I check and there were no save files to delete, then rebooted the computer. I started the World at War scenario, as Allies this time, and when I tried to save it came up blank, then I got the segment violation box twice, then it crashed. Really strange.
  12. I've had SC Global crash on me twice in the last day. Last night I had played about 5 turns in Empire of Evil and tried to save it, got a segment error message and it crashed to the desktop. BTW - it didn't do any auto saves either. Just a minute ago I started the scenario again and as I was scrolling across the map it went black, locked up my computer and then crashed. I'm running Window 7 64 bit and have never had any problems like this before. Could it be something in the last patch? More strangeness! I started it again, was playing it when it crashed, but was in the toolbar, so I clicked and the game started from scratch again! I played a turn, and tired to save it, it WOULD NOT SAVE! Tried it a couple of times and it won't do it.
  13. It's not happening to me! Took me 4 tries to get logged in here tho! Hmm - don't ya just love computers!
  14. Same thing happened to me with Northern Ireland too. Very strange. Is this a bug or...?
  15. Read Slim's book -t is great, and he was without doubt one the most honest and humble of the great generals in WW2 (or most other wars as well). He freely confesses his mistakes, and is refreshingly honest about things. The campaign to recapture Burma was brilliant, but not very well known or respected.
  16. Thanks for doing this! I'm looking forward to see how your game develops and if it mirrors my own experience against the AI. Keep 'em flying guys!
  17. It seems strange to me the AI is taking so long for you. It's not nearly that slow for me. Hmmm - maybe I'm not giving it a hard enough time so it's just taking it easy on me??
  18. I've had only one problem with the elicense, and it was cleared up right away. I don't think it's a problem at all, perhaps people should give it a try and see how it works? In my experience it's not really a problem at all.
  19. Not unless I'm bragging about how good the AI is!! :-0 china is now out of the war, Russia is about gone, and the US is charging across the pacific. Ought to be interesting!
  20. Good going! I'm in Summer of 43 as the Allies, China is on it's last legs, Russia is in a very tough spot, U-boats rule the Atlantic waves, and the US just started it's island hopping campaign taking Tarawa. Looks to be a Axis victory for sure. I'm wondering about those Japanese units in China (21 ground combat units, plus HQ's & air units, plus 3 or more in Mongolia!) Sheesh!
  21. HI Bill, Probably not on this trip, but you never know. I've been in Sittwe and Mytchkina as well as Yangon (Rangoon) of course. I've seen the War Memorial that the Brits put up in Northern Yangon area, it's very nice! About three years ago there were still bridging equipment left on the banks of the Ayeyarwaddy in Mytchkina, but they've since removed it. Too bad as many families were living in some of the remains, and it looked really cool! I've got some pics of that. If I do I'll be sure to mention them when I return.
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